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Arcade On Route 9

Arcade On Route 9
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Chainfucking
  • Glory Holes
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Handjobs
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
216 min

Joe Gage

    all models over 18    
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Adam Young

Alex Brawley

Brett Anderson

Cam Kurtz

Cole Ryan

Dominic Pacifico

Jake Deckard

Jody Scott

Josh Powell

Josh West

Ken Mack

Matt Cole

Matthew Matters

Coach (Peter Axel) has brought young track star Adam Young into Dr. Blodgett’s office. Something’s tightening up, pulling real hard, way up along Adam’s inner thigh. Doc (Alex Brawley) goes right for the balls. “You probably got a lot of cream in those nuts, don’t ya?” Adam’s not saying much, but his dick hardens up, and Coach pulls out his mighty monster. “Damn, that’s almost as big as mine,” Doc says. “Look.”... More
43  minutes
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Is delivery man Matt Cole just pretending to be straight? He wants to know what goes on in an arcade, so store manager Jake Deckard gives him a guided tour of the stockroom, where Matt finds out how well his cock fits in Jake’s mouth. Matt doesn’t need instructions on rimming, and savors Jake’s finely furred crack and honey-sweet hole. He’s just priming Jake for long, powerhouse cock strokes—the dude sure knows how to fuck a guy. Big surprise—he sits on Jake’s cock! His big cock bounces heavy as his smooth muscle ass bangs atop Jake’s hairy thighs. Then they’re kissing’ and cumming. Matt’s hot loving propels a sensational burst of juice outta Jake as his own load blasts out.
45  minutes
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In Booth 23, Dad’s showing Junior the finer points of arcade etiquette. Dad’s pointing out the glory that lies in a glory hole, with businessman Dominic Pacifico all too eager to chow down on dad’s bountiful boner. “Lemmee try,” says junior, and soon slams Dominic with a young man’s blasts of jet propelled spunk. Then dad and son are switch-sucking that businessman bone, making Dominic jet his jizz ‘cross the booth in a real razzle-dazzle finish. “Happy birthday,” says dad. “Thanks,” Junior replies, wiping cream off his chin.... More
43  minutes
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Down the hall, Cam Kurtz finds Adam Young watching a sex flick, and before ya know it, the two uncut guys are sliding their foreskins over hardening cock meat in a mutual jack off. They’re takin’ turns tasting each other’s fratboy phallus, until Cam gives himself a squat-fuck on Adam’s crank, his yard-long bone threatening to crack off as it plummets wildly with each bracing bounce. Suddenly, in an eager flip, mega-hung Cam’s piling his plank of cock into Adam’s ass, making both their peckers pump out pools of pearly juice.... More
40  minutes
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In yet another booth of the overly busy arcade, young Cole Ryan is letting trucker Ken loosen up his tight young hole. Ken’s tongue is prepping it to be filled by his big man’s bone. Cole rides it in a fever, beating off as Ken bounces him rudely until Cole’s load splats. Ken slides a rubber onto Cole’s overheated cock and guides the rigid rod up his ass, and their second loads shoot even harder.... More
45  minutes
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What`s a father to do on his son`s 18th birthday? Initiate him into the rites of manhood and what better place to do that than Arcade On Route 9, where the men are hot, hung and horny!

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