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The Art of Swallowing

The Art of Swallowing
NS Originals
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
104 min

Marc MacNamara

    all models over 18    
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Andre Bedford

JJ Knight

Luca del Rey

Luka Phoenix

Matty West

Phoenix Ocean

Sonny Blonde

Travis Connor

Sonny Blonde is hung, full of cum, and about to learn why versatile cocksucker Travis Connor has a reputation for being able to draw every drop of nut from a man’s balls. With the 6’4” muscle hunk on his knees and his pants around his ankles, Sonny leans back as Travis gobbles down his nine uncut inches. Travis then gets into position to be rimmed and barebacked until Sonny’s big dick is bursting and ready to release directly onto Travis’ tongue. Drained but eager to return the favor, Sonny deepthroats his hairy partner’s meat and throws his legs back to get fucked hard. When Travis is finally aching to bust, Sonny masterfully practices ‘The Art of Swallowing’ by falling to his knees and eating up all the nut shooting from Travis’ dick slit.
28  minutes
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After hearing countless stories about how Luka Phoenix has the hottest nut in all of New York City, Andre Bedford has made it his mission to find out if this hung stranger’s load is as large and legendary as everyone says. After meeting up with Luka through an app, Andre opens his jaw to blow Luka’s big dick before bending over to be rimmed and fucked. Barely able to handle the extreme girth of Luka’s bareback cock, Andre slams his eyes shut and grabs onto the side of the couch while the famed top pumps himself in and out of his ambitious hole. Then, after going for an intense ride on Luka’s oversized meat, Andre releases into Luka’s mouth right before Luka gifts Andre’s tongue with his coveted creamy load.
23  minutes
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Phoenix Ocean may have just booked a private cooking lesson with sexy chef JJ Knight, but he has no intention of swallowing down his culinary creations. Instead, Phoenix would rather spend the day getting a taste of JJ’s monstrous meat and having the chef dine on his smooth hole. Still in the kitchen, JJ happily complies and stretches out his horny client as he barebacks him from behind before the two hop onto the counter to 69 only a few feet away from all of JJ’s fresh produce. Still fucking hard all over the chef’s prep space, Phoenix rides the cook’s cock until he’s cumming all over the top’s torso and using his hands to feed JJ his own nut. JJ’s rod then goes ass-to-mouth as Phoenix hops off and begins eating up the large load rushing out of JJ’s big dick.
28  minutes
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Sweaty jock Matty West is following his gym crush, Luca del Rey, into the restroom when he falls into a deep life-like sexual fantasy that has him tasting Luca’s precum and flip-fucking the muscular stranger. Surrounded by walls of hanging vines, Luca gets lost between Matty’s round cheeks as he eats him out and buries his bareback cock in his hole. The gym crush continues to hit Matty from behind until his balls are bursting and Matty is dropping down to eat up his messy nut. Now fucking alongside an endless row of mirrors, it’s Matty’s turn to deliver a fat load as Luca sucks him off and jumps in a bathtub to take a ride on his raw hog. When it’s time, Luca is on his knees, jaw open and tongue out, as Matty shoots his ropes and gives Luca a longawaited cum-covered facial.
24  minutes
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When a man has been bestowed with the title of “Master Cocksucker” or “Certified Dick Fiend,” he must regularly practice and show true dedication to ‘The Art of Swallowing.’ Award-winning director Marc MacNamara has rounded up eight of these men to document their appreciation for each other’s bodies, hogs, and loads in this new, cum-drenched feature for NakedSword Originals. In the first vignette, a hung and fuck-ready Sonny Blonde is about to learn why Travis Connor has a reputation for being able to draw every drop of jizz from a man’s balls as the two flip-fuck and release into each other’s mouths. Next, after hearing countless stories about how Luka Phoenix has the hottest nut in NYC, Andre Bedford is making it his mission to discover if this hung stranger’s load is as large and legendary as everyone says. Just across the city, Phoenix Ocean is booking a private cooking lesson with chef JJ Knight in hopes of tasting his oversized meat, getting fucked across the kitchen counter, and eating up the cook’s creamy seed. Then, versatile jock Matty West is falling deep into a life-like sexual fantasy over gym crush Luca del Rey and imagining how hot it’ll be when they finally fuck each other in the ass and exchange their loads.

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