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Aris Place

Aris Place
Studio 2000
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92 min



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Andrew Phillips

Ari Bond

Brian Bodine

CJ Madison

Damon Phoenix

Eddie Stone

Marcos Pirelli

Matt Cole

Patrick Ross

Movers and contractors take advantage of each other all over the house starting with uncut Latin stud Marcos Pirelli and tattooed hunk Matt Cole. We are used to seeing Matt bottom for some of the biggest in the industry, but who knew he could throw such a hot fuck. He first dives into Marcos’ delectable asshole with his tongue before fucking him all over the stairs. Matt has a thick cock and he knows how to fuck.
22  minutes
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Next, Studio 2000 Exclusive Brian Bodine mesmerizes Damon Phoenix in the garage. Brian’s dick is huge. Watch the smile on Damon’s face when he pulls that big dick out of Brian’s underwear. Brian’s cock is as hard as his hot muscular body. Muscles bulge everywhere on this guy. Damon Phoenix has the most delicious bubble butt in film and Brian dives in head-first getting Damon ready for that big, thick cock. Trust us, Brian fucks DEEP and director Chad Donovan goes in for the close-ups that will make your dick drool.
20  minutes
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One of our new favorites, Andrew Phillips is up next with cuddly Patrick Ross. Incredibly handsome Andrew reminds us of a prince from some faraway country…a prince with a huge cock. Prince Andrew and Patrick initiate the kitchen with some counter sucking and fucking.
18  minutes
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Next up is Studio 2000 Exclusive CJ Madison paired with Superstar Eddie Stone. The chemistry between these two is obvious. CJ takes control from the beginning and the kissing is awesome. CJ’s dick slapping against Eddie’s butt makes a great sound. And when CJ slides his cock into Eddie, Eddie makes a great sound also.
24  minutes
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Ari finally settles in for a hot jackoff in his new living room. This guy is fucking gorgeous. His eyes and lips will make you melt. And his rock hard bod and abs will make you wanna lick him from head to toe. Including his hairy asscrack. His cock has the perfect curve for sucking and fucking. We will definitely hope to see more of this stud in the future!
8  minutes
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ARI`S PLACE finds Ari Bond the proud new owner of a new home. And moving day proves to be a very frustrating day for Ari. Movers and contractors take advantage of each other all over the house.

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