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The Best of Oleg Hubert

The Best of Oleg Hubert
William Higgins
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90 min
Czech Rep.

William Higgins

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Hugo Antonin
Ivan Jedlik
Jan Nurad
Martin Pesek

Miro Dalek
Oleg Hubert
Oto Useda
Petr Ugan

Our lead feature today is an excellent scene with Miro Dalek and Oleg Hubert. Miro has proved to be immensely popular on the site and we have many emails requesting more. We usually use Miro in an active role, since he is always so very good, but since we had many emails requesting that he take a passive role from time to time, we were happy to oblige. In this scene Miro is bottom for the very lovely Oleg Hubert and I must say both guys give great performances.
19  minutes
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Oleg Hubert & Ivan Jedlik are relaxing on the sofa with Ivan`s head reasting on Olegs leg, looking at photos. Ivan shows Oleg some photos of his body. then he turns over as Oleg opens his own jeans and releases his cock. Ivan`s mouth engulfs the big cock and he starts sucking. That big, hard cock looks so good as Ivan`s lips are wrapped tight around it. Ivan`s head moves up and down as he sucks, and then also licks, the cock. Moving onto his knees Ivan kisses Oleg and lifts his tee shirt to kiss his chest too. He works his way back down to the cock, licking it and then taking in his mouth again. Then both guys strip off their clothes and Ivan straddles Oleg`s legs. He reaches back and positions Oleg`s stiff cock against his tight hole. Ivan slides that hot ass hole down on the throbbing cock. He moans loudly as he rides up and down on Oleg`s big dick. That huge cock stretches Ivan`s hole wide as he rides it hard. The hot ass hole takes that dick all the way inside as Oleg reaches for and rubs the cheeks. Then he starts to fuck his huge pole up into taht hot hole. Oleg pounds Ivan`s ass as hard as he can. The cock goes deep into Ivan`s eager ass as he rides it again. He turns around to side it some more, his own dick flopping around as he takes Oleg`s. Holding his ass in place he feels Oleg`s dick pounding deep into his ass. Then Ivan takes over, riding up and down again. Changing postions Ivan kneels and presents his ass as Oleg stands behind him and works his dick so deep into the waiting hole. That big cock fucks with long strokes as Ivan keeps up his moaning. Oleg pulls his dick out and slides it all the way inside again. As Oleg continues his hard fucking Ivan wanks his own dick too.The hot cum flies out of Ivan`s cock as Oleg\s dick works his hot hole. Olegs keeps up his hard fucking until he is ready to cum. Pulling out of the hot ass he wanks his cock to unload the cum onto Ivan`s right ass cheek.
20  minutes
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We have a stellar cast of very hot str8 guys in Wank Party #100, Oleg Hubert, Hugo Antonin, Martin Pesek, Petr Ugan and Oto Useda. In this first part we join Oleg and Hugo as they stand at the windows to enjoy their cigarettes as the other guys are still asleep. Hugo wonders what the two of them might do and from the large bulge in Oleg`s underwear, which outlines his already hard cock, it is clear what he has on his mind. They begin to kiss and feel each other. Hugo is quick to release Oleg`s massive erection, and his own dick is pulled out too. Hugo drops to his knees and starts sucking on Oleg`s hard, fat, cock. His head bobs as his mouth is wrapped tight around Oleg`s dick. He sucks it well, taking it deep into his mouth. He wanks that beautiful erection too as the other three guys lay on the bed sleeping. Then Hugo and Oleg decide to wake up the others. Both naked and hard they move to the bed and begin to wake the guys by kissing and fondling them. Oto is soon wide awake and on his knees as Oleg feels him all over. Martin and Petr wake too and are both soon hard. Petr sucks on Martin`s stiff cock as Hugo leans over to suck on Oleg and Oto taking turns on each dick. Petr sucks on Martin`s balls too and then takes a turn on Hugo`s rock hard cock. Oto and Oleg kiss each other as Hugo straddles Martin so that Petr has easy access to two cocks. Oleg and Oto`s dicks are wanked together as they continue to kiss. Then they both move over to Petr to have some fun with him. He lays between them so that he can suck each of them in turn. Meanwhile Martin climbs over the recumbent Hugo to 69 with him. Petr`s mouth works hard on Oto`s fat cock and then turns around to suck on Oleg`s. Martin`s mouth really grips Hugo`s dick as he sucks it hard. He moves down so that he can kiss Hugo and then kneels while his friend sucks his throbbing dick. Petr continues his work on Oleg`s upturned erection and then he twists around to take another turn on Oto`s fat cock. Hugo licks and up and Martin`s rigid cock and then takes it deep into his eager mouth again. Martin`s balls are tight at the base of his shaft as Hugo works on that cock. Petr slips down to suck on Oto`s balls before returning to his cock. He turns again to have another go on Oleg`s dick which thrusts into his mouth. Meanwhile Martin has turned over and feels Hugo`s tongue on his tight hole. The tongue laps at the hole and then