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Back to Barstow

Back to Barstow
  • 3-Way
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  • Ass Play
  • Dildo
  • Glory Holes
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
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  • Rimming
  • Voyeurism
162 min

Joe Gage

    all models over 18    
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Diego De La Hoya

Fyre Fli

Joe Sarge

Joey Russo

Marc Sterling

Randy Eliot

Ricky (a)

Sebastian Tauza

Tim Tucker

Toby Tyler

Todd Maxwell

Troy Banner

Tyler Boots

First, we check in on Troy’s friend, Fyerfli. He’s been bunking at his sister’s house, where he isn’t any too secret about his lust for her boyfriend, Tyler Boots, who comes around when she’s out. Fyerfli doesn’t want him to go away unsatisfied. What kind of a buddy would he be if he didn’t offer a helping hand. Or mouth. Or ass. But first he’s gotta talk this “straight” dude around his way. It’s a classic Joe Gage scene: “Take it out. You know you want to. Stroke it,” Fyerfli whispers. He kneels before Boots’ thick rod, worships the shaft, slowly draws near enough to lick the tip and, with Boots looking down in horny permission, swallows his throbbing man meat.
20  minutes
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Boots shoots a mean load, but he won’t be so easily satisfied. He throws the happily surprised Fyerfli over and probes his furry, yawning ass crack with several fingers. Then he shoves his tongue deep into Fli’s quivering love-tunnel! Soon, both men are fucking each other ragged Fyerfli sprays his steaming love-juice all over his buddy’s hairy chest, and Boots throttles his aching cock to let loose his own gargantuan gush.
18  minutes
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Meanwhile, back at Troy’s place, the hard-ons have been spit on and slicked up. The guys lie side by side strokin’ their meat, then slide into some slow ‘n savory early morning cocksucking. Troy’s fat joy-stick slithers between Marc’s lips.
13  minutes
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It’s all just a little too intense. We gotta get away for a breather. But stoppin’ by the local gas station isn’t gonna help -- one of Joe Gage’s best T-room scenes is going on. When attendant Diego De La Hoya finds the john infested with hot blooded, heaving guys, he puts it into lockdown and starts workin’ over the bearded, sweaty men. Handsome, dark-eyed and uncut Tauza gets his choice ass crammed full by both muscle man Maxwell and uncut bruiser De La Hoya, but there’s a lot of partner swappin’ goin’ on as the guys suck, rim and fuck each other until the two tops erupt into searing orgasms, and Tauza tops both with the biggest load of all.
34  minutes
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Troy straddles his buddy and leans forward to kiss him, as Marc’s fingers plunge into his pleading ass pucker. Troy squats down on Marc’s solid shaft, and both men moan as Troy grinds that bone and Marc pumps his friend’s bulging bazooka. His ass full of cock, Troy unleashes ropes of cum that inspire Marc to spew high over his head.
12  minutes
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Troy Banner and Marc Sterling introduce Joey Russo to the neighbors — young ‘uns Tim Tucker, Toby Tyler and Ricky, and dads Randy Eliot and Joe Sarge. It’s Russo’s coming home party. In a small town, that’s what you’d call a mixed group. Hot headed young guys like willowy Toby Tyler and blond-tipped Ricky are bound to pig out, but they get some mentoring from husky Eliot and gray haired Sarge — who’s brought his camera of all things. Forbidden photography brings out the exhibitionist in the young guys, who service all of their elders in a hot chain suck.
23  minutes
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Troy’s a great host, providing a glory hole for sloppy, spit-flying cocksucking. When he brings out a couple of dildos, the boys’ eyes light up, and their knees are soon tucked under their ears for some greasy, rubber toy, ass loosening. Nasty Russo’s struttin’ his electrifying boner, shovin’ it cruelly into mouth after mouth, and shooting his jiz to the moon, spurring the other men into countless rounds of sweaty, balls-out man sex.
15  minutes
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Then he’s riding the biggest cock in the room, pluggin’ his ass like a house afire, and exploding a load that sprays thick cum across the room. No wonder “Mike” is legendary in Barstow.
27  minutes
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None of director Joe Gage’s legendary movies compare to the concentrated impact of Back to Barstow. For this saga of sex among small-town buddies, Titan’s technical facilities and big budget let Gage dive deeper into his obsessions than ever before. Intense cruising, voyeurism, jerk-off buddies, cock worship and hot hard manfucking make this the classic Gage movie of all time.

When you come Back to Barstow, you’ll find it’s a small town with a big fuckin’ payoff.


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