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The 9” of Felipe Capuco

The 9” of Felipe Capuco
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Felipe Capuco
Gabriel Phoenix
Johannes Lars
Koby Lewis
Lucas Phelps

On a spunk high after his debut on camera – Johannes Lars can’t wait to show us a surprise he’s got waiting for him on his bed… His crush from the first scene is right there waiting for him, setting up the webcam in preparation for what we are all pumped to see!! The lithe tight body of Felipe Capuco, tattooed and toned rubbing up against the more muscular, smooth white skin of Johannes, it’s a match made in webcam heaven, and Johannes wastes no time stripping off and sucking on Felipe’s immense member whilst Felipe’s hand wanders instinctively down to Johanne’s eager and wanting butt. Loving the feeling of getting blown, Felipe’s handsome cute face is a picture as he goes from pleasure, to power top and back again, glancing at the camera throughout as he keeps his viewers happy! Lubing up his hole after instruction from a viewer, Johannes first rides Felipe, but gives complete control to the young top fucker, he’s been looking forward to this for too long to back out now!
24  minutes
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Back to Koby’s place after a kickabout, he brings friend Felipe back with him and grabs a cheeky beer as his dad is out the house for the afternoon. The tall tanned Felipe keenly takes him up on this offer and as soon as they reach the bedroom and flick through a few magazines, the real action begins in earnest. Bearded twink Koby reaches in and kisses the baby-faced Felipe and within seconds reaches down to devour the huge dick that’s bulging from beneath his sports shorts and who can blame him? Blond Koby is the perfect bottom boy for the hung Felipe too, hairy inked chest, muscled but somehow still twinky, and that ass is a thing of perfection which Felipe uses all his top skills on, whether its doggy, cowboy or anything else, the end goal is always the same, and it’s a flood of spunk all over his mates bedroom!
21  minutes
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Keeping young Marco back after sending the others out on their rounds, Wolf, played by Gabriel Phoenix takes the tanned and tattooed boy out the back after catching him thieve from the store. Teaching him a lesson he knows is coming, Gabriel strips off and gets his juicy dick served by the plump lips of the olive skinned scally. Wanting a go on his ass, It’s Felipe’s red line and he turns Gabriel over himself to get fucked – the twinks are hard tops now! Obliging as a secret lover of thick dark meat, Gabriel is soon pushing back on the massive dick that stands upright from Felipe Capuco’s groin, taking it down to the balls as it disappears inside his welcoming ass, bouncing on top and shaking the shelves of stock as he builds himself into a fucking frenzy. Shooting over himself as Felipe is up to the hilt inside him, Gabriel’s smooth body is covered in cum, swiftly joined by the young tops own load mixing in with his own, the thick white spunk dropping over his superior’s body, suitable recompense for this thieving lad!
16  minutes
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Back in the bunks, cute young Lucas Phelps wakes up to a hot new boy in the bed below him. Playing with his bulge whilst watching something on his phone, Lucas springs into action and throws his sweaty pants down onto the tattooed twink, his giant dick bouncing hard as he watches porn, and Lucas jumps down from his top bunk and kneels in front of the scally looking lad, his olive skin and tight torso the perfect accompaniment to that thick giant dick of his, now being swallowed by the hungry Lucas. Our horny star soon gets his own huge dick serviced, Felipe lapping at the bulging head and soon Lucas is squatting over the impressive meaty member which is quickly fucked deep, Lucas almost taking off and Felipe plunges fast, down to the balls. Vigorously fucking the hung twink, Felipe is full of the youthful energy twinks are known for, his toned body flexing is every angle imaginable as he twists his new found fuck buddy into position after position, ready to unleash his load all over his spunky balls and dick, leaving Lucas’ tight pale body covered in wads of spunk.
16  minutes
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Super hung young Latin twink Felipe Capuco is the perfect young man for all those hungry bottoms out there. Sporting his thick 9 inches of solid, and we mean solid, dick alongside his lean slim but tanned frame - who could want more. His puppy dog eyes and youthful full head of hair and lips you could just bite down and suck on as much as his cock just work to make him even more cum inducingly hot. Catch him and his famous massive member in four top scenes all featuring him topping the lucky twinks and studs who have the luck to be split open by him! His smooth motion and hip movement when he pummels his who shaft into them shows just what a young power top he is, and a real natural at it too!

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