Hugo slips a finger inside. Oto lays on his back legs splayed over Olegs, so both cock are close enough for Petr to easily go between the two for sucking. Martin`s hole is fingered deep by Hugo as Petr continues to suck those other two huge dicks. as things build up to some great fucking in part two. Our 100th numbered Wank Party has a stellar cast of hot st8 guys, Hugo Antonin, Martin Pesek, Petr Ugan, Oleg Hubert and Oto Useda. In the second part we join the guys as Martin`s ass is being fingered while Petr enjoys sucking cock. Martin then slides his ass down on Oleg`s stiff, fat cock and starts to ride it. Meanwhile Petr continues to suck Oto, taking Hugo`s dick in his ass at the same time. Hugo fucks Petr`s eager hole deep and hard. Petr licks, sucks and wanks on Otos beautiful cock while Martin continues to work his ass up and down on Oleg`s magnificent pole. Petr rubs his own dick as he takes Hugo`s cock all the way in his ass. His mouth is stuffed full by Oto`s fat cock. Oto leans over and kisses Martin who is sitll fucking himself onto Oleg`s dick. Oleg`s big balls are tight at the shaft of his cock as Martin rides him. Then Hugo and Oleg swap partners. Martin turns onto his knees for Hugo to fuck him from behind while Oleg spoons with Petr, stretching his whole wide with is big, fat, cock. Hugo`s tight hole is on show as he rams his dick deep into Martin`s hot hole. Oto wanks himself as he watches Oleg fuck Petr so hard. Then as Hugo pulls out of Martin`s hole Oto moves over to take his place. His fat cock pounds Martin`s hole as hard as it can. He pulls out, leaving Martin`s hole gaping as it waits for Hugo to slide his dick back inside. Oleg continues to fuck Petr`s ass hard as Hugo does the same to Martin. Hugo pulls out and then shoves his throbbing dick back into Martin`s gaping hole. That hot hole really has opened up well from all the hard fucking. Hugo reaches over and wanks Oto whilst still fucking Martin deep. Oleg`s dick pounds away at Petr`s hole too. Martin then lays on his back for Oto to fuck him once more. He wanks himself as Oto`s dick works deep into that ass. Martin quickly shoots a huge load all over himself as he feels Oto`s cock deep inside him. He milks every last drop of cum from his cock and then rubs himself as Oto pulls out and shoots his hot cum over him. The creamy cum lands on Martin`s belly and Oto milks his dick dry. Oleg really pummels his dick in Petr`s hot as Petr wanks himself and cums. Oleg`s huge dick keeps fucking that ass as Hugo unloads his cum all over Petr`s face. Then Oto is ready too and he pulls out to shoot his cum onto Petr`s balls. He kisses Hugo as Oto leans over to kiss Martin as the hottest of scenes draws to a close.
31  minutes
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Jan Nurad is a very hot guy who gets his cherry buseted by Oleg Hubert. We have seen Jan take it in the ass in other videos but this was his first time doing so. He sits on the edge of the bed for an interview with Oleg, who persuades him to kiss. As they kiss Oleg pushes Jan down onto the bed and starts to feel his body. Jan sits up and both remove their tee shirts. Then they resume the kissing as Oleg gropes Jan through his pants. He asks if Jan haas ever sucked cock, to which the reply is no. Oleg opens his pants and releases his rock hard dick which Jan takes in hand and begins to suck. He rubs Oleg`s balls and sucks his big, hard, cock. Oleg`s dick stands proud as he pushes Jan`s head down onto it. For a first time sucker Jan does a great job on that massive cock. He continues to suck on that dick as Oleg lays down on the bed. Wanting to show how good he is Jan sucks on the big balls too and then makes his head bob up and down on that huge dick. Then Oleg moves Jan onto his knees and pulls down his jeans to expose his hot ass. With that sexy, virgin, ass exposed Oleg presses his cock against the hole. The dick pushes deep into Jan`s tight hole as he moans. Oleg fucks deep into the sexy ass, spanking it some too. He pulls his cock out and slides it back inside the tight hole. That big dick fucks Jan so deep as he moans with each thrust. His tight little hole is stretched so wide as Oleg`s huge cock pounds in and out of it. Then Jan sits up and his jeans are pulled off so he can lay with his legs in the air to get that cock back in his hole. Oleg`s dick fucks deep into the waiting hole as Jan wanks himself. Oleg`s hips thrust relentlessly working his dick so deep into Jan`s hot hole. Jan wanks himself as he takes that big cock. He cums while the dick is fucking him deep. Then Oleg pulls out and wanks his cock until he cums too. He milks his cock dry and then moves up to kiss Jan again.
20  minutes
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Our lead feature today is an excellent scene with Miro Dalek and Oleg Hubert. Miro has proved to be immensely popular on the site and we have many emails requesting more. We usually use Miro in an active role, since he is always so very good, but since we had many emails requesting that he take a passive role from time to time, we were happy to oblige. In this scene Miro is bottom for the very lovely Oleg Hubert and I must say both guys give great performances.

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