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The Best Of Joe Gage - Rednecks

The Best Of Joe Gage - Rednecks
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165 min

Joe Gage

    all models over 18    
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Brandon Monroe
Cam Kurtz
Chad Manning
CJ Madison
Cory Flint

Josh West
Justin Riddick
Leed Scott
Patrick O`Connor

Scott Tanner
Sebastian Rivers
Tyler Boots
Tyler LeBeouf
Zane Jacobs

Sebastian Rivers is an ambitious door-to-door salesmantrying to sell some motivational videos to beer-swigging CJ Madison. CJ’s cockis practically popping out of his boxer shorts as Sebastian gives him hispitch. After CJ takes a mean, long piss off the side of his porch in full viewof Sebastian, Sebastian hungrily deep-throats CJ’s major dick until torrents ofspit are oozing all down his face. Right before he’s about to cum, CJ kneelsand stuffs Sebastian’s cock into his own mouth and the two shoot their loadsall over themselves and each other. CJ lures Sebastian into his laundry roomwhere they swap tongue-probing rim jobs. It doesn’t take long for CJ to throwSebastian over his washing machine, slap on a condom and begin fucking him sohard, he’s begging for mercy. CJ flips Sebastian on his back and finishes himoff with more ass-pummeling. After he’s fucked a load out of Sebastian, CJpulls out and shoots all over him.
33  minutes
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A second crew of cleanup workers (Scott Tanner, Brandon Monroe, Patrick O`Connor, and Ty LeBeouf) enters the barn. Scott remembers Allen from the big barn dance a couple nights ago. Out back behind the parking lot, he must have taken on half the guys there, he remembers, but it seems Allen let the rest of them watch when they weren`t doing him. That rubbed him the wrong way, to say the least, and now it’s time to give him a taste of his own medicine. "Get `em out boys," he commands his crew and they all start stroking their cocks— each one thicker than the next—to get them good `n hard. Patrick is the first to sample his co-workers` cocks. Despite Scott and Brandon`s members both being damn thick and long, he slurps them both down to the hilt with no problem, giving them the sloppiest blowjobs of the day with ropes of spit flying everywhere. Brandon lowers his ass onto Patrick`s face before Scott and Justin take turns delivering a pounding to eager Patrick. The guys pair up into various permutations as the marathon fuck session in the barn continues, only taking breaks from the intense action to shoot their wads. After each guy`s spilled two loads each, it’s more watersports. This time, Ty and Scott bathe Patrick in steady streams of their hot juice. Patrick laps up every last drop, even going so far as to piss into his own mouth as he kneels before the two dirty fuckers.
32  minutes
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Mechanic Josh West gives hitchhiking college student CamKurtz a lift, andsoon they’re lifting each other’s cock when they stop totake a leak. That bones‘em up. Cam gives Josh’s thick tool a good spit polish, and Josh works overevery astounding inch of the uncut commuter’s limitlessluger. They share morethan spunk, too, sousing each other with golden showersthat seem like they’llnever end. Refreshed, they head off for the arcade    
24  minutes
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The guys in Barstow are sure gonna remember this day.Troy Banner’s not even out of bed when he gets a phone call. “Mike Bailey’sback in town,” he says. The news gets his old buddies burning up. When Troypulls back the covers, his plump and peachy pecker pokes straight up outta hisboxers. Marc knows it’s a much tastier bone than the take-out leftover thathe’s gnawing on. But before getting’ down on Banner, the guys preen theirpoles, lock eyes and stroke dicks together. A guy likes to see his buddy’s toolafter all. But first, we check in on Troy’s friend, Fyerfli. He’s been bunkingat his sister’s house, where he isn’t any too secret about his lust for herboyfriend, Tyler Boots, who comes around when she’s out. Fyerfli doesn’t wanthim to go away unsatisfied. What kind of a buddy would he be if he didn’t offera helping hand. Or mouth. Or ass. But first he’s gotta talk this “straight”dude around his way. It’s a classic Joe Gage scene: “Take it out. You know you wantto. Stroke it,” Fyerfli whispers. He kneels before Boots’ thick rod, worshipsthe shaft, slowly draws near enough to lick the tip and, with Boots lookingdown in horny permission, swallows his throbbing man meat. Boots shoots a meanload, but he won’t be so easily satisfied. He throws the happily surprisedFyerfli over and probes his furry, yawning ass crack with several fingers. Thenhe shoves his tongue deep into Fli’s quivering love-tunnel! Soon, both men arefucking each other ragged Fyerfli sprays his steaming love-juice all over hisbuddy’s hairy chest, and Boots throttles his aching cock to let loose his owngargantuan gush.
38  minutes
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Leed and Chad take a break to work on each other`s fat, hard tools. Chad gets the action going by whipping out his fat cock and Leed is more than happy to show him what a proper blowjob feels like. Leed easily sucks a big load out of Chad. Lying on his back on a blanket next to the RV, Chad lubes up Leed`s hairy hole with this tongue. Chad`s got Leed`s legs pinned back while he fucks a load out of Leed, and then quickly follows suit with a load of his own.
16  minutes
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Jackson’s school bud Cory Flint has just graduated, and plans to join the military after Labor Day. He’s hanging out with pal Zane Jacobs on a hazy day. Wearing straw hats, the two country boys piss outside near the woods by Zane’s pickup truck. After relieving themselves, the two get inside the front seats, where Cory starts to ask his friend about sex: “Have you ever done it with…another guy?” asks the inquisitive cutie, visibly drawn to Zane. The two get hotter by the second, and Cory has a suggestion: “You wanna beat off?” Cory unzips his bud and starts stroking Zane’s big cock—staring at him as he does it before saying “C’mon…take mine out!” Zane obeys, and the two are soon stroking each other’s huge rods, with Zane sliding Cory’s foreskin up the shaft. The crazed Cory can’t help himself: “Oh man, I gotta do this!” he says as he dives down to suck on Zane, who soon returns the favor. The two then stand outside the truck to slurp some more, with Cory falling to his knees first. Cute Zane shows off a gorgeous smile as he’s pleased, placing his hand on Cory’s back as he gets jacked off. Zane lets out a big load, which excite the verbal Cory even more. Zane then returns the service, spit dripping down on his own shirt as he pins Cory against the pickup’s door. Cory then gets his bud’s shirt even wetter, coming all over it to end the all-oral scorcher.
22  minutes
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No one does Rural and Redneck quite like legendary director Joe Gage! Pick-up trucks, back roads, beer, cousins, uncles, fathers, sons and always big dicks! If you like older guys showing younger guys the ropes combined with “keeping things in the family” then you’ll love The Best of Joe Gage: Rednecks! Six of Joe’s all-time favorite redneck scenes with some of the biggest and fattest dicks in TitanMen history. From hitchhiking college students to door-to-door salesmen, they all get more than they were looking for in typical Joe Gage fashion. And of course you get the legendary Gage intergenerational play with hot Daddies showing younger guys how a real man sucks cock or take a fat dick up his ass….its a game the whole family can play! 2+ hours of the best Joe Gage offers!

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