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Ace In The Hole

Ace In The Hole
Club Inferno
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Fisting
  • Kissing
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  • Rimming
74 min

Tom Moore

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Ace Stallion

Blaze Austin

Declan Blake

It’s Ace Stallion’s first day in prison and almost immediately he’s greeted by Blaze Austin, a tough top that’s always on the lookout for fresh meat, who offers to take care of Ace while he’s locked up. Ace accepts and follows Blaze back to his cell where he begins servicing his new friend’s girthy dick. Blaze is impressed by the first-time cocksucker’s ability to swallow his XL meat and soon focuses on taking Ace’s anal virginity. The veteran prisoner slowly slips his hand into Ace’s ass while still barebacking him to see just how much the new inmate can handle. Now riding Blaze’s first, Ace grabs onto the rickety prison bed for support before getting on his back, throwing his legs in the air, and letting Ace play with his bright red insides.
22  minutes
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When Blaze Austin spots new prisoner Ace Stallion on his block, all he sees is a new pair of fists that can stretch out his ass. After having the locked-up newcomer suck down his thick dick, Blaze is on his knees and in position for Ace to rim his fur-lined hole. It doesn’t take much prep work until Blaze’s experienced ass is ready for Ace’s hands and anally swallowing everything up to the new inmate’s slender wrist. As Ace rapidly works himself in and out of Blaze, the wrecked bottom’s XL cock remains completely hard. Blaze strokes himself off and after a few tugs, is shooting all over his own bed all while a satisfied Ace is still busy stuffing his insatiable ass.
13  minutes
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Cellmates Ace Stallion and Declan Blake may be best friends behind bars, but that doesn’t mean Declan is allowed to skip out on all the money he owes Ace. Unable to come up with the cash, Declan decides to settle his debts by deepthroating his pal and bending over for Ace to bareback his prison hole. Needing more hardcore anal action to clear his cellmate’s extensive gambling debts, Ace uses his hands to stretch out Declan’s ass until both of his closed fists are disappearing inside of his sloppy hole. Declan, now on his back with his beefy legs thrown in the air, winces in pleasure and begins shooting loads as an eager Ace quickly enters and exits his destroyed ass.
21  minutes
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With the prison guards finally gone, Declan Blake is aching to have a go at Ace Stallion’s hungry ass. After commenting on how worn and torn his used hole already looks, Declan fits his hands in with ease. Ace rides Declan’s fist as the pervert prisoner lays on the bed and looks up to admire his cellmate’s overworked fuck slit. Ready to break it in even futher, Ace has Declan lay down, throw his legs back, and open up to take both of his rotating fists with Declan drooling over the view of his exposed insides. All the overwhelming stimulation to his wrecked ass has Ace cumming with a smirking Declan still stuffing and thrusting himself into his gaping hole
19  minutes
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When they say ‘Ace in the Hole’, it doesn’t mean someone has a good poker hand or that fresh faced stud and newest kid on the cell block Ace Stallion is in solitary. It means Ace has his fist planted deep in one his fellow inmates, and they have one in his. Under the guidance of prolific kink director Tom Moore, watch as this perverted prisoner links up with his two latest conquests and discovers how to truly stretch yourself to the limits while behind bars. During his first day in jail, Ace Stallion finds himself meeting Blaze Austin and being escorted to his cell where he’ll have his first ever experience with another man. Blaze Austin’s XL bareback cock and hairy fist stretch out the newcomer in no time. Then, Ace returns the favor by using his fresh fists to completely destroy the veteran prisoner’s trained asshole. Now ready to take on every hole that he can find, Ace Stallion suggests some more hands-on ways for broke cellmate Declan Blake to settle his debts. Declan Blake is soon sucking down his cellmate’s cock and bending over to take his two manly fists. Ace Stallion then gets into position for a handsy Declan Blake to destroy his newly experienced fuck hole. As you see, to survive and thrive in prison, you just have to bend over, dig deep, and find your ‘Ace in the Hole’ just like gaping and gushing new inmate Ace Stallion.

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