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Begging 4 Raw Cock

Begging 4 Raw Cock
Lucas Entertainment
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Massage
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
144 min

Michael Lucas

    all models over 18    
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Adam Awbride

Dylan James

Ethan Chase

Sergeant Miles

Valentin Amour

Allen King
Gustavo Cruz
Viktor Rom

Sergeant Miles enjoys an erotic massage from Adam Awbride on Lucas Entertainment! Sergeant Miles is vacationing in South America and invites a sexy little bottom over to his hotel to give him an erotic massage right from the comfort of his hotel room. Adam Awbride is a beautiful young man with a tight body and milky white skin, and he’s ready to use his soft hands to relax the muscular and manly body of Sergeant Miles. But Adam does’t get far into the massage before Sergeant takes over and man-handles him with his rugged military mitts. Sergeant Miles fucks Adam Awbride so rough and so deep in his ass, the bottom shoots a huge load all over this flat belly!
40  minutes
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Dylan James fucks Ethan Chase bareback on Lucas Entertainment! Ethan Chase spends a lot of time in the gym working hard on the six-pack abs he shows off whenever he strips down his clothes in preparation for a man to use and wreck him. And a guy with a gym-perfected body is a guy that gets Dylan James off more than anyone else. Dylan James meets Ethan Chase on a sex app, and invites him over to a Mexican resort he’s staying at. But Dylan is so turned on by Ethan’s muscular body and submissive attitude, he first starts playing with his ass on the elevator before fucking him. Once back in the room, Dylan James drills Ethan Chase like a bareback fuck machine! Ethan Chase clenches his teeth with every thrust, and his hard cock proves how much he loves the action!
30  minutes
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Allen King rides Gustavo Cruz’ huge uncut cock on Lucas Entertainment! The rougher and more dominant a top is, the more Allen King wants to worship his cock and take bareback dick deep up his ass for as long as his little boy pussy can handle it. Gustavo Cruz is all about controlling his bottoms and showing them who is boss. Gustavo first asserts his dominance over Allen King by slapping him across his face with his huge 9.5-inch uncut cock before having Allen King gag on his meat and then pile-driving him between his tiny little cheeks. Will Allen King’s ass be able to handle all of Gustavo Cruz’s enormous cock?
40  minutes
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Viktor Rom destroys Valentin Amour’s ass on Lucas Entertainment! Viktor Rom is eternally hungry for beautiful and lusty bottoms who are submissive and know how to take dick long and hard. Valentin Amour has already made his way around with some of the roughest of the Lucas Men, like the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas Brand, and the new and incredibly hung stud Sir Peter. But when Valentin Amour laid his dark and lusty bedroom eyes on the strapping Spanish hunk Viktor Rom and the huge fat uncut cock he wrangles in his pants. Little time passed before Valentin Amour stripped down and gave up his hole for Viktor Rom to DESTROY!
33  minutes
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When the hung and sexy tops among the Lucas Men strip down and are ready to fuck, all the bottoms are BEGGING FOR RAW COCK! Sergeant Miles enjoys an erotic massage from Adam Awbridge. Dylan James fucks Ethan sChase bareback. Allen King rides Gustavo Cruz’s uncut cock bareback. And Viktor Rom totally destroys Valentin Amour’s asshole!

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