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Barn Storm

Barn Storm
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  • Group Sex
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92 min

Joe Gage

    all models over 18    
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Allen Silver

Andrew Justice

Bo Matthews

Brandon Monroe

Dean Flynn

Jesse Santana

Justin Burkshire

Patrick O`Connor

Scott Tanner

Ty Lebeouf

Coffeyville’s a small town in Kansas just above the Oklahoma state line. The last tornado there hit without warning and as soon as the weather cleared, the ruggedly handsome Allen Silver, making his TitanMen debut, drives back to see what`s left of his barn. Documenting the damage with his camcorder, the silver-haired, bearded Allen heads into a barn. He sighs as he steps in to the eerily quiet structure, “Hell of a way to spend a Sunday afternoon”. He finds Jesse Santana splayed out on the floor, eyes closed (Is he sleeping? Could he be unconscious…or worse?). As he goes in for a closer look, he’s approached by Justin Riddick and Andrew Justice, the clean-up crew who are just as eager to find out what he`s doing there.
34  minutes
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A second crew of cleanup workers (Scott Tanner, Brandon Monroe, Patrick O`Connor, and Ty LeBeouf) enters the barn. Scott remembers Allen from the big barn dance a couple nights ago. Out back behind the parking lot, he must have taken on half the guys there, he remembers, but it seems Allen let the rest of them watch when they weren`t doing him. That rubbed him the wrong way, to say the least, and now it’s time to give him a taste of his own medicine. "Get `em out boys," he commands his crew and they all start stroking their cocks— each one thicker than the next—to get them good `n hard.
27  minutes
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As the sun sets and the moon rises over the barn, Allen, Jesse and Andrew are still going at it with the three stroking each other`s cocks as a prelude to the explosive finale that`s about to follow. Allen`s engorged cock is oozing with pre-cum, a minor detail that’s not missed by the other two guys who finger it as they stoke and suck each another. Their threeway is interrupted by two additional crewmembers who drop in: Justin Burkshire and Bo Matthews. ... More
31  minutes
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A flurry of storm clouds over a small town in Kansas means the thing they fear the most: tornadoes ... a whole slew of `em. As Allen Silver heads to his farm to survey the damage, he has no idea the storm of intense sex that awaits him inside his barn. GAYVN Hall Of Fame director Joe Gage`s latest movie Barnstorm features a diverse cast of 11 horny men including TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn. From young to old, hairy to smooth, thin to meaty: these guys have one thing in common—they`re all sex-starved studs dying for a roll in the hay inside the barn. The winds may have died down, but the storm is just getting started—and the forecast is that it`ll leave you out of breath and begging for more.

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