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Barcelona Nights

Barcelona Nights
Lucas Entertainment
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Cum Facials
  • Cum-eating
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
122 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Bruce Beckham

Edu Boxer

Eduardo (a)

Francisco Reyes

Leo Rocca

Manu Maltes

Marcos DeSilva

Matt Colmar

Michael Lucas

Milan Gamiani

Ricky Ramos

Ross Stevens

Wilfried Knight

The story begins at leather bar Eagle Barcelona, where the hottest guys in Barcelona are drinkin' it up and having a good time.

Two of the guys, newly muscled-up Wilfried Knight and cutie Francisco Reyes, cruise each other and head to the back room for some hot sucking and fucking on a pile of beer kegs.

Youthful Francisco and bearded Wilfred trade blow-jobs before Franciso gets on his knees to rim the tanned ass before him. The pair trade places allowing Wilfred to orally prep Francisco's hole for the coming intrusion. Taking him from behind, Wilfred plows into Francisco at first, but is soon sitting back with the smooth bottom riding his hard cock until Francisco's curved dick spills its load. The scene ends with Wilfred erupting on Francisco's face before the two men kiss and clumsily dress to head back inside.

17  minutes
Tired of all the smoke in the bar, Michael Lucas - sporting a sexy new shaved head - heads to the dimly-lit bathroom where he discovers strikingly handsome Milan Gamiani and well-endowed Ricky Ramos fooling around in the tight, little area between the urinals.

Distracted by the show in front of him, Lucas starts playing with himself while watching Gamiani blow the well-hung Ramos. Gamiani moves to pleasure both Lucas and Ramos at once, and is rewarded as Lucas shoots on his tongue before making an abrupt exit.

Alone at last, Gamiani and Ramos manoever around the tight confines to explore eachother's cocks and holes with raw lust. With one hand braced on the wall, and the other pounding his hard dick, Gamiani takes Ramos' endowment with ease. The horny studs switch places, allowing Ramos to bottom briefly, before he delivers a healthy load to his partner's waiting mouth. Ramos drops to his knees to eagerly receive Gamiani's fluids before their tryst ends with a passionate kiss.

20  minutes
Back at the bar, it’s closing time. Bartenders Edu Boxer and harness-wearing Manu Maltes are about to clean up, but a well-sculpted bar patron, Marcos DeSilva, has stayed behind. They know what he wants.

Boxer mounts the bar to fuck DeSilva's mouth, while Maltes is quick to get to work rimming the customer's ass. DeSilva allows his body and mouth to be worshipped by the bar staff as all three men take turns blowing each other. Proof of their excitement, the masculine grunts and moans echo through the now-empty bar as the guys get down to business in a sweaty threesome.

After cocksucking and rimming, the three men mount the bar with DeSilva content as the bottom, while Boxer and Maltes take turns pounding his ass and fucking his throat. Displaying incredible flexibility, the threesome continues on the bar, on the stools and then end up on the floor. The two bartenders jack their loads over their customer-turned-lover before DeSilva himself reaches his own satisfying climax.

15  minutes
It's the next morning and in their gorgeous hotel room, beautiful Bruce Beckham is still pouting and bitter with his boyfriend Knight about his hook-up at the bar the night before. Knight tries to console him, and the doorbell rings with a surprise peace offering - hot student Eduardo!

Eduardo and Beckham head to the jacuzzi, where they hit it off over wine and bubbles in this beautifully shot scene. With their muscled torsos coated in suds, and drizzling wine over their erections, Beckham and Eduardo trade enthusiastic blowjobs in between passionate kisses.

Following their oral appreciation and ass lickings, Beckham tops Eduardo, before they flip-flop to allow the smaller framed man to fuck the muscle god before him. Beckham's appreciative moans continue as Eduardo sprays his load on his chest, before Beckham's own impressive climax rains down on his partner. He tastes his own juices before the moment is sealed with a final kiss.

18  minutes
Furry club bouncer Leo Rocca is at home with boyfriend Matt Colmar, eating jam and croissants in bed. When Colmar bends over to present his ample rear to his lover, things get pretty imaginative with the food. Breakfast escalates into tasty sex as Rocca makes a meal out of Colmar's cock and ass, first rubbing jam all over, then licking and munching it off. Food fetishists are gonna love this!

Passion distracts the real-life boyfriends from their snack, and they quickly get themselves into a sixty-nine of ass and cock licking. It's not long before Colmar is again on his knees, ass in the air to allow Rocca to prep his hungry hole with his fingers and tongue.

Fully prepped, Colmar straddles his boyfriend's throbbing cock, riding it hard before switching positions to put Rocca in control of the pounding. The couple then flip-flops, with Colmar fucking his lover, prompting enthusiastic Spanish exclamations. The lovers feed eachother their copious loads, capping off their all-sex buffet.

20  minutes
It’s another wild night in Barcelona, and the guys hit mega-club Space where they party up a storm with chupito shots and the hottest dance music around.

At the end of the night, Bruce Beckham, Wilfried Knight, Michael Lucas, and Ross Stevens head back to their apartment and kick up the heat with a fun-filled foursome. After swapping spit in the living room, they swap partners in the bedroom. The all-out orgy begins with a tangled mass of limbs, lips and muscle on the bed, as the men work themselves into arousal.

There are no defined pairings or boundaries, as each man takes turns with all the others during the initial oral explorations. Hard cocks and hungry mouths unite, with Beckham and Lucas exhibiting a notable sexual chemistry. HInting at the action to come, Lucas buries his tongue in Beckham's hole as Knight does the same to Stevens. Lucas and Knight replace their tongues with their cocks, and the resulting screams of ecstacy echo throughout the room. Again and again the men change parters and positions, until they climax in an explosive cum-fest that leaves the guys exhausted, happy, and looking forward to their next stop… Madrid!

32  minutes
Director Michael Lucas’ acclaimed International Series finally hits the shores of Spain, where the Barcelona days are hot... and the Barcelona Nights are even hotter! Join Lucas Entertainment exclusives Wilfried Knight and Bruce Beckham as they hit the town with Michael Lucas and newcomer Ross Stevens, from the underground leather bar Eagle Barcelona to the renown mega-club Space. Kinky sex, sweaty hook-ups, and plenty of raunchy drama make Barcelona Nights a trip you’ll never forget!

Winner of the 2006 GAYeLINE David Award: Best Non-European Film


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