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The Back Room

The Back Room
Studio 2000
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bukkake
  • Handjobs
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Voyeurism
82 min
Czech Rep.

Jan Novak

    all models over 18    
© 2001 Studio 2000. All Rights Reserved


Felix Slovacek

Martin Bolek

Matus Hornay

Miro Lauko

Ondra Seky

Pavel Novotny

Slavo Kopecky

Vasil Dudov

Vilem Cage

22  minutes
20  minutes
16  minutes
24  minutes
Studio 2000 International blasts into the New Year with The Back Room, a sticky, sexy extravaganza filled to the brim with new exclusives and a special appearance by Czech bombshell Pavel Novotny. Studio 2000 International and director Jan Novak have dug deep to deliver these horny hunks all with gorgeous faces, god-like bods and huge, uncut dick-sticks. Of the four new exclusives introduced herein Vilem Cage is tall, dark, and handsome and has star written over every considerable inch of his being. Hottie Matus Hornay is a sleek brunet babe with a bulbous boner, Ondrea Seky a beefy big boy with foreskin to spare and Slavo Kopecky a lean dream with a hairy ass. We don`t need to tell you that Pavel Novotny, star of Studio 2000`s Czech Point and Prague Rising, is the quintessential pinup prince of porn. In The Back Room, sex is what you get, photographed up close and in your face. The Back Room keeps the plot simple. Four scenes of guys on the prowl looking for any place to get their nut off. Horned up Vilem Cage runs a convenience store with an ultra convenient back room, which is available for a price. Matus Hornay and blond Martin Bolek have a problem. They want to get it on but can`t find a place to do it. Finally they stumble upon Cage`s back room and the fireworks begin. Hornay wastes no time shucking bole`s pants and sucking his big, blond bone. He sucks, licks and blows with precision and Bolek is only too happy to return the treat by tasting hornay`s hose. Both shoot big loads with Hornay`s cream landing all over Bolek`s pretty face. The temperature rises as Hornay slides his thick tool up Bolek`s bubblebutt and fucks him doggie-style and sidesaddle before both cum again. Of course, just to make things more interesting Cage has been watching and getting all steamed up. Dreamboat Cage closes up shop and heads for his favorite gay bar. He and barkeep Ondrea Seky cruise each other and Seky follows Cage to the bathroom to inspect the goods. Cage preens and plays with his proud piece at the urinal and returns to the comfort of a couch where seky blows him. Seky clearly loves dick and proves this by inhaling every inch of Cage`s crank. Cage is perfectly willing to give Seky`s spicey sausage the oral service it deserves. Of course, it is Cage who plays topman banging the daylights out of Seky in both the doggie and missionary positions. Long, deep, penetrating strokes result in both guys blasting a veritable rainstorm of spooge simultaneously. International Superstar Pavel Novotny, he of the fab face, beautiful body and donkey dick chooses a garage to get better acquainted with Vasil Dudov. The impossibly perfect Novotny towers over Dudov as they kiss and grope. Dudov does what anyone would and drops to his knees to suck on Novotny`s monster meat. In short order, Novotny sucks Dudov`s dick, eats his ass, and squirts his jumbo-joint juice all over Dudov`s ass. This is all just a prelude to Dudov sitting down on Pavel`s pony for a wild ride. Positions change and Pavel pounds Dudov missionary before both fire off gallons of guy gravy. Back in his shop, the very busy Cage is taking care of a customer and getting a blowjob under the counter. Just as the customer is leaving, Cage blasts his batter all over the dude`s face. Later in his apartment he hooks up with buff, blond, sweet-faced Miro Lauko who seems hypnotically happy to be sucking on Cage`s cock. A knock on the door finds them joined by black-haired, sleek, sexpot Slavo Kopecky. A whole lot of cocksucking takes place as all three guys explore each other`s peckers. Three loads from three stiff sticks still find the players horny. Insatiable stud Cage now fucks both men moving back and forth between the two asscracks without missing so much as a stroke. Intense plowing leads to another round of lava-like loads. It is certainly worth noting the amount of cum these guys blast off will have you rewinding again and again as a source of erotic inspiration. With The Back Room, Studio 2000 International continues its up front, worldwide search to bring you the most handsome, hung and humpy models, the cream of the crop as it were, in the hottest action imaginable.

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