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Born To Porn

Born To Porn
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
175 min

Leo Forte, Steve Cruz

    all models over 18    
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Adrian Hart

Cade Maddox

Colton Reece

Devin Franco

Devin Trez

Jimmy West

Nic Sahara

Vander Pulaski

Zario Travezz

ade Maddox is sitting poolside while getting his girthy cock sucked by Adrian Hart. While the cameras roll, Adrian works Cade’s massive dick with his mouth, savoring every last inch. After getting his taste of cock, Adrian gets bent over and rimmed deep by Cade’s hungry tongue. CUT! Switching positions, they move from the pool and Cade inserts his fat cock deep into Adrian’s ass. Adrian gets pumped bareback full of Cade’s award-winning cock. Cade paints Adrian’s hole with his milk and rams his cock back in until his massive dick hits Adrian’s prostate just right, and Adrian blows a load all over his rock-hard abs.
30  minutes
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After doing their glamour shots and getting interviewed, Devin Trez and Jimmy West lock lips and caress each other’s naked bodies in the hot tub. Jimmy is the first to make a move as he sinks into the water to deepthroat Devin’s long, uncut pole. The passionate cocksucking continues until Devin bends Jimmy over to get a taste of his smooth hole. With Jimmy’s hole open and eager, Devin works in his rod bareback until it’s completely inside Jimmy’s ass. It’s a tight fit at first, but soon, Jimmy is pushing back on Devin’s cock, eager for all his inches. As Jimmy’s hole clenches his cock, Devin loses control and blasts off a massive load that sprays everywhere. Jimmy wants to bust so he lays on his back to keep getting his hole stretched until he unloads thick ropes on his stomach.
34  minutes
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Colton Reece and Zario Travezz are naked on the bed going at it. Zario notices the thick meat in between Colton’s legs and bends down to fill his mouthwith it. While Zario sucks his cock, Colton reaches back to play with Zario’s tight hole. After railing Zario’s throat, Colton lays on his front and Zario divesdeep between Colton’s cheeks the eat out his untouched hole. Now that Colton has had his hole licked, it’s time to turn around and return the favor bytongue fucking Zario’s eager ass. After Zario is full lubed with saliva, Colton lubes up and slams his thick cock deep into Zario’s crack bareback. After thehorny hunks shift thru multiple positions, Zario ends up on his back taking Colton’s pumps until he gets coated with Colton’s jizz while he strokes hisown load onto his abs.
29  minutes
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As Devin Franco and Nic Sahara are about to get down to business, Devin Trez joins the duo to get his cock sucked by them both. Devin Trez savorsevery moment that Devin Franco and Nic spend, devouring his cock. After fucking their throats, Devin Trez lines up the studs to he can rim Nic’s asswhile Devin Franco gets his cock sucked. With Devin Franco’s dick in his mouth, Nic takes Devin Trez’s pole up his hole. When it’s Devin Franco’s turn toget stretched, he hops on top to ride Devin Trez’s meat bareback while Nic licks them both from behind. Nic wants in on the fun and lines up to DP DevinFranco. After squeezing his cock into Devin Franco’s tight ass, Nic switches it up to feed Devin Franco the cock that was just in his ass while Devin Trezkeeps pounding away. Devin Franco keeps sucking Nic’s cock until a fresh load is delivered right his mouth as he gets bred by Devin Trez. Franco sitsback one last time to jerk his cock until his nuts while Devin Trez fingers his hole.
40  minutes
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Vander Pulaski is hard at work sucking on Colton Reece’s cock. Once Colton is fully hard, he bends Vander over the edge of the pool and tongues his asswhile teasing it with a few fingers. They decide to leave the pool and post up on a pool chair where Colton glides his fuck-stick deep in between Vander’scheeks. Taking a break from Colton’s powerful bareback thrusts, Vander gets up to ride Colton’s pole down to the base. To finish him off, Colton putsVander on his back and drills his hole until Vander gets plastered with a thick load from Colton’s dick. Now that Colton came, Vander chokes downColton’s cock one last time while he strokes his jizz out on the ground.
42  minutes
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REEL MEN SHARE THEIR REAL LIVES Nine gorgeous naked men take you backstage on a live setand show you, unapologetically, who they are in a behind-the-scenes documentary-style eroticfeature that focuses on the real lives of porn performers. These award-winning, stunning superstarswere ‘Born to Porn’, and they open up fully in this compelling and 100% satisfying bareback Falconfeature! Co-directors Steve Cruz and Leo Forte dive deep into the lives of these porn stars andexplore their motivations for performing, its impact on their lives and the pros and cons of navigating that territory in a fast-changing world where social media is the driving force. Each scenegives you more insight and raw and intense views of these statuesque guys in full energized action.Cade Maddox gets his award-winning cock drained by Adrian Hart while the cameras roll poolside.Newcomer Jimmy West gets bent over and stretched by Devin Trez’ uncut member. Zario Travezzgets his hole dominated by Colton Reece. Devin Franco gets DP’d by Nic Sahara and Devin Trez.Colton Reece returns to slam Vander Pulaski’s eager crack. The connections are intimate, theinteractions, authentic. And, the sex is pure fire! When you’re ‘Born To Porn’, you can’t just rest onhandsome! You work hard on your body, and you fuck furious for the fans!

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