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Pornstar - The Best Of Jessy Ares

Pornstar - The Best Of Jessy Ares
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237 min

Brian Mills

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Adam Killian
Alessio Romero
Ford Andrews
Jay Roberts

Jessy Ares
JR Matthews
Shay Michaels
Spencer Reed

Bursting out of his tank top, supervisor Jessy Ares compliments the work of tall and dark contractor Ford Andrews. Jessy grinds against the stud`s bod as their cocks and scruffy chins connect. Ford devours Jessy`s thick pistol, hot side shots capturing the action as he opens wide and spit slides down the shaft. Jessy steals a kiss, then spits into Ford`s mouth before sucking face again. Jessy bends Ford over the desk and buries his beard in the sub`s hole: "Twitch your ass!" He slips his rod inside and fucks Ford as low shots capture the deep penetration, Jessy getting sweatier as the bottom`s ass ripples. The two kiss before Ford gets on his back, taking it like a man as Jessy slides all the way in and out. Spit drips out of Jessy`s hot mouth as he grunt fucks the bottom, who squirts a huge load onto his hairy bod before Jessy makes him wetter.
28  minutes
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After a dip in the pool, the bulging swimsuits of Jessy Ares and Jay Roberts are released for some deep-throat fun -- followed by a passionate fuck that leaves Jay gasping for air.
43  minutes
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Unaware that Jessy Ares is admiring his ass, J.R. Matthews gets up from polishing his boss`s Jacuzzi... and accidentally soaks the stud with water. He advises Jessy to immediately wash away the solution -- and the two are suddenly buck-naked in an outdoor shower, their muscle bods and bristly chins meeting. As his massive boner grazes J.R.`s ass, the dark and handsome Jessy wraps his arms around the fair-skinned stud. The two kiss, their hands all over each other. Jessy spits in J.R`s face, using his ripped arm to cradle his bud`s head. J.R. strokes their cocks together, then drops down to feast. Jessy whips his dick in J.R.`s face, spitting on him as water runs down their defined bodies. Soon pinned to the wall, J.R. gets his hole slurped, the sounds of muffled munching filling the air. J.R. gets his dick serviced as Jessy`s shaft throbs. The two squirt. J.R. bends over the Jacuzzi. Jessy slides his dick inside, low shots capturing each thrust as J.R. stays hard. The bottom arches back for a kiss, then sits down on Jessy in an unforgettable sequence: With the top`s arms embracing him from behind, J.R. rides him as his own bulging boner frantically bounces. "Yeah, ride that cock!" says the impressed Jessy, who then gets J.R. on his back for more. Right as J.R. comes, Jessy feeds him fingers -- then rubs the load on the bottom`s big chest before dousing him with a hot load.
44  minutes
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Jessy Ares, Adam Killian and Shay Michaels show off their underwater talents, sucking each other in the pool as the sun and blue hues dance across their muscular bodies. After some ass eating, Jessy dumps his load in the pool before his buds stroke off on the lawn. Hairy Shay then gets rammed by Jessy while slurping on Adam. The verbal bottom ("Stretch me out... balls deep! Spit on me!") whips his boner on Jessy`s stomach, then punches the top`s pec. Adam fucks Shay doggie style, the bottom`s jock ass rippling as he gulps Jessy`s beast. Adam pins the grunting Shay to the ground, the top`s muscular back and ass filling the frame as he reaches over to suck Jessy -- who then gets behind his buds and slides inside for a hot fuck chain, the tan and tattooed Adam grinding between them. Adam gets both of his holes stuffed as Jessy continues to fuck him, the three squirting again as an excited Adam writhes in pleasure.
40  minutes
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After stopping his pickup truck on the side of a dirt road, beefy Spencer Reed whips out his dick to relieve himself. That grabs the attention of dark-haired bud Jesse Ares, who soon succumbs to Spencer`s charms. Spencer eats Jessy`s hole before firing his big load, licking up a dangling wad of his own cum off the back of Jesse`s leg before his chest gets coated. Spencer then shoves his dick inside the bottom`s smooth hole, increasing his rhythm as the jacking Jesse moans. Spencer repeatedly goes in deep, fully releasing his cock before diving in again. After sitting on the top`s slab and bouncing on his massive quads, Jesse gets on his back for a final fuck that finishes with two more thick loads. Spencer whips his boner on Jesse`s cock as a kiss seals the deal.
35  minutes
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Practicing a balance drill in the woods, Jessy Ares jumps down to the welcoming arms and lips of Alessio Romero. Their hands all over each other, the two passionately kissing as spit drips down. Jessy unzips, his steel shaft at attention. The two exchange blows in an intense sequence where the spit continues to fly. Jessy grabs hold of Alessio`s head and fucks his face, getting more verbal as he whips his dick on the sucker`s tongue. Alessio grips Jessy`s sac, engulfing his balls before getting sucked again. Jessy tongues his bud`s hole before feeding Alessio some more, drilling the hairy stud`s face as his own ass muscles clench. After licking Jessy`s jock hole, Alessio`s impressive deep-throat skill is caught in a hot profile shot. Alessio rubs Jessy`s chest, his hairy forearm caressed by the smiling stud. The two squirt, their arms wrapped around each other as they kiss. Soon on all fours, the energetic Jessy offers his ass: "That`s all yours... fuck me hard!" His stiff dick bounces with each deep thrust from Alessio. On his back, Jessy`s bod is caught in a great overhead shot that captures his throbbing cock and bouncing balls.
48  minutes
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One of the most multi-talented TitanMen of the past decade, Jessy Ares set the screen ablaze with his fashion model looks, perfect physique and his ability to fuck like a madman! This performer burst onto the scene and immediately become one of the most watched men in gay porn! Now for the first time ever his very best performances are gathered together in a limited edition masterpiecfe. Pornstar: The Best of Jessy Ares features six of his very best scenes with hours of ass-pounding action starring TitanMen Spencer Reed, Shay Michaels, JR Matthews, Adam Killian, Alessio Romero and more. Don’t miss this silver-throated Pornstar in his best scenes ever!

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