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Blue: Part 2 of Black -n- Blue

Blue: Part 2 of Black -n- Blue
Hot House
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  • Underwear
86 min

Steven Scarborough

    all models over 18    
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Arpad Miklos

Dean Monroe

Gabriel Sinclair

Kent North

Marc Williams

Marco Paris

Matt Cole

Nick Horn

Rafael Alencar

Ross Stuart

Tamas Eszterhazy

Tattooed matinee idol Tamas Eszrterhazy opens his mouth really wide to accommodate the two giant dicks in front of him (Arpad Miklos and Gabriel Sinclair). As the two tops get worked up from his wet, greedy mouth, they move him on his back so they can attack his beautifully inked butt. Gabriel steps up for the first ride, pile-driving Tamas with his ferocious latin 9-incher, opening up his hole real good for Arpad. Arpad flips him onto his knees and slams that infamous 10-inch pole in and out with gusto – but Tamas takes it like a pro. They throw him down on the floor where Tamas pulls his legs back and shows off his used hole. Arpad mounts him and fucks like a champ as the sweaty trio starts to pop their loads one by one, covering Tamas with hot spunk.
21  minutes
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Kent North, the biggest pig-bottom in the business, gets his fill when he takes on horse-hung stallions Marc Williams and Rafael Alencar. Alencar stands in front of North, ramming his 11+ inch rock-hard cock deep down his throat while Williams and his 11 incher power-fuck North’s greedy hole. Both horse-hung tops want to shove their meat deep into North’s hole so they throw North on the ground and roll him over onto his shoulders. At first they take turns, shoving their clubs in deep, one at a time. Eventually both 11×7 inch cocks slide into North’s ass. Williams and Alencar show North no mercy as they punish his hole until they both shoot hot loads all over North’s gaping manhole.
20  minutes
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World-class cocksucker Marco Paris works overtime feasting on Ross Stuart’s perfect fat rod. Just before Stuart blows, Paris stands up and shoves his long uncut cock into Stuart’s hungry mouth. Paris notices Stuart’s plump ass and can’t resist, licking and sucking the pink puckered hole. All of the attention has Stuart rock hard. He positions Paris doggy-style and begins to slowly fuck him. Paris turns over and Stuart fucks him harder this time – but it’s still not enough. Paris takes over, laying Stuart down and fucking hiimself on Stuart’s rigid cock. Paris bounces up and down until he drains his nuts all over his washboard stomach.
20  minutes
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Dean Monroe is on his knees, deep throating Matt Cole’s long hard cock while Cole is busy gagging on Nick Horn’s extra-thick tool. Cole and Horn have a cock fight over Monroe’s wet, hungry mouth. Serviceman Monroe grabs both men by their cocks and begins sucking them off. Eager-to-please, Monroe gets on all fours between the other two so that Horn can fuck his hole and Cole can feed his face. Next Monroe lays on his back and the two cocksmen trade places. Horn rides Monroe’s face while Cole thrusts his huge piece deep into Monroe’s ass. Power-bottom Monroe has the two top-studs on their backs, cocks hard and standing at attention, so that he can take turns riding them. He hops back and forth, giving both studs a taste of his clenching hole until all three men rub out huge loads.
25  minutes
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2007 GRABBY Winner - Best Leather Video

2007 GAYVN Winner - Best All-Sex Video

2007 GAYVN Winner - Best Leather Video

Blue Part 2 of the Leather/Levis Series invites you to slip into the shadows with Hot House Exclusive Kent North and Marc Williams. So slip into the fantasy. Slip into BLUE!


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