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ASS Invaders

ASS Invaders
Club Inferno
  • 3-Way
  • Fisting
  • No Sex
  • Oral Sex
82 min

Tom Moore

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Andrew Foenix

Apollo Fates

Archer Croft

Brock Kniles

Dominic Pacifico

Wrex Wylde

After being pulled from an alien abduction site and having an unknown extraterrestrial creature peeled off his face, Andrew Foenix finds himself deep in a lab being scrubbed down and examined by government medical professionals Dominic Pacifico and Apollo Fates. Andrew, complaining about a growing pain in his stomach, is on all fours as the two doctors fist his hairy hole in hopes of fully extracting the lifeform that’s overtaking his body. To help Andrew relax and make this emergency procedure go as smoothly as possible, Dominic pulls out his cock to administer some oral therapy as Apollo continues to stretch and search Andrew’s guts for this invasive species.
23  minutes
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Government medical officials Dominic Pacifico and Apollo Fates were just exposed to an unknown alien lifeform, and now their only hope of survival is for civilian Andrew Foenix to lube up his fists and extract the extraterrestrials from their holes. Deep in the doctors’ examination room, Dr. Fates throws his head back from a twisted sense of pleasure, and Dr. Pacifico lets out an array of deep moans as Andrew simultaneously fills both of their holes while they stroke their own big dicks. On a mission to eradicate these invasive alien creatures, Andrew will stop at nothing until he’s completely explored and decontaminated the insides of both these gaping doctors.
15  minutes
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It’s the middle of the night, government doctors Archer Croft and Brock Kniles are being assigned to decontaminate WreX Wylde, a man who was just extracted from a nearby alien abduction site and is at risk of being inhabited by a dangerous unknown lifeform. With an intense pain growing inside of his stomach, WreX bends over so Dr. Croft and Dr. Kniles can both fist his hole at the same time while in search of the extraterrestrials. Once WreX has prolapsed, Archer takes his tongue to the patient’s protruding rosebud to determine if the aliens planted any eggs inside of him before WreX ejaculates with the help of his handsy doctors.
22  minutes
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Deep in a secret government medical facility, doctors Archer Croft and Brock Kniles have become exposed to the spores of an unknown alien lifeform, and now they need WreX Wylde to explore their asses and extract any possible dangers. With his hands lubed, WreX fists both the medical professionals until he can see their bright red innards and determine if any alien eggs have found their way inside their vulnerable bodies. Needing to drain their balls of any possible exposure to alien life, Archer and Brock both lean back, spread their legs, and jerk off until they’ve eradicated themselves of any harmful microorganisms.
22  minutes
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Aliens aren’t just invading Earth – they’re invading our holes! When two men are discovered in the middle of the night at an alien abduction site, it’s all hands on deck to ensure they haven’t been implanted with the eggs of an unknown extraterrestrial threat. Government medical professionals Dominic Pacifico and Apollo Fates have been assigned to decontaminate Andrew Foenix and extract the tentacle-like creature that’s overtaken his insides. After using their fists to fully remove the lifeform from the civilian’s hairy ass, Andrew is charged with examining the doctors’ holes in fear that they could have been exposed to spores from the invasive alien beings. Next, medics Archer Croft and Brock Kniles are exterminating any potential creatures living inside WreX Wylde. With his hole completely gaping, the doctors fist him at the same time and, once he’s prolapsed, Dr. Croft takes his tongue to the patient’s protruding rosebud to see if he can taste any eggs that the aliens may have placed inside of him. In the same examination room, WreX is tasked with fisting the two doctors as they drain their balls of any possible exposure to alien life. On a mission to prevent these alien creatures from proliferating, the men will stop at nothing to ensure the ‘Ass Invaders’ are completely eradicated before they take over the planet.

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