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Blu Kennedy Collection

Blu Kennedy Collection
Hot House
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
110 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Adam Herst
Blu Kennedy
Ethan Wolfe
Kyle King

Luke Marcum
Paul Wagner
Topher Dimaggio
Trevor Knight

Loyal employees Trevor Knight and Blu Kennedy are staying after-hours to go over some monthly reports. Knowing that the other Head Hunters are gone home they decide to stay even later to really get down to business. Knight opens his business slacks and pulls out his 10+ inch cock for Kennedy to suck. Kennedy slips out of his trousers, freeing his swinging meat and big round ass. After a fierce rim job, Knight plows his co-worker’s tight pink hole. Kennedy blows first then nurses a giant load out of Knight!
20  minutes
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Clean-cut MVP Kyle King needs to relieve some stress so he stands in the stall, jacking off. Horse-hung stud Ethan Wolfe comes in from practice and catches King in the act. Seeing his young teammate stroking his cock turns him on so much he has to get in on the act. King comes over and offers his fat tool to Wolfe who greedily sucks it down. Suddenly Blu Kennedy comes in and demands to know what’s going on. Wolfe and King grab the hung red head and push his open mouth down on King’s cock. Next they work Kennedy over from head to toe, taking turns fucking and sucking him off. Kennedy’s rock hard cock needs to fuck so he turns both of his aggressors into pig bottoms!
23  minutes
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Undeniable sexual attraction ignites this scene when Hot House Exclusive Paul Wagner teams up with everybody’s favorite Blu Kennedy in the Backroom. After a passionate make-out session Wagner goes to work on Kennedy’s fat cock then stands up so Kennedy can taste Wagner’s big one. After eating Kennedy’s puckered white hole Wagner can’t wait to shove his cock inside. “Your turn” says Wagner with a sly grin as he rolls over so Kennedy can give it to him good.
17  minutes
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Pick a team: do you prefer the ginger-perfection of Blu Kennedy in his Soccer gear or Topher DiMaggio’s dark complexion in his boxing gloves? Both guys are chiseled, masculine studs with huge, rock-hard cocks. DiMaggio steps up to feed Kennedy his thick Latin dick and it’s clear that our boxer is going in the ring. Kennedy sits down and rides DiMaggio’s cock like a pro – then gets on all fours, using his big pink ass to milk a huge load out of DiMaggio who shoots across the arena!
16  minutes
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We asked Backroom bad-boy Adam Herst if he’d like to return for another scene and he said yes, if we could find him a hot red head. Everyone knows that when you’re looking for someone red-hot you go Blu! When we introduced Adam to Blu Kennedy we barely had time to yell “action” before they were 69’ing and fucking each other!
17  minutes
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Kyle King sits down at Luke Marcum’s desk and discovers they’ve got the office to themselves. The coat and ties immediately come off as Marcum gets down to business on King’s 8-incher. The two get one hell of a surprise though when Blu Kennedy rushes in to get his laptop. Blu pulls his giant dick out and joins the action. Marcum finds himself gorging on 2 big whoppers before he’s flipped back on a desk. Blu slides in behind Kyle to fuck him while King licks Luke’s cock and asshole. Then Kyle flips Blu over and fucks him until all 3 blow their loads on Blu’s chest.
17  minutes
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Hot House Exclusive Blu Kennedy shares his favorite scenes with you in this must-have collector`s edition! Features six scorching-hot scenes with Hot House Exclusives Kyle King, Ethan Wolfe, and Paul Wagner plus Topher DiMaggio, Luke Marcum, Trevor Knight, and Adam Herst.

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