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Barebackin Border Boys

Barebackin Border Boys
San Diego Boy Productions
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62 min



    all models over 18    
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Clark Kent
Joey Rico
Nick Salenas
Ricky Nova

Texas Holcum
The Cameraman
Vince Smith

As they start to kiss, Clark`s hand finds its way down to a surprise, "oh, what`s this?" Clark coyly asks. Texas responds by saying, "that`s Texas Jr.." I don`t know if Clark has ever been to Texas, but he`s about to. Eager for the ride, Clark tells Texas just to, "relax," all the while unzipping Texas` shorts. Both boys, in their underwear, settle back for some deep kissing; "you can grab my ass if you like" comments Clark. "I love that cock," whines Clark. Shooting close up, these two are so into each other, they just keep fucking, and knocking me as I film. Clark pulls off for a lick and then goes on all fours on a table. As Texas pounds away, Clark keeps commenting on how he "loves that dick." The pair watch one another as Texas pumps Clark`s hole. From below, all you see are Texas` low hangers, bouncing up with each thrust. "You like that fucking ass?" Clark asks, Texas responds, "yeah." Clark reaches back to grab Texas` cock as it thrusts in and out; both are hot and heavy when Clark notices the "tenting" of the cameraman; "Mr. Cameraman, you`re liking that, hu." Clark then puts his full attention back onto Texas, as he lays his head down and pushes up his ass for more riding. Now I could make a joke or two about, "Texas cumming into the union," "butt" I won`t. Like a duck to water, Clark swallows all of Texas, anally. Bouncing up and down, Clark moans and gasps. As the camera pans to the front, we can enjoy both of their stiff dicks. Texas now pounds from below and is given a kiss and a "ah fuck" from Clark; Texas does hit the spot. Grabbing Clark`s face and bringing it down, the two watch one another as they fuck, intensely. The close up of Cark cowboying is hot; not only for us, but for Texas Jr. As they change positions to doggie style, Clark says, "put it all the fucking way." Accommodating his partner, Texas goes balls deep and soon both of them moan with each thrust. Watching Texas` backside hump Clark is so sexy; I agree with Clark, who moans, "oh baby." Switching to a missionary position, Clark begins to tug as Texas takes full advantage of the situation; they kiss, passionately. Damn, Texas has got some moves, bringing Clark to the edge, then changing up the pace. Texas` balls tighten as he pumps in and out of "Superman." "You like that, hu, dirty boy?" Clark moans as his partner pumps and penetrates, deeply. The two then lie back to masturbate; "shoot that fuckin` load in my mouth, baby" whines Clark. Sweet cream squirts from Texas and is quickly gobbled up my Clark; "fuck yeah" moans Texas. Clark needs a bit more cock to blow his load and Texas is happy to oblige, shoving his meat into Clark`s mouth, while he jerks. The two share their loads and kiss, satisfied that "Texas is the place to be."
24  minutes
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A very hot 22 year old dancer, Nick Salenas is back to entertain himself. As you can see, Nick is a shy "self-starter." And let`s give a "thumbs up" to his masturbation technique, sure thrilled me. Being very visual, I put on porn and just let him "grow." While stroking himself, I zoom in to see that Nick is clean shaven, and very nicely endowed, with a great set of balls; his feet are sexy too. His legs tense and his toned thighs tighten and release, he blows a "quick release" and giggles. He says he usually doesn`t masturbate, too bad, he`s great at it; must be a natural.
8  minutes
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Ricky is 21 and "very open minded" when it comes to sex; Ricky`s willingness to be open to new experiences is a real turn on and my camera can`t help but capture the chemistry between us. In filming while fucking, I really have to concentrate, a lot. Ricky is very helpful and tries several positions with me; got to love a man who is flexible. I really thought his topping scenes were great, but being inside of him might be even better. Ricky and I share a great afternoon, filming and fucking. He is a great guy to work with and I`m sure he will return for more. As Ricky admits, "I enjoy the experience," I have to say that for today, fucking was even better than the filming and that`s the bottom line.
14  minutes
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Having started out on the couch with some hot kissing, Vincent gets down to business and puts his oral skills to work sucking and licking Joey`s cock and balls. With his own cock rock hard and Joey ready to get give Vincent a ride, Vincent straddles Joey and rocks his cock! The cameraman zooms in on the action and I love how Vincent`s big balls flop in the breeze along with his hard cock while riding Joey. Not only is the action getting me excited, watch and listen to Joey! Now Joey is ready to rock Vincent`s world. Joey stands up and bends Vincent over the couch and plows him from behind. Now on the bed, Vince Smith opens his hole for his ever sexy Latino, Joey Rico. Both guys enjoy the "fiesta" as Joey is a great top who knows how to use his hot cock. Vince helps out by bouncing back onto his partner. "Oh fuck yeah," moans Joey as he changes up the position of his bottom. In a tight missionary, Joey goes right to work on Vince`s hole while Vince strokes himself; the view from behind both boys is well worth your own bit of "handy work." Joey`s tight ball sack slaps up against his partner`s taint and heightens both their pleasure. As Joey starts to break a sweat, Vince moans that he is about to cum. When the bottom releases his juices, he sprays his upper torso and covers it in musky cream. Watching his partner blow puts Joey over the top; he then has Vince fondle his balls as Joey jerks toward a "happy ending." Close enough to taste, Vince puts his face right down by Joey`s cock; as he comes, Vince jerks back seeing the amount of jizz Joey is shooting. Just when Joey thinks he`s done, Vince grabs the boy`s cock and continues to tug; I don`t think he`s going to give it back.
15  minutes
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