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71 min

Ali Lyck

    all models over 18    
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Dan Broughton

Guillaume Wayne

Ivan Rueda

Jordan Fox

JP Dubois

Brett Dillon
Florian Hagen
Jerome Fischer

Timo Krupp

Ever-eager bottom dude Brett ist he perfect workmate for permanently horny fuckers Dan and Jordan. Whenever they need relief they can bend him over and stuff their low-hangers and stiff cocks into his hungry mouth. The blond cocksucker will open his hole without a thought – here out the back of the mechanic’s workshop he lets himself be bored into by his buddies, with a heavy choking hand to remind him where his place is – parked between two rigid dongs offering both ends up for macho male enjoyment. Jordan and Dan are more than happy to pay him back in gobs of spit and thick globs of cum.
18  minutes
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Hardcore sneaker fetish lad Florian has his bedroom shelves piled high with sweaty sneaks and socks, his sub JP is just here to complete the picture. He’s more than happy in his role, getting on all fours to deepthroat Florian until he’s rock solid. Bending him over to ream his tight hole with a long dildo is just the prep, soon Florian has JP ass up and chewing on the mattress as the rough fucker first plugs his mouth with balled up sports socks to rim him open, then crams his asshole full of stiff dick. By the end JP’s face will be a slimy mess of spit and sperm!
15  minutes
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Inked and ripped Guillaume has lured skater type Jerome around to the loading bay of an abandoned building for a little circle jerk to show off his aching stiff cock, popping it out the side of his sport shorts and letting his heavy nuts hang. The sight of all that tasty man meat sees Jerome dropping to give a top grade blowjob, while the sweat dribbles down Gerome’s pierced mug as he watches on in ecstasy. Once the pressure has built fit to burst he plunges his tool deep into Jerome’s hungry ass until they both blow a wadd over the bottom’s six-pack stomach.
11  minutes
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Outdoor fun is the plan of action for this exhibitionist threesome as they head out on the boat for some hardcore fucking. Kicking back for some intense foot worship of their smelly feet and sox, they quickly move on to some loud, gagging throatfucking before Ivan and Sydney decide it’s time for Julio to give up his ass for the lads. He squeals like a stuck pig as they take their turns plunging into his asshole until the heat gets turned right up with the ultimate hole-stretching double penetration. Massive loads grunted out all over the bitch’s smooth bubblebutt.
13  minutes
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Cheeky fuck mates Timo and Moskito climb over the fence and into a rundown factory where they can finally shuck their chav sports gear and get what they really need – serious dick time! Timo’s pierced nips give the game away, he’s always up for some nipple play to get the balls cooking, and while Moskito works over his own fat XL cock Timo bends him back over a bench to bury his trouser tool deep in his greedy hole. A massive, ropey cumshot splattering all over his face is all the thanks Moskito needs.
14  minutes
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In the workshop Dan and Jordan pack out their heavy tools to stuff Brett’s holes with spit and sperm. Florian pushes his dirty socks into JP’s gob and takes a thick dildo to prepare him for a merciless fuck that will end with JP taking a flood of jizz in the face. Tough dude Guillaume nabs boyish Jerome in the loading bay and rams his fuck home until they’re both forced to pump out a load. Ivan, Julio and Sydney have fun on a boat with sneaks and socks – then there’s fucking and sucking to be done until the sun goes down. Chav lads Timo and Moskito sneak around an old factory – a great place for a hot fuck that ends in a real cum geyser. Twelve hot guys fucking Kallamacka style like there’s no tomorrow!

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