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Big Muscle.Com - Director`s Cut

Big Muscle.Com - Director`s Cut
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Showering
  • Spitting
  • Voyeurism
  • Watersports
160 min

Brian Mills

    all models over 18    
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Chris Crawford

Chuck Scott

Cliff Rhodes

Jake Deckard

Jason Tiya

Jay Armstrong

Logan Steele

Markus Ram

Tober Brandt

Troy Moore

Frederick Ford

When Markus Ram delivers the cliché gym pick-up line of all time to Tober Brandt, “Hey man, would you come over here and spot me?” what he really means is “Hey, buttslave, get over here and bury your face in my bodacious big ass.” Tober laps butt like a ravenous beast—and growls like one, too. He gets the skull fuck of his life, choking and gagging on the giant’s gargantuan rod, and both studs shoot sweet nectar. Still in raging heat, Tober’s battered from both ends, sitting on Markus’ fat wang while cramming Jason Tiya’s dick down his throata cock frenzy that makes the massive men pump out the cream.
33  minutes
In the shower, horny dog Chuck lathers up a swelling cock as he dreams of a sensuous yet rudely demanding sex session with Jake. Chuck worships Jake’s body—all the time making sure that smooth Jay Armstrong is watching from across the room and beating his hefty tool. He’s an exhibitionist, that Chuck, and he’s putting on a show, forcing the spit from Jake’s drooling mouth with his monster cock. When Jake’s amazing bronze eye is exposed, Chuck pisses right on it, and sends long streams over Jake’s back. The gold rain rolls over Jake’s face and drips off his nose, and the mens’ cum explodes. Sweating and swearing, Chuck plugs Jake’s sublime pucker, pulling out and taking aim before another rude plunge slams his colossal cock deep into the gate to heaven. The mens’ cum spurts, and Chuck hungrily sucks his off Jake’s hairy butt.
44  minutes
Burnished blond Troy Moore taunts gruff, unshaven hunk of beef Logan Steele with his golden rod and hairless butt hole. Logan buries his face in it, upending Troy for deeper delicious tongue-digging. Suddenly, preppie Troy is plugging rough Logan’s burning hole with his gorgeous grinder, and the buddies blast together with a high flying spritz of jizz.
20  minutes
Chuck’s been watching from the shower, and takes over. Commanding Logan to lay on the bench, Chuck pisses him up and pisses him down and lets loose with full force jets that splat against the back of Logan’s throat. Logan spits the hot whiz right back at Chuck, and the mean pisser cums. But he’s unstoppable. Troy becomes his fuckin’ pig hole, and Logan’s tightly grasping ass lips stretch beyond belief with the furious assault of his thick gut-buster. Logan batters the pecker paste outta his big daddy dick as superloads from Chuck and Troy spray across his cum-wracked body.
27  minutes
The three guys in the steam room have a yard or two of hard manmeat to grapple with when colossally cocked Cliff Rhodes decimates ultra-ripped Fredrick Ford, with Chris Crawford’s foot-long fuckpole helpin’ out. They take turns swinging on each other’s rigid tools, and Cliff tries not to cum when Fredrick plants a lean rump on his face and Chris swallows his cock. But it’s useless—licking Fredrick’s ass is too much, and both men unleash gushers. Fredrick feels each and every inch as Cliff’s mighty bone slides slowly into his willing asshole. His ripped body goes taut as steel as Cliff forces waves of cum outta him, before his lily white butt is covered in Cliff’s dick-detonating cum blast.
36  minutes
Calling this scorcher Big Muscle isn`t quite right. It oughtta be BIG MUSCLE. It`s got 11 of the biggest, roughest and hairiest muscle studs we`ve ever collected in one movie. It was created and released in partnership with www.bigmuscle.com, the site where men into gym culture find community. It`s where we found the four new exclusive faces you`ll see in Big Muscle, and we think you`ll agree-these guys are overwhelming.

Ripped beauties Markus Ram and Jason Tiya give bearded biker muscle stud (and new TitanMen exclusive) Tober Brandt the skull fucking of his life before ravaging his ass. Colossally-cocked TitanMen exclusive Cliff Rhodes returns to decimate ultra-ripped Fredrick Ford, and in an instant classic of a scene with two phenomenal, tattooed and hairy new TitanMen exclusives, Jake Deckard yields the most irresistible asshole ever to dangerous sex demon Chuck Scott. Scott`s mean in all the good ways and ready to take you down! Handsome blond Troy Moore and muscled new TitanMen exclusive Logan Steele wrangle with Chuck Scott through switch hitting thrills-including, in this Hardcore Edit, the thirst-quenching kind of watersports that hits the back of your throat.

Big Muscle-hot, sweaty, piss-covered and versatile muscle studs tuff fuckin` each other`s brains out.


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