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Bareback My Teen Ass Too

Bareback My Teen Ass Too
San Diego Boy Productions
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Cum-eating
  • Handjobs
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
63 min



    all models over 18    
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Clark Kent
Joey Rico
Mojo Starr
Ricky Nova

Shawn Laine
The Cameraman
Tim Hunt
Tony Noceros

These two models help one another in and out until a happy ending is had by all. "You mind if I touch it?" Asks Clark, "I can swallow a lot," he adds. These two definitely share something in common, Tony`s cock. Watch as Clark`s bedroom eyes water and Tony goes for the hole, first orally then with his large cock. With Clark`s encouragement, "fucking pound that ass," Tony`s rod does wonders. Moving to the bed, it`s not long before Clark is biting the sheets and both guys are declaring a new friendship, complete with benefits.
18  minutes
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Shawn Lane is a bottom who enjoys, "hard cocks." He has a nice 9" piece of meat; he has never used on a guy`s ass, pity. In this solo, Shawn gets off for us, and as the cameraman, I use my equipment to help see that happen. He says he is bi, most of them are impressed with his 9" tool. But his favorite thing is to get fucked, either doggie style or on his back. As he showers, he works his hole as he fingers himself. His sexy soapy body is a nice sight. As far as sex goes, he likes guys because, "it`s simple, no kissing, I just bend over and get fucked." He also likes to see the guy cum, "on my face." At this point, what can I do but help the guy out. Shawn notices the bulge in my pants and starts to rub me. Undoing my pants, he asks to see it. I tell him, "I am hoping to plug a hole;" Shawn complies and gets on all fours. I know mine is not long, but I have girth that can satisfy any man. "Bend over," I tell him and begin to finger him. "Feels good," comments Shawn. As I am going in, Shawn asks that I, "be gentle, because you are very thick." To make it more comfortable, I have Shawn ride back on my cock. I say that, "imagine a guy taking your cock, how he must feel." He says that, "although I`ve had bigger, its not been as thick as you before." I work the camera and Shawn`s hole, I get close and ask where he wants it, "in my hole" Shawn replies. I pull out and release on his hole and massage the nice load around. Shawn then rolls over to his back and jerks himself. It isn`t long before streams of white cream flow from his head and land on him. Shawn is one impressive guy.
13  minutes
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Both men say they are straight, but have had a bit of experience with other men and want to explore. As well, both appreciate the voyeuristic aspects of having bareback sex while being videotaped. Ricky said he would bottom, while Tim will be the one in the driver`s seat. On the sofa, they lean in to kiss and feel each other`s body. As Ricky swallows Tim`s cock, Tim takes his dick out of Ricky`s mouth and slaps it against his tongue; he is now fully erect and ready to take on Ricky`s member. While enjoying the shaft of Ricky`s dick, Tim hold on tight to Ricky nice bubble butt. Getting situated, Ricky mounts Tim`s bareback dick, sliding onto it and then rocking it up into his ass. Tim says, fuck you`re tight, but I think its really Ricky feeling the most of this position as he pants, moans and rides Tim. Ricky pulls off and then goes back onto Tim`s cock for more. This time Tim is thrusting from below as Ricky watches his partner and says `oh yeah.` Next, Tim takes Ricky from behind in a doggie style position. As the camera goes behind both of them, we see both of their ball sacks swinging with the rhythm Tim is creating. Ricky gets so into the motion, he starts to slap his own ass, and Tim moans `oh yeah, fuck.` This is really a great angle to see how both men are getting their fill of exploration. In bed, in the missionary form, Ricky drips sweat from his sweet hole and lays his arms out in order to fully enjoy all of Tim`s man meat. They start to moan together as their pace quickens; Tim pulls out for just a moment, and then pushes himself back into Ricky`s hole. At one point, Tim even holds his balls back so his dick can have full access. I would say both of these guys are feeling the heat. Tim now lies on the bed as Ricky takes over riding, facing toward Tim`s feet. Ricky`s stiff dick bounces against Tim`s ball sack and he eagerly rocks on top of Tim. Both men are enjoying this adventure together. Tim`s eyes roll back and he moans as Ricky rides like a champ, a champ of Tim`s fine cock. Now moving to both being on their sides, Tim pounds Ricky from behind; Ricky`s hole glistens and he moans, `oh yeah.` Their eyes meet and they watch each other while Tim pumps Ricky. Making sure Tim is enjoying himself to the fullest, Ricky asks, `is it tight?` And Time has to agree, `oh yeah baby.` Tim pulls out so they may both masturbate side by side. Before long, Tim is unloading pools of creamy white cum on top of his stomach. Ricky strokes longer, until juices ooze, then shoot from his head. These two have definitely explored first hand, the joy of man on man sex.
16  minutes
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From the start, each is aroused by the other. Quickly, they are both naked and jerking one another while they continue to lock lips. Joey then bends over to give Mojo a mouth and help him stiffen. As soon as Mojo is hard, he asks Joey, "you ready to fuck?" Joey quickly responds, "yeah" and is bent over a chair even before Mojo can lube up. While sliding in, Mojo comments, "it`s tight." But it`s not long before he has a nice rhythm going, inside Joey. From below, watch as Mojo`s balls slap Joey`s taint with each thrust. Joey is already tugging at himself, his body rocking with each ebb and flow. From the back of both, I`d say each has a sweet "fuckable" ass, but today it is all about the two of them; no "extra work" today for the cameraman. Mojo moves Joey to a desk to fuck missionary style; lest Mojo "forget" what he is doing, Joey just keeps panting, "fuck." "Oh shit," responds Mojo to Joey`s tight hole. "Oh fuck yeah," answers Joey as Mojo asks, rhetorically, "you like that?" Hitting the spot, and wagging his balls, he has Joey close, but wants to fuck more before they both cum. Mojo moves them to the bed and has Joey climb his "mojo mountain." As Joey bounces, his partner strokes his dick. Turning both on their sides, Mojo pounds from behind as Joey trues to masturbate, and breathe. Holding up Joey`s leg, Mojo is working his way in even deeper, much to the delight of Joey. Feeling all of Mojo, Joey comments, "that`s a big dick;" I think he has had enough and wants to jizz before he explodes. Pulling out, both masturbate until both lie, exhausted on the bed, white globs spot each of their stomachs.
16  minutes
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These two models help one another in and out until a happy ending is had by all. "You mind if I touch it?" Asks Clark, "I can swallow a lot," he adds. These two definitely share something in common, Tony`s cock.

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