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Backroom Bar Buddies

Backroom Bar Buddies
Club Inferno
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Fisting
  • No Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
91 min

Tom Moore

    all models over 18    
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Drew Dixon

Jack Hunter

Micah Martinez

Wrex Wylde

While Micah Martinez is tending bar at a sex club, Jack Hunter is patiently waiting for a friend to arrive. When Wrex Wylde sits down for a drink, Jack realizes his “friend” isn’t showing up and offers up his ass for Wrex to lick instead. Now that Jack’s hole is ready, Micah feeds Jack his rod while Wrex works his fist in from behind. As Wrex goes deeper, Micah’s cock slides further down Jack’s throat. The two studs lay Jack back on the bar so Wrex can reach inside Jack’s hungry ass. When Wrex’s seeks a fresh hole, he swaps out so that Micah can fist-fuck Jack while Wrex handballs Micah’s gape. Now, all the focus turns to Micah as he gets his piggy hole stretched by Wrex until he pops a thick load all over the bar.
28  minutes
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For a little more privacy, Micah Martinez takes Wrex Wylde and Jack Hunter to the special backroom they use for private events. Without hesitation, Wrex strips and bares down on a leather sawhorse. Micah hits his knees and begins to open up Wrex’s ass with his hands while Wrex gags on Jack’s hefty cock. It doesn’t take long for Micah to get both of his fists into Wrex’s sloppy hole. Switching positions, Jack takes his turn fisting Wrex until he rosebuds while Micah jerks off the fist pig. Eager to prove his holes abilities, Wrex lets both of his bar buddies fist him. As soon as Wrex pops out another rosebud, Jack can’t help but to shove his cock in Wrex’s prolapse. Taking it to the max, Micah reaches in and strokes Jacks cock. While Wrex strokes his load out, Jack decides to drop his load in Wrex’s inside-out asshole.
22  minutes
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Drew Dixon has been given an hour to play with Jack Hunter, who’s locked in cage in the in the backroom. If Jack wants to earn his freedom, he needs to deepthroat Drew’s uncut meat thru the bars. When Jack earns his way out of the cage, Drew bends him over and tongue-fucks his ass. When Jack is ready for more, Drew gives him his cock deep in Jack’s ass. Jack starts begging for even more, and Drew replaces his cock with his fists in Jack’s abyss. Back and forth, Drew works his hands in up to the wrist. Jack switches it up and hops on top to ride Drew’s fist as deep as he can. When Drew takes back control, he’s hands-deep in Jack when Jack explodes in Drew’s mouth.
22  minutes
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Given an hour to use Jack Hunter as his play toy, Drew Dixon has 30 minutes, so he decides he wants to use his time to get his hole wrecked. Bending over so Jack can eat his willing crack, Drew invites Jack to destroy him. Giving Drew what he wants, Jack slides his massive cock in Drew’s ass. After a relentless pounding, Drew is still begging for more. Jack smirks and slides his fist into Drew’s hole. After getting handballed, Drew rides Jack’s fist hard. As he rides Jack’s fist, Drew’s cock throbs harder with each punch. Switching positions, Drew settles back and opens up for Jack with a blooming rosebud to rail. After being gaped as far as he can, Drew shoots his load and Jack does his best to lick it all up.
19  minutes
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At a popular clothing optional club, the ‘Backroom Bar Buddies’ get to know each other on a deeper, sexual level with their raw cocks and hefty fists. Award-winning director Tom Moore delivers six thirsty, fist-craving hunks to the backroom to fulfill their desires. After Jack Hunter gets stood up at the club’s bar, Wrex Wylde takes turns fisting Jack and Micah Martinez. When they move it to the backroom, Wrex proves his hole is up to the challenge of both Jack and Micah’s fists. With an hour to use Jack Hunter as his sex to, Drew Dixon has his way with the caged slave. In the last 30 minutes of Drew’s session, it’s Jack’s turn to satisfy his master. Looking for hot, intense fisting action? Make friends with the ‘Backroom Bar Buddies’, and let your ass get stretched to the limits!

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