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Bolt - Director`s Cut

Bolt - Director`s Cut
Rascal Video
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191 min

Chi Chi LaRue

    all models over 18    
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Eddie Stone

Gus Mattox

Jan Fischer

Johnny Hazzard

Kent Larson

Lance Gear

Owen Hawk

Rick Gonzales

Rick Razor

Shane Rollins

Tag Adams

Theo Blake

Tristan Bennet

Troy Punk

Zak Spears

Alex LeMonde
Anthony Shaw
Brandon Lee
Dillon Press

Kyle Lewis
Rob Romoni
Rod Barry
Sebastian Tauza

Bolt is ruled by muscle daddy Zak Spears. Under his command, men exist only to serve. Sucking a cigar at his desk, Spears looks menacing. As his assistant Johnny Hazzard enters the office, Spears starts raging about the inefficiencies at Bolt. Feeling Spears is about to explode, Hazzard offers himself as a stress reliever. Spears pushes Hazzard to his knees and teases Spears, licking and kissing his cock. Finally, Spears gets tired of this game and grabs Hazzard’s head and rams his dick down the cock sucker’s throat.

After some hot and vocal oral action, Spears picks up Hazzard and lies him across the glass desk. Spears hoists Hazzard’s legs and licks the ass of his leather pants. The simulated rim job is quite tantalizing. When Spears finally show us how a real man eats ass, he has Hazzard on the edge – licking and fingering his fuck hole, rubbing his bald head along his crack one minute, and his bristly goatee the next. Hazzard is dying to get fucked but doesn’t want this rim job to end.

Hazzard bends over the desk and Spears pumps his ass full of daddy cock, pummelling Hazzard hard and lashing his back with a red and black flogger. With Hazzard sprawled across the desk on his back, Spears hoists his legs and pounds him until his balls turn red. Standing over the glass desk, Hazzard shoots an impressive load all over the Commander’s desk top. Spears makes Hazzard lap up his own cum. And then, Spears blasts a monstrous load of cum all over the table top.

28  minutes
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Freshly fucked by the raging Bolt Commander, Johnny Hazzard visits Lance Gear in his work shop. When Hazzard tries to tell Gear how the Commander wants things done, Gear grabs Hazard and says he’s going to do things his way. The two kiss and spit at one another vying for the upper hand. Gear spits on the ass of Hazzard’s leather pants, licking, kissing and slapping his butt. “Did he fuck this ass,” he growls, ripping off Hazzard’s pants and promising to fuck him harder than the Commander did.

With no Commander to impress, Hazzard is much nastier in this scene, spitting on Gear, calling him names, and fucking Gear’s mouth with his hard cock. When Gear lies back on the floor, Hazzard first feasts on his cock, then pushes Gear’s legs over his head, tonguing Gear’s hairy fuck hole.

Lying back on one of the huge metal cases, Gear fucks Hazzard’s ass with the plastic handle of a long screwdriver. Bending Hazzard over the case, Gear forces his stiff cock inside Hazzard and fucks him hard. Gear swaps places with Hazzard and offers his ass to him for some retaliation. When Hazzard has had enough of Gear’s ass, he shoots a huge stream of cum across Gear’s bald head. As Hazzard licks up his own cum, Gear explodes all over the concrete floor.

23  minutes
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Handsome Gus Mattox is interrogating Tag Adams trying to find the whereabouts of the Rebels. When Tag won’t co-operate, Mattox forces him to knees. Wearing only ripped underwear and a wife-beater, Tag is forced to crawl the length of the washroom. Six naked men line the walls on either side. As Tag crawls past each one, he pauses while the man drenches him with piss. Eddie Stone is last in line, trying to outdo the others by aiming his stream of piss at a ripped hole in the ass of Tag’s underwear.

Mattox drags Tag to the center of the floor and hoses him down with clean water. Tag crawls over to the first big cock and starts sucking it. Mattox drags Tag around to service each dick. The other guys stand in places along the wall and jack their cocks. Eventually they encircle Tag and each takes his turn feeding this cock-hungry slave. But Tag can’t manage all of these hard-dicked, horny men by himself, so a couple of the others join him down on their knees.

