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Bareback Fur Fury

Bareback Fur Fury
Hairy And Raw
  • Anal Sex
  • Armpits
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Nipple Play
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Sling
119 min



    all models over 18    
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Brian Bonds

Tyler Reed

Amir Badri
Donte Oxun
John Lock
Jon Shield
Teddy Torres
Tom Carlton

Beefy Tyler Reed is a big man. Tall, with broad shoulders, he towers above most men and he likes it that way. It makes it easier for him to manhandle the dirty, nasty men he meets who love cock, man scents, and getting fucked raw. Amir Badri fits the bill perfectly. After making out for a bit, Tyler offers up his pits for sniffing and licking, which Amir does. The scruffy muscle bear daddy soon has Amir on his knees, his fat dick buried balls deep in the smaller man`s throat. Amir shows off some mad oral skills, slurping on Tyler`s cock and servicing it the way a hungry cock pig should but Tyler shows us just how domineering he can be when he takes control of Amir`s throat, fucking balls deep, then slides his fat dick inside Amir`s hairy ass and bareback fucking his hungry hole. Tyler pulls out and, his cock sloppy with Amir`s ass juices, feeds his big dick to the sub bottom who begs to be trained as a better bottom. Then, his cock slimy with Amir`s drool and spit, Tyler slides back home and pounds Amir on the fuck bench, riding and pumping until he`s ready to reward Amir with a tangy load.
22  minutes
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If you`re into cocksucking of the deepest, choking kind, you`re going to love the way Jock Lock and Donte Oxun take turns on each other. Bordering on breath control, the two gag and suck, getting their faces fucked as they swing on big fat throbbing cock. Back and forth they go, with bearded Donte wearing a sexy jockstrap that perfectly frames his beautiful brown ass, and shaved bald, tattooed John, decked out in leather. We`re talking major dick sucking and throat fucking! In fact, at one point, Donte grabs hold of John`s head, skull fucking the bearded hairy fucker. You can practically see John`s cock throb! They move on to tasty, mouth watering rimming, with Donte tongue fucking and priming John`s meaty ass. Donte takes his time devouring that tiny puckered morsel before finger fucking the hole to further stretch him out. Then Donte slides his fat dick balls deep inside. John, on all fours, pushes his ass out for the raw onslaught. Donte bareback fucks John, riding his hot ass before treating him to a taste of his own juices in a sloppy 69. And then they flip. John fucks harder and deeper, pounding away at that sweet brown ass until he blows a huge load all over Donte`s ass, seeding him with that creamy DNA. John continues, fucking the jizz out of Donte then swabsg one of the spurts with his tongue, savoring the flavor with Donte.
29  minutes
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We`ve filmed hundreds of men, if not thousands, all of them hairy, all of them fucking bareback and all of them getting downright nasty. However, out of all the men we`ve ever filmed, two of the hottest sex pigs have been Jon Shield and Teddy Torres. Both have big fat cocks and they know how to use them. The two start off easy enough, making out and getting off on armpits, mansmells and spitting but as the scene progresses, the tattooed, hung fuckers devolve until they resemble animals rutting in the most perverse way. The sweat runs down their bodies, matting hair to flesh and you can all but smell the scent they create as Teddy gets rougher, fucking Jon harder, faces full of cock, throat fucking, gagging, rimming, and balls deep cock buried deep in raw fuckholes. Piggy sex, big cock and huge loads. It truly doesn`t get ANY hotter. So grab that lube, men. You`ll be jerking off to this one again and again and again!
21  minutes
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We`ve never seen Brian Bonds in such a frenzy. Paired with hairy muscle bear and silver daddy, Tom Carlton, we can see why the sexy blond is in such a state! From start to finish, the leather-clad submissive bottom doesn`t just become a whore for Tom`s big fat uncut cock, it`s like he`s possessed, spouting a litany of commands, barely above a whisper. But don`t worry, you can make it all out. At least, when Tom`s big fattie isn`t shoved balls deep down Brian`s throat! Bottom line, Brian is a huge cock and cum whore with a major obsession for taking Tom`s thick pierced cock, getting bareback fucked by the bearded silver daddy and seeded by the intense top until Brian blows his own load. Nasty and sexy and romantic all at the same time, this is one scene you`ll want to cum back to...again and again and again. So get the lube ready, men. You`re about to be driven into your own bareback frenzy!
23  minutes
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If you`re into beefy, hairy men with big, meaty cocks, you`re about to hit the mother lode. Or in this case, the Daddy load! Tattooed and gruff Jon Shield and John Lock take turns choking and gagging on fat uncut meat, face fucking each other as they try to dominate to see who`s going to top. But there`s only one way this is going down. Bald bearded daddy John impales himself on Jon`s fattie and goes to town like the biggest whore in town. Mouth watering cock sucking with slurpy ass eating and balls deep bareback fucking. There`s even some smoking HOT ass to mouth, with John tasting his own fuck hole on Jon`s cock as he gets his throat fucked and nearly gags on what he loves most. So...you ready to gorge yourself? Yeah, you know you are. Go ahead. Hit play. We dare ya not to drop your load halfway through the scene!
24  minutes
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They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. We don’t know about that but what we DO know is that hell hath no fury like that of furry bareback fuckers Amir Badri, Tyler Reed, John Lock, Donte Oxun, Teddy Torres, Jon Shield, Tom Carlson and Brian Bonds. These men are all about the fur, seeking out hungry holes to milk their throbbing shafts, or in need of big fat cock and fresh, steaming hot seed to quench their Bareback Fur Fury!

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