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Young Bastards #20 Blindfolded & Bound

Young Bastards #20 Blindfolded & Bound
Young Bastards
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Blindfold
  • Bondage
  • Dildo
  • Oral Sex
  • Spanking
107 min

Ashton Bradley, Jose Thor

    all models over 18    
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Abraham Montenegro
Adan Burn
Alec Loob
Damien Ryder
Dmitry Osten

Izan Loren
Liam Burlington
Tristan Stone

Abraham Montenegro is chained up and kneeling in submission. His master, Izan Loren, is in total control as he whips his sub’s hairy ass with a riding crop until it is bright red and stinging. He finger-fucks his slave‘s tight, slutty hole and sinks his teeth into his glowing ass before making his slave suck his cock. After a hardcore ass fuck, Izan degrades Abraham‘s face with his cum, finally allowing his sub to shoot a load on the floor.
28  minutes
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Sub boy Skikkes is blindfolded and at the mercy of his two masters, Damian Ryder and Liam Burlington. They’ve got him where they want him and can now use his body for their own pleasure. Putting the obedient pup on his hands and knees, they take turns humiliating his sweet ass and feeding him their rock solid cocks. Damian drenches his sub’s face with his cum while Skikkes is still sucking on his heavy balls, and Liam shoots off a load when he’s finished playing with his bottom boy. Finally, the sub slut Skikkes is allowed to empty his balls and shoot a creamy load.
14  minutes
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Blindfolded and helpless on a bed, Dmitry Osten doesn‘t know what’s about to happen to him. He has no option but to gag on the huge cock that his studly master, Tristan Stone, rams down his throat. Tristan finger-fucks his bottom boy’s ass, getting it lubed and ready for his uncut cock, and then fucks him rough and hard. At the mercy of the dick that`s ramming his insides, Dmitry can`t hold back and cums. When Tristan busts his nuts on his sub’s face, he allows him to lick and suck the gooey mess from his dick like a slut-pig.
16  minutes
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Bound and helpless, Adan Burn is at the mercy of his masterful young top, Alec Loob. It`s Adan’s ass that’s going to get the punishment, and Alec spanks those soft cheeks hard until they start to glow. Pegs bite into the boy’s ass, adding to the sting until Alec reckons it`s ready for some deeper attention. He uses Adan’s throat to lube up his cock before drilling it deep into his glowing ass and fucking his sub into submission. The master marks his sex slave with his jizz, leaving Adan battered and raw.
23  minutes
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************* BONUS ***************** Tied to the bench, slave Greg is at the mercy of rigorous Stephan who firmly spanks and lashes his little bubble butt with a belt before stretching the soft, tight asshole with a huge dildo. Only after the foreplay can Greg suck his master’s cock and be thoroughly used as his fuck plaything.
26  minutes
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Four young sub-sluts are put through their paces by their brutal masters. At the mercy of hard, dominating tops, their asses are just playthings to be spanked and used. Their faces are cum dumps for massive loads, and they’re helpless to do anything about it. A load-blowing bonus scene and three intimate interviews are included.

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