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Bareback Auditions 12 Convo & Cum

Bareback Auditions 12 Convo & Cum
Lucas Entertainment
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Showering
149 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Alexis Grande

Andrey Vic

Damon Heart

Devin Franco

Drew Dixon

Sean Xavier

Shawn Reeve

Sir Peter

Alexis Grande bottoms for Sir Peter in this Lucas Entertainment scene! Sir Peter made his original debut among the Lucas Men in “Bareback Auditions 11: Euro Jizz,” where he introduced himself to Michael Lucas alongside Dann Grey, before he proceeded to strip down and show off his incredible physique and raging uncut cock (a hard-on that measures at nine solid inches) and used it to slam Dann Grey in the ass. Now that Sir Peter knows his way around the set, he sits in with another eager and excited bottom, Alexis Grande, who introduces himself before biting the pillow as Sir Peter’s uncut dick rages inside his asshole!
43  minutes
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Devin Franco and Shawn Reeve blow their loads in this Lucas Entertainment scene! Devin Franco and Shawn Reeves are two oldies but goodies among the Lucas Men. Both of these young studs are solid fan favorites, and it’s no wonder why—their young bodies are handsome and tight, and their cocks are hard and ready for fuck at a second’s notice. Shawn Reeve properly introduced himself to the Lucas Entertainment audience back in "Bareback Auditions 08: Fresh Additions," while Devin Franco interviewed him. But we never really got to see these two go at it one-on-one before, despite this "Auditions" interview tease because the footage was lost... until now. Now you can see Devin Franco and Shawn Reeve get into some rough, bareback power play as they fuck!
25  minutes
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Drew Dixon services Sir Peter and Andrey Vic’s uncut cocks on the Lucas Entertainment set! Sir Peter is back for more, and he made fast friends with Andrey Vic while on set of their shared Lucas Entertainment production. Drew Dixon has already starred in several Lucas Entertainment scenes where he showed off his incredible six-pack abs and his ability to take raw dick. All the while Drew is talking during his interview, in the back of his mind he’s very aware of the brutalization his ass is going to take from the raging uncut cocks of Sir Peter and Andrey Vic—all once the interview ends!
50  minutes
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Damon Heart seduces Sean Xavier for Lucas Entertainment! It’s been a long time since Sean Xavier has appeared on Lucas Entertainment. He’s been taking some time off from the adult world, but he was pulled back in by the seductions of Damon Heart. Damon has always had a major attraction to Sean, and he’s not interested in just some quick fuck. In this bonus “Love” scene, here’s seduction in their encounter, and a deep and mutual attraction as they suck and fuck together.
31  minutes
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The Lucas Men are always up for some CONVO AND CUM when getting to know each other, just like in BAREBACK AUDITIONS 12! Alexis Grande introduces himself before bottoming for Sir Peter. Devin Franco and Shawn Reeves blow their loads. Drew Dixon services Sir Peter and Andrey Vic’s fuck uncut cocks. And Damon Heart seduces Sean Xavier.

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