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Alex Collack Collection

Alex Collack Collection
Hot House
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131 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Alex Collack

Arpad Miklos

Collin O`Neal

Dillon Press

Justin Gemini

Mario Ortiz

Omer (b)

Robert Van Damme

Shane Rollins

Thom Barron

Trey Casteel

Abducted, gagged and tied to a chair, sexy, ripped Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack loses control of himself while being forced to watch his abductors roughly grab and suck their hard cocks. Powerful Hot House Exclusive Collin O’Neal unties Collack and drags him over to Hungarian hunk Arpad Miklos where O’Neal and Miklos administer Collack’s punishment from both ends.... More
22  minutes
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There’s quite a bit of meat to showcase in scene four. Let’s get right to it. Two hot muscle studs (Mario Ortiz and Dillon Press) walk up to Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack, pull out their cocks and get busy. Mario can’t wait to get on all fours and blow Collack, the Russian Sexgod-with-the Bod. Dillon pulls up behind Mario and rims him, then pulls his fat uncut cock backwards to blow it. Alex flips over onto his back and feeds on Dillon’s dick as Mario darts his tongue into the Cossack’s hole like an anteater foraging for food. ... More
21  minutes
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Co-workers Alex Collack and Shane Rollins have some plumbing to fix. Collack checks out the situation under the sink while Rollins checks out Collack’s chiseled upper body. Collack’s amazing washboard stomach gets Rollins’ dick hard and when Collack asks for a wrench, Rollins slaps his fat, 9+ inch cock in his co-worker’s hand instead. That’s the tool Collack really wanted — and he proves it by taking it deep down his masculine, muscled throat. ... More
23  minutes
Content & Stars...
Superbod Alex Collack finds a spot on the lawn to grab some rays. He starts to rub his perfect chiseled muscles with suntan lotion, unaware that young Justin Gemini is watching him from the bushes. Justin comes over to Alex and begins to show off his enormous cock — well over ten inches of shaft. Alex sucks the boy off for a minute then guides the kid down to his own fat uncut prick. Justin claims he’s never done this before, but you’d never know it. He begins to suck cock like a blue-ribbon champion while his oversized shaft bounces up and down between his knees. ... More
19  minutes
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Alex Collack emerges from the pool after his morning swim to reveal his perfect, chiseled torso and fat bulge. Superstuds Robert Van Damme and Thom Barron are lounging poolside, admiring Collack and stroking each other’s erections. Collack gladly accepts their invitaiton and a three-way suck ensues. The versatile horse hung horndogs take turns servicing each other, sucking cock, getting sucked, eating ass and fucking their hot muscle butts. ... More
21  minutes
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The parade of king-sized cocks continues in Scene 6 as Justin Gemini strokes his 11-incher right into the camera. This young pup has got – no joke -– the biggest piece in porn… remember it in MISCHIEF? Three other guests of the La Posada Resort (Alex Collack, Omer, and Trey Casteel) stumble upon it and quickly move in like vultures. Collack whips out his huge uncut Russian prick which prompts bottom boys Omer and Casteel to drop to their knees and worship the two giant cocks on display. They slurp up and down the lengthy tools, spit trailing from their tongues, and beat their own meat raging between their thighs. ... More
25  minutes
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Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack shares his favorite scenes with you in this must-see collector`s edition. He lights up the screen in each scene.

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