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Battered Boy Holes

Battered Boy Holes
Lucas Entertainment
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
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  • Rimming
130 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Allen King

Andre Donovan

Andrea Suarez

Oliver Hunt

Rafael Carreras

Rico Marlon

Tomas Brand

Valentin Amour

Valentin Amour bottoms for Rico Marlon in this exclusive Lucas Entertainment gay bareback sex scene! It’s a battle between two beautiful men with incredible muscular bodies, but spoiler alert, it is Rico Marlon who will be victorious over Valentin Amour. This has nothing to do with Rico being hotter or in better shape, but rather it is his Latin machismo and energy as an alpha male that literally puts him on top of Valentin. Rico Marlon and Valentin Amour are hanging out on the terrace of a beautiful Puerto Vallarta estate where they’re enjoying the sun and beverages together. But two guys this incredible looking don’t stay dressed for long, and when Valentin Amour sees Rico Marlon nude, he goes into full bottom-bitch mode to serve all of Rico’s needs exactly as a man in heat should!
35  minutes
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Oliver Hunt has made his way through many of the Lucas Men, but he’s never met a guy quite like Andre Donovan. Andre is tall, handsome, charming, and looks utterly incredible when he strips down and shows off his hot body and huge black cock. Andre and Oliver spend a romantic evening together, but neither wants it to end. Back at Andre’s beautiful villa, the heat turns up as Oliver makes his move. Oliver Hunt is all about making sure his man’s needs are taken care of, and he works on Andre Donovan from head to toe (and nipples, too, since Andre loves having them played with). Andre shows off his strength by picking up Oliver and holding him upside down while they 69 each other. And before the night is over, Andre Donovan pounds and batters the boy hole of Oliver Hunt!
41  minutes
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Rafael Carreras fucks Allen King and Oliver Hunt with his huge uncut cock on Lucas Entertainment! There’s no rest for someone as young and horny as Oliver Hunt, and this time he finds himself spending a beautiful day on the beach with his buddy Allen King and Allen’s Cuban lover, Rafael Carreras. Everyone looks sophisticated in their button-down shirts and chino shorts, but the clothes don’t stay on long. Allen King and Rafael Carreras might be lovers, but they’re more than happy to take on a third when a worthy addition presents himself. Oliver and Allen have always been attracted to each other, and these two handsome guys have their hands all over each other while goes balls deep in their asses with his 10-inch uncut Cuban cock!
32  minutes
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Tomas Brand slams Andrea Suarez’s ass on Lucas Entertainment! The King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas Brand, is gay porn royalty who is known the world over for his prowess in the bedroom and the legion of admirers who are ready to worship his body and cock. All gay men want a taste of him, but few get the chance. Andrea Suarez is one of the lucky few who get to experience what it’s like to go to bed with the King of All Muscle Daddies. And as we’d expect, Tomas Brand leaves the bitch bottom Andrea Suarez bow-legged by the time he’s done fucking and slamming him bareback.
23  minutes
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No matter how much the Lucas Men and their BATTERED BOY HOLES get wrecked, they keep coming back for more! Valentin Amour bottoms for Rico Marlon’s fat uncut cock. Oliver Hunt rides Andre Donovan’s big black dick. Rafael Carreras fucks Allen King and Oliver Hunt in their boy holes. And Tomas Brand puts Andrea Suarez in his place and slams his ass!

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