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NakedSword Big Dick Bareback Collection

NakedSword Big Dick Bareback Collection
NS Originals
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Dildo
  • Kissing
  • Massage
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
183 min

Chi Chi LaRue, Marc MacNamara, Mr. Pam

    all models over 18    
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Adam Ramzi
Adonis Couverture
Cade Maddox
Calvin Banks
Colby Tucker

Dante Colle
Grant Ducati
Jackson Cooper
JJ Knight
Johnny Hill

Johnny Rapid
Nic Sahara
Steven Lee
Zak Bishop

Dante Colle and Calvin Banks are abruptly woken up with a shower of "demon semen." Mortified and disgusted, Calvin decides he’s going to find a Priest to bless their new home. Father Adam Ramzi arrives at the mansion and lets the couple know he can help them out for a price. After the discussion of payment is out of the way, Father Adam starts to bless the house in an attempt to rid it of the demons that possess it. Father Adam tells Dante and Calvin, for $500 more, he’ll rid their house of the Amityville Whore and fuck them both good. They agree and start making out on the couch. Father Adam stands and lifts his robe to reveal his uncut cock for Dante and Calvin to service. Adam completely disrobes and Dante focus on sucking his cock while Calvin takes the backend and eats the Father’s ass. The Priest returns the blessing with a sopping wet hummer to the horny married duo. He services both of their cocks before bending Calvin and Dante over the couch to work their holes with his tongue and fingers. Adam starts to work his bare cock into their holes, switching back and forth between the two studs, fucking them deep. The husbands watch each other get fucked by Adam bareback until Dante and Adam bend Calvin over and spit-roast him. With Adam down his throat, and Dante up his ass, Calvin is loving all of the extra attention. Dante wants some more of the Priest cock and gets on top to ride his thick holy stick. Calvin helps out his husband but jacking him off while he rides Adam until he dumps his load all over the floor. Calvin hops on for his turn riding Adam’s thick meat until he blasts his load all over the Priest. Adam makes sure to lick up and drops left behind on Calvin’s tip before stroking out his own load to feed the couple. Father Adam claims the house is “clean” before all of the furniture starts shifting on its own. Now that he got his money, Adam reveals he’s not a real Priest and bolts out of the house. What are Dante and Calvin supposed to do now?
42  minutes
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Grant Ducati is desperate to lose his virginity, but his hole just can’t seem to open up for anything bigger than his finger. Lucky for him, porn superstar Cade Maddox is willing to help the young twink train his hole. Cade immediately dives tongue-first into Grant’s smooth cheeks. The professional fucker reminds Grant to breathe in and out as he slowly inserts his fingers and an arsenal of toys into his tight ass. Grant’s finally ready to lose his virginity, and his stretched-out ass devours all of Cade’s massive cock bareback. The grateful bottom breathes deep with every thrust as the hung top rapidly pumps himself in and out of Grant’s hole. It’s not long before the slender muscle bottom is busting all over himself and Cade pulls out to shoot an oversized load all over Grant’s smiling face.
30  minutes
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Jackson Cooper gets a knock at the door and is met by his next client, Adonis Couverture. Adonis strips, lays face down on the table and Jackson begins massaging Adonis’ bare bod. In the middle of the massage, Johnny Rapid shows up for his massage and suddenly, Jackson has double booked. Instead of Jackson massaging Adonis and Johnny, they reverse the roles and work together to rub out Jackson’s naked body. Rubbing down Jackson gets Johnny and Adonis hard, so Jackson fills his mouth with Adonis’ cock while Johnny slides inside Jackson bareback from behind. After getting his hole slammed by Johnny, Jackson gets on his back and feels the full force of Adonis deep inside his ass. Moving from the table to the bed, Jackson gets his holes stretched while getting spit-roasted, until Jackson kneels between his clients and takes both of their loads on his face.
25  minutes
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Bearded and tatted daddy, Johnny Hill unzips his jeans so smooth hunk Zak Bishop can get on his knees and service his pole. Zak does as Johnny wishes and deepthroats the mature studs girthy cock. Zak continues his quest of feasting on Johnny’s big dick. Eager for his own taste, Johnny bends Zak over and tongue-fucks his smooth hole. Now Zak is ready for more and bares down to receive all of Johnny’s raw meat in his hole. Zak takes every thrust from Johnny’s powerful pole bareback and in multiple positions until he winds up on his back with his face covered in Johnny’s thick load.
27  minutes
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Colby Tucker’s cock sucking skills are put to the test when he goes down on horse-hung Steven Lee. His wet, hot mouth passes the test, and Steven lies back with his pre-lubed rock hard cock in the air. Colby jumps on rides him hard and they fuck bare in every position and shoot raw loads.
27  minutes
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Nic Sahara dry humps JJ Knight until his huge 10-inch cock gets rock hard. Nic shoves his uncut dick in JJ’s hot mouth and fucks his face then goes down to worship JJ’s main attraction. After getting his monster sucked, JJ goes in on Nic’s ass then fucks him bare until they both blow hot loads
33  minutes
Content & Stars...
The industry’s largest and most famous pieces of meat are on full display with the ‘NakedSword Big Dick Bareback Collection’! Compiled from the acclaimed films of directors Chi Chi LaRue, Mr. Pam, Marc MacNamara, and Edward James, this hung compilation is all about oversized cocks and the insatiable men who are aching to service them. After getting woken up by a shower of demon semen, Dante Colle and Calvin Banks enlist the help of Father Adam Ramzi to rid their house of spirits and fill their haunted holes. Virgin Grant Ducati has never been able to fit more than a finger in his ass, but professional porn hunk Cade Maddox is ready with an arsenal of toys to stretch him out until he’ s able to handle the entirety of his famous member. Professional masseur Jackson Cooper just booked Adonis Couverture and Johnny Rapid for overlapping appointments, so to make up for it, the clients have decided to flip the roles by manhandling their masse ur themselves. With a massive dick hiding behind his zipper, muscle daddy Johnny Hill is getting ready to dominate blue - eyed cutie Zak Bishop and feed him his load. Colby Tucker’s cock sucking skills are put to the test when he goes down on horse - hung Stev en Lee, but lucky for the big dick top, the cock sucker’s oral talents just can’t be beat. Some extreme dry humps soon leads to Nic Sahara ditching his tight underwear and spreading his cheeks for JJ Knight and all ten of his meaty inches. Get ready as we bring you the very best and biggest dicks from NakedSword Originals with the ‘NakedSword Big Dick Bareback Collection’!

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