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Ass Fiends

Ass Fiends
Hot House
  • Anal Sex
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  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Sling
86 min

Nick Foxx

    all models over 18    
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Adam Ramzi

Austin Wilde

Chris Bines

Colt Rivers

Dominic Pacifico

Logan McCree

Micah Brandt

Ryan Rose

Sean Zevran

Tom Faulk

Tommy Defendi

Tony Orion

Bravo Delta
Jacob Taylor
Josh Conners

Super stud Ryan Rose takes notice of the frame full of muscles that is Micah Brandt. Hanging out next to a sex swing, Micah’s eyes invite Ryan over to join him. After an exchange of cruising, Ryan heads over and locks lips with Micah. The making out has Micah hitting the floor and swallowing all of Ryan’s cock down to his balls. Intensifying the oral ecstasy, they alternate spit­dripping and tongue­drilling rim jobs. Micah moans out “I’m ready for your cock” and Ryan is instantly on it, jamming his hefty, rock­hard meat into Micah’s hungry hole. Completely dominating his bottom, Ryan leads Micah to the swing and secures his legs in the straps before grabbing hold of Micah’s shoulders and pounding him like he’s never been pounded before. Screams of euphoric pleasure echo as they both spew huge loads onto Micah’s washboard abs.
22  minutes
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Bulging through their skin­tight jockstraps, furry Bravo Delta and smooth Josh Conners interlock tongues. Josh turns around and grabs his ankles and Bravo follows up sliding his rock­hard cock up against Josh’s bare hole. They move to the bench and Josh hikes his leg up to give Bravo immediate access to his awaiting center. Bravo wants more and lays Josh face down and digs his tongue even deeper into Josh in a sopping wet 69. He prepares Josh’s ass for his fat cock by pulling his pink hole apart with two fingers. Continuing to tease, Bravo sits on top of Josh and fucks his hole with a giant manrammer as he edges his own meat. Bravo quickly switches from the faux cock to his own, pinning Josh down and pounding him hard. They switch to multiple positions until Josh climaxes and shoots his load while Bravo is pumping him from underneath. Bravo finishes all over Josh’s bubble butt.
21  minutes
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Hunky Jacob Taylor wanders in to find muscle­bottom Sean Zevran bent over and straddling leather studded sawhorse. Wasting no time, Jacob goes straight to his knees and devours Sean’s hairless hole. To warm up Sean’s ass a little more, Jacob works a Manrammer into Sean’s eager butt. Jacob can’t forget Sean’s other hole, so he offers his meat to Sean. Savoring every inch, Sean works oral magic on Jacob’s fat, uncut cock. Switching to the rear, Jacob rams his fuck­stick into Sean’s eager hole. Dominating Sean’s ass in multiple positions, Jacob’s goal is to satisfy him in every way. Once on his back with Jacob pounding his prostate with abandon, Sean sends a load of cum flying out of his uncut cock and onto his washboard abs. Jacob pulls out and jerks his meat to climax, adding his load to Sean’s stomach.
17  minutes
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Tatted and bearded stud, Chris Bines catches Micah Brandt fucking himself with a giant dildo. After admiring from a distance, Chris decides to give Micah a hand and fuck him with the hefty faux dong. Chris wants more and he’s certain that Micah wants the real thing. So, Chris offers it up, and Micah’s on his knees in no time, with Chris shoving his cock down Micah’s gagging throat. Like a true ‘Ass Fiend’, Chris bends Micah over and eats and fingers his inviting hole. With both studs at maximum hardness, Micah says, “I want that fat cock!” Who is Chris to say no? He slides his rod into Micah’s overly eager asshole. Screams, growls and cries can be heard for miles as Chris raids Micah’s butt fast and hard. Chris pounds away until the orgasm can’t wait any longer, and he shoots his cum all over Micah’s thigh. Wanting to take Micah over the edge, Chris heads back in and energetically rims Micah’s hole until he erupts a load onto his abs. Micah wipes up Chris’ cum from his thigh, eats it and finishes off with a cum­filled kiss.
25  minutes
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They’re ‘Ass Fiends’ and they can’t get enough butt. They want to finger, lick, taste and rim every hot ass around, and Director Nick Foxx has found the hottest bubble­butts to fulfill their every desire. Get a load of four dominant ass­loving men and the willing power­bottoms who take it every way and end in ultimate climax. Smooth hunk Josh Conners submits his smooth hole to scruffy Bravo Delta, and takes the ride of his life on Bravo’s girthy cock. Ryan Rose gets intense with Micah Brandt while they pound it out in a sex swing. Sean Zevran submits his smooth hole to Jacob Taylor’s giant cock in an energized session. Chris Bines catches Micah Brandt pleasuring himself and takes over by drilling him to an out­of­this­world orgasm. Whether you love hot butts or taking a huge cock, ‘Ass Fiends’ will have you grabbing your cock and not letting go until you’ve blown your wad.

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