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The Best of Max Konnor Bareback

The Best of Max Konnor Bareback
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166 min

Jasun Mark, Marc Mac, Tony Dimarco, Trenton Ducati

    all models over 18    
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Andy Taylor

Caleb Manning

Casey Everett

Isaac X

Max Konnor

Max Lorde

Tristan Hunter

Max Konnor is getting home from a long day at work when he finds his partner Tristan Hunter, enjoying a swim in their pool. Eager to help his man relax from the busy day, Tristan offers to suck Max’s cock poolside. Max agrees and Tristan fills his mouth with Max’s massive member. Tristan satisfies his oral fixation as he makes his way from Max’s cock to his hole. After receiving his rimming, Max returns the favor tongue-fucking Tristan’s ass. Bent over the pool, Tristan spreads his ass and takes Max’s entire cock deep in his ass bareback. From doggy-style to missionary, Max stretches out Tristan’s tight ass, pleasuring him with every inch. The poolside pounding continues until Tristan erupts with a hefty load that covers his abs. Max pulls out and shoots his cum all over Tristan’s satisfied hole.
32  minutes
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In the team shower Max Konnor soaps up his fine chiseled body. The soapy water runs down his body and caresses his man curves. Worked up after the game, Max is full of testosterone, but the water can only do so much to relieve the tension. Max is met by teammate Isaac X in the locker room. Max signals with his hard cock and Isaac falls straight to his knees to suck Max’s girthy pole. Being a good team player, Isaac takes every last inch of Max’s 10-inch dick down his throat. After gagging on cock, Isaac bends over and Max jumps in tongue first, rimming out Isaac’s hole. Eager for more, Max stands up and slides his bare cock deep inside Isaac. Still wearing his jockstrap, Isaac is taking it bareback and deep from behind. Switching positions, Isaac gets on his back to look Max in the eyes as he stretches his hole. The clench of Isaac ass is too tight, and Max pulls out to cover his teammates hole in a thick load. Isaac keeps getting his ass fucked with Max’s spent cock until Isaac shoots his cum all over himself.
26  minutes
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When virgin Caleb Manning invited Max Konnor over for a hookup, he didn’t realize that the muscle stud was hiding a 10-inch dick behind his zipper. Caleb almost bails, but Max is confident that he can train the young twink’s ass to take his oversized cock. Max begins stripping his boy toy down, spanking his ass, and rimming his hairless hole. Once Caleb decides he’s ready, he lowers himself onto Max’s XXL dick. The former virgin takes every inch as the proud top continuously pounds his meat into his hole. Now obsessed with the feeling of being fucked bareback, Caleb moans and begs for more of Max’s cock until he’s shooting ropes and opening his mouth for a fresh serving of Max’s hot cum.
25  minutes
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After Sgt. Max Konnor makes recruit Max Lorde run drills in the desert heat, he offers Private Lorde a reward by sucking his fat cock. They move from out in the open to an empty hangar where Max can keep showing his expert cock sucking abilities to his Sgt. When Sgt. Konnor wants more, he buries his tongue in Max Lorde’s crack and doesn’t miss an inch. To earn his stripes, the young stud must bend over and take Sgt. Konnor’s massive cock raw. Private Lorde does his best to accommodate every inch of his hung Sergeant’s cock. As Pvt. Lorde’s walls get stretched, Sgt. Konnor drills bareback, deeper and deeper into his Private’s ass. When the Private ends up on his back taking thick dick, Sgt. Konnor doesn’t stop until he paints the stud’s balls with his high-ranking load. When the Sergeant slides back in, Max Lorde goes over the edge and erupts with a creamy stream of cum. Now that the Sergeant is satisfied, the Private is sent on his way to continue his work.
31  minutes
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Multi-regional director Max Konnor takes his job very seriously, but when one of his employees forgets to turn off their webcam and begins having gay sex during a work meeting, he throws all professionalism out the door and decides to watch his coworker’s NSFW bareback fuck session. Assistant Andy Taylor quickly joins his boss in watching their coworker get it on, but when Andy compliments one of the onscreen cocks, Max takes it upon himself to show the twink what an actual big dick looks like. Once Max’s XXL cock flops out of his pants, Andy immediately smothers it with his mouth. He slurps, gags, and chokes on every inch of his muscular boss as Max thrusts his meat in and out of Andy’s open mouth. After Max’s intense face fucking and a couple of strokes from his own hand, Andy finishes himself off as he eagerly waits for Max to blow a load all over him. With his mouth open wide, he lets Max rain cum all over his face and shows his boss how good of an assistant he really is.
22  minutes
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While in the tub, Max Konnor and Casey Everett are occupied with exploring each other’s hard bodies. As they sink down into the milk bath, Casey fills his mouth with Max’s massive, thick cock. After deepthroating Max’s pole, Casey bends over the tub to give Max total access to his smooth hole and lowhanging nuts. After warming Casey’s ass up with is mouth, Max lines it up and drives his girthy cock deep inside Casey. Max gets right to it with deep, long thrusts of his exceptional 10-inch cock. They leave the bath and get comfortable, so Casey can ride Max’s rod bareback and down to the base. Max takes over again to plow Casey’s hungry ass until his cock lets out a thick load coating his scruffy abs. Watching Casey unload sends Max over the edge as he pulls out and covers Casey with his cum.
32  minutes
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Where’s the best place to see Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Max Konnor and every single one of his ten mouthwatering inches? Look no further than the must-have ‘Best of Max Konnor Bareback’! Featuring loads of 100% raw hookups from directors Tony Dimarco, Steve Cruz, Marc MacNamara, Jasun Mark and Trenton Ducati, this oversized compilation showcases an all-star collection of this superstar’s biggest fan-favorite moments from top brands Falcon Studios, NakedSword Originals, Hot House, and Raging Stallion! Up first, Max Konnor is getting wet with Tristan Hunter as the hot jock sucks him off poolside. Over in the Raging Stallion locker room, Isaac X is dropping to his knees to service the massive member that’s escaping through this heartthrob’s towel. When it’s Caleb Manning’s turn with Max Konnor, the young virgin is trusting him to handle his untouched hole with care. Military hunk Max Lorde then joins the ranks of men who’ve successfully bottomed for Sgt. Max Konnor as he opens his hole for a military bang in the desert heat. Next, assistant Andy Taylor is about to witness just how massive a man’s cock can actually be as Max Konnor pulls out his own girthy rod to educate the curious twink. The big dick action comes to an explosive climax as Max Konnor takes a sensual milk bath with Casey Everett and discovers just how talented the stud’s hungry hole is as it accepts his entire XL cock. There’s more than enough horse-hung action to go around with ‘Best of Max Konnor Bareback’, so get in position for this year’s top, must-see gay porn compilation!

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