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Against The Rules – Enhanced

Against The Rules – Enhanced
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
77 min

Bill Clayton

    all models over 18    
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Cal Driver
Eric Nolte
Jeff Turk
Josh Kincaid
Kirk Mannheim

Mac Turner
Ron Pearson
Todd Baron
Vince Clark

After a hard football game ends, Mac Turner is put through a different type of training. Coach Josh Kincaid caresses his star player`s wet, freshly showered cock and body. The coach forces his player to be late for class and promises a pass before going down on his star player`s package. The coach`s expert deep throat excites the boy onto his knees and into his coach`s crotch. Mac is force fed after his Josh`s jock is shed. The two 69 but it`s the coach who decides to `Go-Deep`. The player is fucked hard, long and deep until both cum furious amounts of pent up cum.
14  minutes
Content & Stars...
Mac Turner relaxes after school with fellow cadet Eric Nolte at home. The two discuss ways of curing the common hard-on and ways to relieve the hardness in their uniformed school clothes. Mac plays Eric and talks him into stroking and sucking his young hard on with long deep thrusts inside his mouth and eventually inside his big blond ass. Eric eventually cums and then forces his way back into Mac`s creamy ass. Afterwards Mac confesses his affair with his coach and mentions an invitation to join his coach at his cabin and the fun the three of them would have.
16  minutes
Content & Stars...
Mac Turner and Eric Nolte find their coach Josh Kincaid chopping wood. The coach invites the students in to warm up near the fire and before long they`re getting down to the business of cock! Mac shares tales of the coach`s large blond cock with Eric just before an invitation to get more comfortable. The two schoolmates shed their clothes and take turns sucking on the Josh`s massive prick. However, it`s blond newcomer Eric Nolte who gets broken in and fucked nice, long and hard by both Coach Kincaid and buddy Mac Turner.
20  minutes
Content & Stars...
Bonus scene from the movie Help Wanted
17  minutes
Content & Stars...
Bonus scene from the movie Style
11  minutes
Content & Stars...
Breaking all the rules, Falcon releases the final reissue of this popular hit with increased video quality and new bonus scenes that complement the original title. Academy football stud Mac Turner gets ravaged in the school`s gymnasium showers by his coach, the incredible, towering blond powerhouse, Josh Kincaid. Sex-initiate Mac Turner recruits his buddy and fellow cadet, Eric Nolte, to the manly joys of good, stiff dicks, hungry throats, and willing holes. Then, Turner and Nolte chance upon Coach Kincaid who invites them into his home for a threeway that fully initiates Nolte into a world of amazing gay bareback sex. NEW BONUS SCENES: Kirk Mannheim, Jeff Turk and Vince Clark in ‘PE-627’ from ‘Help Wanted’ and Ron Pearson, Cal Driver and Todd Baron in ‘Chromes’ from ‘Style’.

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