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Biker`s Liberty – Enhanced

Biker`s Liberty – Enhanced
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  • Outdoor Sex
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97 min

Al Parker

    all models over 18    
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Bruce McMaster
Jon King
Kris Bjorn
Lee Ryder
Mac Turner

Mike Flynn
Sky Dawson
Tim Kramer
Todd Baron

Sky Dawson is lying on his bed naked with a boot fantasizing about how nice it would be find a man to fill the boot. His dreams come true in a big way when Kris Bjorn appears and gives him more than he could possibly dream.
16  minutes
Content & Stars...
The sailor and the leatherman. It`s a classic fantasy, a high-volume wet dream! Big Tim Kramer is the biker behind the mirrored glasses with a mean streak a mile wide and a hard whip-likke body makd for black leather. Mac Turner, a young sailor who`s learned to obey his superiors and earned a few stripes for it. He`s now ready to earn `em across his bared and begging ass. Behind the locked doors of a waterfront warehouse the leatherman strips sailorboy down. Tim slides his gloved fist into Mac`s navy whites and pulls out a thick cock, swollen and ready to be disciplined. Tim pushes Mac, naked and prick-hungry, to his knees - rough action that Mac needs bad. Bad enough to turn his tender ass up on command. the biker sends a leather strap sizzling across Mac`s upturned butt. Desperate for Tim`s big cock, the punished, submitting seamen is ready to swallow whatever his master demands. Tim whips out his favorite toys. 10 wrist-thick inches of hard black leather followed by a punishing, huge rubber dildo. Liberty will never be the same for Mac Turner, 48 hours of service to his leather master, and he`ll return to his ship with a sore jaw, an aching asshole, and a better appreciation of just what it means to say "Yessir!"
21  minutes
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Jon King is running on the beach when he meets cyclist Kris Bjorn. Kris invites him back to his place so he can shower off some of that sweat. In the shower Kris cleans him up inside and out before they move into his bedroom for a real workout.
16  minutes
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A classic Lee Ryder solo scene. When you have a fat 10" cock like Lee that`s all that`s needed for a sizzling scene
4  minutes
Content & Stars...
Bonus scene from the movie Champs
25  minutes
Content & Stars...
Bonus scene from the movie Style
15  minutes
Content & Stars...
Get liberated with the final reissue of ‘Biker’s Liberty’, featuring new bonus scenes and increased video quality. In ‘Boots’ Falcon favorite Sky Dawson appears more handsome and sculpted than ever fantasizing over a leather boot, when Kris Bjorn joins in to help Sky explode in a gut-wrenching 15- spurt climax all over the boots! In ‘Biker`s Liberty’ the sailor, Mac Turner, and the leathered biker, Tim Kramer, meet up in this classic fantasy, reminiscent of Tom of Finland! The sizzling, rough encounter of domination and willing submission, complete with toy play, ends in gushers of cum. ‘Beach Rover’ features Kris Bjorn on a bike cruising the runner Jon King at the beach. Jon accepts Kris invitation for a shower at his place and they end up in Kris’ bed for the real workout. Don’t stop now, because Lee Ryder is here to finish himself and you off stroking his insanely massive dick for your pleasure. NEW BONUS SCENES: Mike Flynn, Sky Dawson and Bruce McMaster from ‘Champs’ and Tim Kramer and Todd Baron in ‘The Book’ from ‘Style’

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