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Arpad Miklos Collection

Arpad Miklos Collection
Hot House
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123 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Alex Collack
Arpad Miklos
Collin O`Neal
Craig Reynolds
Duke Michaels

Enzo Grimaldi
Francesco D`Macho
Ken Browning
Kent North
Owen Hawk

Abducted, gagged and tied to a chair, ripped Hot House Exclusive Alex Collack loses control of himself while being forced to watch his abductors roughly grab and suck their hard cocks. Powerful Hot House Exclusive Collin O’Neal unties Collack and drags him over to Hungarian hunk Arpad Miklos where O’Neal and Miklos administer Collack’s punishment from both ends.... More
21  minutes
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The towering Hungarian muscle beast anxiously awaits his tricks arrival, already hard and wearing just a towel. No time is wasted once he gets Owen in the door, the towel comes off revealing his monster of a prick, which immediately disappears completely into the hungry bottom’s talented throat. Seeing his expertise, Arpad delivers a face fucking that Owen will not soon forget, just before he wraps his own lips around the fat, uncut piece sticking out of the bottom boy’s jockstrap. But this big man is hungry for more than just cockmeat, so he spins Owen around and goes back and fourth tasting the boy’s big, juicy butt and sucking on his dick from behind.... More
21  minutes
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Guests Arpad Miklos and Duke Michaels are relaxing on the sofa in their room, stroking their cocks. Both men are built and handsome with enormous uncut cocks that get bigger with each thrust. Unable to resist the urge, they reach over and jack each other off. Arpad reaches for the lube bottle only to discover a completely empty bottle now. No worries, always at your service Kent North is called to the rescue. He arrives with the requested lube and is immediately pulled into the action. North fucks Michaels’ face with his thick, hard uncut cock then works on Miklos’ huge 11-incher. Miklos takes his spit-lubed man pole and fucks Michaels cowboy style. North stands over them both, stroking his rod until all three of them shoot their loads.
23  minutes
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Horse-hung Private Arpad Miklos is rubbing one out over a girlie magazine when Private D’Macho comes in and checks out his meat. Both men agree that Private Miklos needs someplace to put his monster-sized tool and check out the ass of bunkmate Private Browning. Browning takes his position between the two muscle-men and begins to service them. Ass-hound Miklos puts both men on their knees and takes turns tasting their fox holes. Finally Miklos stands up and drills both men with his hard-as-steel torpedo. Eventually Private Browning ends up back in the middle, this time with Private D’Macho drilling his hole while Private Miklos feeds his face. The two tops switch places and Miklos shoots all over Browning’s stomach while D’Macho coats Browning’s face in sticky goo.
17  minutes
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Scene 5 opens with the tongue of Hot House Exclusive Enzo Grimaldi polishing the boots of Arpad Miklos. Arpad orders the slut to continue licking and he obliges, flicking his tongue higher and higher up Arpad’s leg to the leather pouch of his jock. He orders Enzo to spit on his crotch and lick with long licks. Then he pulls out his huge straight shaft for the slave to worship. He greedily slobbers all over the tool and sucks it down to the musky base.... More
20  minutes
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An after-hours delivery turns into a muscle-man fuck fest when Arpad Miklos and Craig Reynolds meet in an alley. Miklos opens his jeans and shoves Reynolds’ face down on his long hard cock. Reynolds teases the foreskin and gives Miklos excellent deep throat service before stripping down and offering up his enormous bubble butt. Miklos licks and lubes Reynolds’ tight hole then rams him with his fat cock inside. Once on his back Reynolds milks his own cock while Miklos fucks him hard then blows his load.
21  minutes
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Hot House Exclusive Arpad Miklos shares his favorite scens with you in this must-have collector`s edition! Features 6 scorching-hot scenes with Hot House Exclusives Alex Collack, Collin O`Neal, Kent North, Francesco D`Macho, Enzo Grimaldi, and Craig Reynolds plus Owen Hawk, Duke Michaels, and Ken Browning.

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