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TitanMen Fresh
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Circle Jerk
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
94 min
Czech Rep.

Phil St. John

    all models over 18    
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Carlos Silva

Dion Philips

Eric Flower

Honza Banan

Matt Gutar

Michael Super

Rocky Buresh

Sergej Ural

Tommy Alvarez

Viktor Radek

Suro Davaj

Eastern block scientists have developed a unique biological weapon—sex gas. Its irresistible effect causes soldiers to have unbridled and passionate sex with each other. The gas needs to be tested, and Eric Flower releases it on soldiers Matt Gutar and Honza Banan. It’s effective, alright, and the men succumb to rising horniness, hauling out their sizable, skin-capped sausages. Watching them arouses sturdy stud Eric, and as the pair kiss and strip their clothes, Eric releases his own unique weapon—a super-sized, very handsome, uncut piece of meat. Honza fingers the pink blossom of his sweet ‘n smooth asshole, and Matt sinks his bloated bazooka home. Eric joins in, feeding his cock to Honza’s hungry mouth. Leaning in from opposite ends of Honza’s cock-crammed body, the two tops share hot kisses. Then Eric pounds his huge slab of cock into Honza’s ass, and Matt sinks the enormous cock that was just stretching that copious hole into his mouth. The excitement’s too great, and the threesome cum together, their cream busting high into the air.
26  minutes
It’s morning at Rocky and Thomas’ campsite. Thomas is almost finished shaving when Eric douses them with the sex gas. Chunky Rocky starts to lick the shaving cream off Thomas’ cheek, but when his tongue grazes down to a stiffening cock, he finds he’s hungry for sex cream. Rocky’s three fingers loosen Thomas’ tight ass, and soon it welcomes his fat whopper. A discarded tire makes a perfect cradle for Thomas, turning his winking ass upward for the fevered assault of a pecker that keeps pistoning ‘til Thomas’ over-excited cock spews out the soldier’s sauce. Sweat-covered and supercharged, Rocky sprays his cum across Thomas’ slick body.

On their way home after leave, drunk buddies Michal and Tommy are wrestling when the sex gas hits. Playful sport becomes hard desire, and drunken laughter becomes hushed moans. The buddies kiss and jack off. Michal’s fingers snake into Tommy’s crack. Standing up against a tree, Tommy takes Michal’s timber up his eager hole. Lying on his side, Tommy writhes as Michal sluices his salacious butt-splitter home until their cream erupts.

34  minutes
Soldiers Radek and Silva are walking to their garrison when the gas hits. Viktor forces a reluctant Carlos to give in to his kisses. Viktor pulls down his pants and shoves his suddenly aching bone into Carlos’ mouth, making his buddy’s lips stretch wide over his bulging cockhead. That’s one thick and mammoth piece of meat! Carlos fingers the silky black hairs around his asshole, spreading it wide in anticipation of Viktor’s humungous ramrod and gasping as his hungry hole engulfs it. There’s a sudden switch, and Carlos plugs Viktor’s horny hole, making the overheated pair blow their nuts together.

Prisoner Eric is about to be turned in to Commanding Officers Sergej Ural and Suro Davaj. But his hidden gas bomb instead causes his captors to turn on them, and they torment the officers in a five-man pileup of butt-spanking and ass-penetrating punishment. Suro blows Eric’s ponderous plunger as he’s fucked by Sergej, and then gets reamed by Eric while chowing down on Sergej. When the fever of fucking-frenzy gets too high and all five explode, their overheated cocks dump heavy loads onto the sweaty officers. Exhausted, they milk the cream out of gooey cocksheaths.

34  minutes
Fever is going to raise more than just your temperature. Directed by GayVN Award winner Phil St. John and executive produced for the TitanMen Fresh line by Bruce Cam, Fever was shot in a gritty abandoned army outpost and a former Soviet airbase in the Czech Republic. The names of the strapping Czech studs who star in Fever may not be familiar. But their blond hair, blue eyes, bodacious butts, bulging biceps and perpetual pecs are gonna rack up your boner. Ah, their broad-gauged, heavy pulsing pricks. And foreskin? All that smoothly sliding, tongue-attracting foreskin is a special invitation.

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