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Bareback by WH Vol. 32

Bareback by WH Vol. 32
William Higgins
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Massage
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
65 min
Czech Rep.

William Higgins

    all models over 18    
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Honza Onus
Martin Gajda
Martin Polnak
Petr Zuska
Romi Zuska
Tomas Fuk

23  minutes
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19  minutes
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23  minutes
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We have a lovely dream set featuring Romi Zuska and Martin Gajda. Romi is laying, face down, on the massage table as Martin takes some oil and begins to massage him. Martin`s hands glide over Romi`s back and shoulders. He quickly pulls Romi`s underwear down off his sexy ass to reveal the cheeks. The oily hands start to massage the base of the back and those hot cheeks too. Then Martin takes more oil and works on Romi`s legs as well. He goes right down the legs and massages the feet too. Then Martin completely removes Romi`s underwear and goes back to massaging the sexy ass. His fingers begins to explore the rest of Romi’s body as well. Two very handsome str8 guys, Tomas Fuk and Honza Onus are in bed and feeling very horny. They kiss each other as Tomas runs his hand all over Honza. He pulls the blanket aside to reveal Honza`s rock hard cock. Kissing his way down Honza` sexy body Tomas takes the stiff dick into his mouth and sucks it. His head bobs on the throbbing cock and he licks up and down the shaft. Then he licks and sucks the balls, before sliding the big cock back into his mouth. Honza enjoys the hot mouth on his dick, pushing Tomas` head down on it. Then Honza takes a turn at sucking too, kneeling before Tomas and sliding his mouth down on the big cock. He takes it all into his mouth, sucking hard. But these guys are just beginning. Petr Zuska and Martin Polnak are two very hot str8 guys. We find them on the bed, wearing only their shorts as they kiss each other. Peter rubs Martin`s chest and gropes him in his shorts. He kisses his way down Martin`s body and releases his cock from the shorts. With the shorts pulled down, Petr takes hold of that big, hard, cock and starts to kiss and suck it. His head works on the cock, licking the head and sucking. Then he licks Martin`s big balls too. His head bobs on Martin`s stiff dick and sucks on the balls. Keep watching for the hot bareback action to cum.

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