This horny mob gets down to some serious fucking. Tag Adams and Jan Fisher bend over in the middle of the room, and embracing one another, they endure a punishing fuck from monster cock men Owen Hawk and Rick Gonzales. With two bottoms exhausted, Hawk turns his attention to Eddie Stone’s ass. Tristan Bennet sits on Gus Mattox’s cock while the others watch and pump their cocks. In the scene’s finale, Tag is back in the centre of the room lying across a platform. One by one, the horny men unload all over Tag. Owen Hawk is first, spewing a juicy load all over Tag’s face. When the last of the seven men explodes all over Tag, the exhausted bottom blows his own load.

52  minutes
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Johnny Hazzard is getting some new ink from Asian hottie Brandon Lee while Kent Larson looks on. Satisfied with his new tattoo, Hazzard leaves Lee and Larson alone. Within seconds these two men are locked in a passion, kissing, sucking nipples, and devouring one another’s armpits. Having teased one another through the tattooing session, these horny men don’t hold back now.

Lee whips out his huge cock and Larson gets to work with his mouth making it even bigger and harder. Brandon is totally selfish, letting Larson worship his big dick. Larson stops every so often to swat Lee’s hard cock with his hand or to kiss Lee deeply.

When Lee finally gets down on his knees, Larson holds his head and fucks Lee’s mouth. After swapping rim jobs, Larson gets down on all fours. Lee beats Larson’s ass with his long, hard cock. He paddles Larson’s fuck hole with his swollen cock head and drives Larson crazy. Lee finally shoves his huge cock into Larson’s shaved ass and gives him the fucking he’s been waiting for. When Larson can’t take another inch, he lets loose and blows his load all over his stomach. Lee isn’t far behind him, spraying a juicy and watery load all over Larson.

22  minutes
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All of the Commander’s men have assembled to pay homage to their leader. Five men are encased in glass and metal cages. Johnny Hazzard leads the men into the room, each cage pushed by a bare-chested leather man. When the Commander orders the sex slaves released, the eleven men erupt into a frenzied orgy of cock sucking. The leather men peel out of their uniforms while the cock suckers jockey for position. As the cock slaves continue their feeding frenzy, their underwear is ripped from their hard, muscled bodies.

The horny men clamour around the three cages – a guy lies across each cage, offering his ass for service. Sebastian Tauza, and Anthony Shaw are pushed to the limits with stainless steel dildos shaped like bolts. Each of the bottoms writhes in sensory overload as the orgy of hands, cocks, and mouths envelopes them.

Anthony Shaw, Johnny Hazzard, and Sebastian Tauza are laid across the three cages for the exhaustive and explosive fuck scene. Hazzard is pounded endlessly by Rob Romoni. Alex LeMonde fucks Anthony Shaw to orgasm and his cries stop the room. When Shaw blasts a flying cum shot across his chest, the onlookers howl approvingly. Dillon Press takes over fucking Johnny Hazzard, and Shane Rollins plows Theo Blake, while Troy Punk sits on a hard cock. One by one the exhausted men shoot their loads, with Anthony Shaw announcing that he’s going to shoot another load. You’re going to need a couple of towels for this scene!

66  minutes
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Nominated for 12 GAYVN Awards

BOLT the hardcore release from Chi Chi LaRue`s Rascal sports one of the biggest, dirtiest, and downright filthy casts in Porn history. From the young and fresh newcomer Rascal Exclusive Jan Fischer, to the rough and ready Rascal Exclusive Johnny Hazzard these men get put through every wet and raunchy moment as if it`s their last. Superstar Tag Adams has never been better or wetter. Falcon Exclusive Gus Mattox and the legendary Zak Spears lead this troop of sex pigs into a new world of lust, servitude and pleasure.

Watch Rascal Exclusives Eddie Stone, Tristan Bennet, Brandon Lee, and Theo Blake as you`ve never seen them before. The 11 man orgy slams together with all-stars Shane Rollins, Rob Romoni, Rod Barry, and more introduce us to the man flesh of Sebastian Tauza, Rick Razor, and Troy Punk.

What sleaze-fest would be complete without the likes of nasty men Lance Gear, Kent Larson, Dillon Press, Alex LeMonde, Kyle Lewis, Owen Hawke, and uncut wonder Rick Gonzalez?



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