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Bareback Auditions 11: Euro Jizz

Bareback Auditions 11: Euro Jizz
Lucas Entertainment
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167 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Andrey Vic

Braxton Boyd

Dann Grey

Jason Cox

Massimo Arad

Ray Crosswell

Robert Royal

Sir Peter

There are several new faces among the Lucas Men since the recent European production, and there’s no better way to introduce them than through some audition interviews. First up are Sir Peter—the tall and masculine Portuguese hunk—and Dann Grey—a sexy spaniard with sultry good looks. Sir Peter is all top, with a huge nine inches of fat uncut cock are barely hidden in his pants. After he and Dann Grey are finished introducing themselves, Sir Peter settles back and waits for Dann Grey to show off his bottoming skills!
48  minutes
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The handsome and youthful good looks of Ray Crosswell bely his true nature, which is that of a cock-hungry bad boy who loves taking dick up his ass with unending punishment! This is Ray’s first scene with Lucas Entertainment, and he’s always been attracted to the Ukranian alpha male Andrey Vic. It’s one of the reasons why Ray Crosswell signed up to join the Lucas Men. Ray Crosswell introduces himself in his audition session before he strips down for Andrey Vic and gets his asshole pounded and stretched out completely bareback!
46  minutes
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Dann Grey still has a bit of a sore ass after Sir Peter fucked the hell out of him in the booty. But since he was officially broken in, he wanted to help two new faces with their introductions to the Lucas Entertainment set. Robert Royal, a tall and tattooed punk, and Massimo Arad, a muscular jock who is the embodiment of tall, dark, and handsome. Both Robert Royal and Massimo Arad introduce themselves in a bareback audition before removing their clothes and showing Dann Grey what they can do with their rock-hard cocks!
40  minutes
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Braxton Boyd never officially introduced himself to his Lucas Entertainment fans, so he stops by the set to do so. He brings with him his friend Jason Cox, and they have a talk in the traditional bareback auditions fashion. Braxton Boyd has a very casual sexual relationship with his friends, so when the discussion is over, he moves in for the fuck with Jason Cox with plenty of dick sucking and raw anal penetration!
33  minutes
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There are plenty of new and fresh faces among the Lucas Men ready to fess up and show off in BAREBACK AUDITIONS 11: EURO JIZZ! Sir Peter tops Dann Grey bareback. Andrey Vic splits Ray Crosswell in half. Dann Grey returns to service the cocks of Robert Royal and Massimo Arad. And Braxton Boyd sprays his load with Jason Cox!

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