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Arad Winwin Alpha Top

Arad Winwin Alpha Top
Lucas Entertainment
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
118 min

Michael Lucas

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Andrea Suarez

Andy Onassis

Arad Winwin

Ben Batemen

Benjamin Gomez

Edji Da Silva

Stas Landon

Dylan James
J Anders

Arad Winwin is a beautiful Persian muscle god, and this guy’s sex drive is always on fire. Arad is especially attracted to other muscular guys, and he loves getting his hands all over a worked-out guy before he gets him on his back and breeds his hole. Dylan James has wanted to get into bed with Arad Winwin for a long time now, and he finally has his chance. Dylan and Arad first touch and explore each other’s muscles before they whip out their dicks and give each other wet and sloppy blowjobs. But Dylan can’t control himself, and soon gets on his back so Arad can show him the true alpha-top Persian he is. Dylan has never been bred like this before!
34  minutes
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Stas Landon is as jacked as he’s always been, and it’s been awhile since he’s been on camera to fuck around bareback with another guy. His buddy Ben Batemen invites him over for some fun, and they get into some hardcore foreplay by sucking on each other’s foreskin. Ben is horny to be on top and Stas wants to take the submissive role, so he bends over so Ben can breed him rough and raw. Ben has a reputation for not taking it easy when he’s fucking a guy, and he teaches Stas how to behave like a good bitch and just take it until he’s ready to come.
23  minutes
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Arad Winwin meets up with his Arab fuck buddy Edji Da Silva, and they double-team the bottom who is always ready to take a dick up his ass and down his throat -- Benjamin Gomez. Edji and Arad have some fun seeing who can fuck and thrash Benjamin harder, so they take turns gagging Benjamin and sticking their cocks up his ass! Arad Winwin’s muscles flex and bulge as he pounds Benjamin in his ass. Benjamin Gomez would moan, but his mouth is full of Edji Da Silva’s cock!
35  minutes
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Andy Onassis takes charge in this gay bareback sex encounter, and Andrea Suarez shows off his beautiful Latin body as he sits down on Andy’s cock and take a ride he soon won’t forget. While Andrea is riding Andy, J Anders opens up his mouth wide and sucks on Andrea’s uncut dick. When it’s J’s turn to get fucked in the ass, he moans like a bitch while both Andy and Andrea take turns going balls deep inside his hole!
26  minutes
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Arad Winwin is an all-star “Alpha Top” who is taking the gay-porn industry by storm with his Adonis good looks, sculpted physique, and rock-hard cock! First, Arad goes one-on-one with the in-demand Lucas Man, Dylan James. And later on, Arad teams up with his fuck-bud Edji Da Silva to thrash Benjamin Gomez in the mouth and ass mercilessly. Ben Batemen makes an appearance for a bareback fuck with Stas Landon, Andrea Suarez enjoys the cum of J Anders and Andy Onassis!

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