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Young Bastards #24 - 24H Fuck Service

Young Bastards #24 - 24H Fuck Service
Young Bastards
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81 min

Max Jaeger

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Alec Loob
Casper Ellis
Clyde Walton
Dmitry Osten

Gabriel Phoenix
Jack Green
Master Aaron
Sergio Mutti

Jack Green likes to be treated like a king, a kinky one that the boys need to obey and satisfy. Smooth and sexy twink bitch Casper Ellis is one of his most eager subjects, an adorable young man who is so willing and complaint it would almost be offensive not to use and control the boy. As the twink approaches, crawling on the dirty floor, his young and handsome master is ready with the riding crop, spanking him into full submission, feeding the slave his engorged cock and tying him into position for that ass to be eaten and fucked. His twink toy loves it, but Casper likes to play it cool, preferring to give his master the satisfaction of owning his ass. Once in the sling with his naked feet up for licking and playing with Jack really claims his prize, easing his cock back into that perfect hole and fucking the boy, pounding his little twink bitch deep. Bound and restrained once again the boy can do nothing while his sexy master shoots cum from his hard cock over his underwear, gagging his boy with his wet wad.
18  minutes
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Skinny boy Alec Loob is used to being a bottom for the dominant boys and he knows how to please a rough lad like Sergio Mutti. He takes orders well, showing his smooth body and following orders while he worships the horny lad`s feet. Sniffing his socks and then licking and sucking his bare feet he proves he`s worthy of that cock, first playing with it in Sergio`s shorts then getting a taste, but not before the mean lad ties up his own twink cock and balls. It`s a kinky session for mean boy Sergio, but that`s how he likes to take control of a cock sucking foot lover like this boy, making him gobble his wet shaft, drinking his precum, then bending the boy over and jabbing his cock deep into his ass. His hairy length jabs away at Alec`s butt, thrusting into him until the pleasure is too much. With the boy well used it`s time to drench his skinny friend in cum, wanking off in his face and decorating Alec with his semen. All that`s left is for the sub foot lover to satisfy his own dick and shoot his cream over himself.
24  minutes
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Clyde Walton should have known better than to interrupt a horny lad like Master Aaron when he`s enjoying his dick and planning to shoot a load off. Aaron catches the boy spying on him and stroking to the live show and of course he`s immediately dragging the fucker in for some fun. After gagging on that rock hard cock gay foot licker Clyde gets a taste of the lads dirty sneakers, but it`s not enough to please the dom boy. With Clyde`s bare ass spanked, glowing bright red and sore, the boy submits fully to the mean lad`s needs, tasting Master Aaron`s naked toes and feet, licking between those digits and slurping his bare sole while he wanks himself off. After using the boy for his foot loving entertainment and getting himself so worked up Master Aaron feeds the lad his cock some more, spitting in his mouth and fucking his face, making him choke on his uncut meat before finally pulling out to deliver the last humiliation, splashing the cute boy`s face with his big wet load of cock cream.
24  minutes
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Finally home from work, horny dom Gabriel Phoenix can finally relax with his home slave Dmitry Osten ready to worship his naked feet and solid dick. The young man is freed from his restraints on the bed and can`t wait to start licking and sucking that gorgeous wet cock. Obedient bottom boy Dmitry knows how to please his master, starting out tentatively before sliding his mouth down on that dong, tasting the precum oozing from the swollen tip, gagging on the meat as it invades his tight throat. His own length is raging, being wanked by his master`s bare foot. He turns his attention to his master`s toes, sucking on them, licking between them, his spit making his master`s bare sole glisten. With tight hole craving that gorgeous length he offers his snug opening for Gabriel to use, wanking out his thick splashing load while his dom fucks him from behind. The foot loving slave gets his deserved reward when Gabriel`s incredible dick explodes hot cum all over his face.
15  minutes
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They have one job, and that`s to please their masters. With cocks stiff, balls churning and bare feet demanding attention the boys lick and slurp, sucking juices from delicious meat sticks, gagging on those warm boners, sucking toes, licking soles and giving up their mouths and butt holes for their masters to invade and use. Good submissive boys get creamy rewards for their hungry efforts.

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