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Big Load Movers

Big Load Movers
Raging Stallion
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
131 min

Tony Dimarco

    all models over 18    
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Alpha Wolfe

Beau Butler

Brock Banks

Colby Melvin

Drew Valentino

Jim Fit

Luca del Rey

Roman Mercury

Vander Pulaski


‘Big Load Mover’ Alpha Wolfe needs to finish unloading his truck, but he can’t help getting distracted when he sees Brock Banks shaking his ass to some music. A playful Brock dances up on Alpha until the bearded mover is rock hard, and Brock is unbuttoning his shorts to expose his big bushy cock. Still in the half-empty moving van, Brock swallows his co-worker before bending over to let Alpha rim and bareback his hole. Brock kneels on some boxes and clings to the side of the truck for support as Alpha pumps his hairy dick in and out of his thick ass. With Brock now on his back and only wearing his work boots and a jock, Alpha busts an oversized load onto Brock’s ass and goes down to lick it up as a climaxing Brock covers his own body in his jizz.
27  minutes
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After hours of sorting boxes in a hot warehouse, Jim Fit decides that the best way to unwind is by busting a nut in the men’s room. The muscular mover immediately gets caught by co-worker Colby Melvin, but he doesn’t seem to mind and soon has Jim choking on his hard cock. Still in the middle of the public restroom, Jim clutches onto a toilet for support as Colby buries his face between his smooth cheeks and barebacks his hole. As he pumps himself into Jim, Colby gives his co-worker a reach around and helps Jim get a taste of the excessive precum leaking out of his own dick. Now getting drilled against a urinal, Jim loudly moans as he shoots ropes onto the restroom’s tiled floor. Moments later, Jim joins his puddles of cum on the ground as he kneels down, opens his mouth, and takes Colby’s load to the face.
28  minutes
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Drew Valentino and Xavier have an oversized delivery for Luca Del Rey but both movers are confident that their client can take their XXL load After helping take off Lucas towel Drew lubes things up by taking his tongue to Lucas freshlyshowered bubble butt Both movers are soon filling up their satisfied customer at both ends with Drew barebacking his hole and Xavier fucking his open mouth Luca moans with all his might as both men continuously drill his ass with their long cocks Laying on his back with his furry legs spread open Luca rolls his eyes into the back of his head as Drew busts all over his hole he strokes out his own hot load and later he sucks the final drops of cum out of Xaviers impressive meat.
25  minutes
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When professional mover Alpha Wolfe strolled into the warehouse today, he wasn’t expecting to discover Vander Pulaski jerking it to amateur porn on his phone. Instead of busting his co-worker, Alpha decides to bust with him and immediately pulls out his cock for Vander to service. The hairy bros suck each other off and Vander is soon using his girthy cock to bareback Alpha’s hole. An insatiable Alpha commands Vander to fuck him harder, or he’ll tell their boss about him wanking on the job. When Vander’s throbbing cock isn’t enough, Alpha switches it up for the flip fuck, and Vander’s ass is quickly prepped to take Alpha’s package. Alpha slides in and drills Vander until the bottom is shooting cum on his thick bush, and Alpha is pulling out to cream all over Vander’s mouth.
27  minutes
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Beau Butler is flat broke and wants to pick up more shifts at work. but boss Roman Mercury has some alternative ideas on what kind of extra projects this beefy worker can help out with. Picking up on his supervisor’s hints, Beau is soon worshiping Roman’s hairy pits and dropping to his knees to get mouthfucked by his thick dick. Roman then goes to work on the hard worker’s hairy butt with his tongue and his raw cock. The boss’ thick meat stretches out Beau bareback, fills up his desperate raw hole, and goes from ass-to-mouth for Beau to get a taste of his musky hole. With loyal employee Beau on his back and his legs thrown in the air, both men start spitting out massive loads that leave Beau’s thick body hair drenched in their hot ropes
24  minutes
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Any moving company can haul your stuff from point A to point B, but ‘Big Load Movers’ are equipped and ready to handle your most oversized loads. Under the supervision of award-winning director Tony Dimarco, this ten-man moving company aims to satisfy every customer by taking as many loads as necessary. Alpha Wolfe needs to finish a delivery, but a quick lap dance from Brock Banks has the bearded mover completely distracted and rock hard in the back of his truck. After hours of moving boxes in a sweaty warehouse, Jim Fit and Colby Melvin take to the men’s room to unwind and unload right there in a bathroom stall. Luca Del Rey is receiving an oversized delivery from Drew Valentino and Xavier. Luckily for the manly movers, all of Luca’s eager holes are able to take the entirety of their bareback loads. Blue collar stud Alpha Wolfe just caught Vander Pulaski jerking off at work, but instead of reporting him, the bearded mover pulls out his cock for a bareback flip-fuck right in the middle of the empty warehouse. When Beau Butler comes to supervisor Roman Mercury in need of some extra shifts, the horned-up boss is more than happy to help out and gives the beefy employee an extra girthy project that he can work on right there in his office. There’s no other team out there that will service you like the ‘Big Load Movers’, so if you’re in a need of some assistance, look no further than these hard-working hunks.

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