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Bareback Butt Swap

Bareback Butt Swap
Factory Video
122 min

Leo Greco, Viper

    all models over 18    
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27  minutes
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27  minutes
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Red Media`s "Bareback Butt Swap" features 2 hours of some of the hottest men passing each other around for some hardcore bareback ass fucking. Set in four different locations, this DVD will leave you wanting to invite a couple of friends for some bareback fun.

How do some of our guys in the army like to unwind? Some bareback ass fucking of course! The first scene opens with a couple of men dressed in camouflage rubbing each other down. They stroke and suck each other`s dicks while another soldier watches through the tent. Three is the magic number though and he soon joins in on the dick sucking. These studs take turns pounding the voyeur`s ass, passing him around making sure that no one misses out on the bareback action. In the end, his ass is wet and drenched in cum.

Pool party anyone? When three studs spend all day lying in the sun in bathing suits, it`s only a matter of time before their dicks are hard and begging to be touched. Two of them sneak away for some one on one time, while the other watches on in secret while playing with his dick. Soon enough he can`t take it anymore and joins them for some dick sucking, which of course leads to ass fucking. They take turns passing each other around, fucking each other while sucking on each other`s hard cocks. One of them proves that he`s all man by taking two hung cocks into his tight asshole at once! They finish each other off by drenching their sweaty bodies in hot jizz.

The next two scenes take place in two kinky hotel rooms. These scenes both present us with not only some dick sucking and bareback ass fucking action, but also with some of the kinkiest toys around. You`ll find one stud fucking an inflatable sheep in the shower, and another hung man with a butt plug in his ass that looks like a pig`s tail. They`ll have their cock rings on as they fuck the shit out of each other, and even use a high tech camera to see what happens in a man`s asshole after he`s been royally fucked full of cum.

The final scene takes place in a lucky stud`s apartment, where he and two other friends take turns sucking each other off on a beautiful red couch. Like tattoos and pierced cocks? Then this is the scene for you! They take turns deep throating each other and it`s not long before the ass fucking starts. They fuck each other fast and hard, covering each other in hot sticky jizz.


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