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Young Bastards #41 Bound Boys Filled With Cum

Young Bastards #41 Bound Boys Filled With Cum
Young Bastards
  • Anal Sex
  • Bareback
  • Blindfold
  • Bondage
  • Group Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
94 min

Falk Lux

    all models over 18    
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Axel Berti
Daniel Hausser
Fabrice Rossi
Giorgio Angelo
Izan Loren

Luke Tyler
Mickey Taylor
Nathan Hope
Nico Butti
Sly Conan

Timmy Treasure
Vitali Kutcher
Will Nouvak

Axel isn`t going to say no when his horny friend Will suggests trying on the stocks, the boy knows what`s coming and he wants his tight little raw fuckhole well and truly used. The captive boy gets a feast of hard and dripping cock to suck before Will jabs his rigid meat into that tight ass, parting his plump cheeks and invading his hole, ramming his pal deep. Freed from his restraints young Axel can more easily ride his friend`s raw shaft and properly enjoy it, sliding up and down on that rigid pole while his own uncut dick flops around and his cum-loaded balls bounce. The feel of hot cum splashing up his back is what ultimately makes his own meat explode a fountain of cum, splashing it out all over as his body trembles.
14  minutes
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Nico is checking out the ropes when horny fucker Sly catches him and decides to take advantage of that slut hole. The twink is no match for the fit young man and his bulging wet cock, in moments he`s under the dom`s horny control, gagging on his leaking meat and being restrained up against the cross. With his own dick flopping around his ass gets invaded, the hard and naked length jabbing away at his insides. Sly gets his meat even deeper when he frees the boy to ride his length, fucking up into his hole until he`s nearly ready. With some final ramming from behind he pulls out to drench the boy`s hole with hot cream, leaving his prisoner shamefully dripping jizz like the little slut he is.
16  minutes
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Giorgio gets a surprise when intruder Fabrice leaps onto him from behind with a blindfold and some duct tape ready. He has the boy`s underwear off in a second and his ankles bound. It seems the boy might like it, when he flips his captive over that cock is hard and wet with pre, and it only gets harder when Fabrice starts playing with that tanned and plump ass. The cock rubbing and face fucking surely puts the boy in his place but once Fabrice is jabbing that bareback cock between his cheeks and using him as a fuck toy the boy is moaning with delight. There`s nothing Giorgio can do about it, his ass is owned and creamed, semen dripping from his aching pucker. By the time he`s milked of his own load and left ravaged his assailant is gone, but he`ll probably be back.
19  minutes
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Sadistic Vitali loves taking control and using a twink fuck toy to get off, when his long uncut cock needs release he just finds a boy to use. Daniel has been driven to a remote location tied up in the trunk and although he`s happy to finally get some fresh air his face is soon being fucked hard by the lad`s big uncut meat. It`s a good thing this boy knows how to obey a master and worship a cock it would be worse for him if he failed. Once his restraints are off and his ass is up he submits to that raw length slamming into his tight hole. He might have been reluctant at the start but he can`t help but wank himself off while Vitali uses him for his own pleasure, his dick just likes it too much. The sight of his boy spewing hot cum all over himself soon gets the devious lad to the edge, feeding his boy that hot load straight from his hooded shaft before abandoning his twink fuck toy on the road.
14  minutes
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The buff Spaniard Izan shows up in the early hours with athletic Luke Tyler to find some thoroughly fucked guests. Both make sure it gets started again. Quickly they have a gangbang going hard: licking, sucking and fucking all over the place. When it cums down to it though – they’re all after powerbottom Timmy’s insatiable bubblebutt. First Luke crams his XL dong in, then the other lads follow. Fucked to bits and smeared with sperm, Timmy is finally allowed to bust his nutt at the end of a long night of bareback bottoming. Timmy Treasure is the partyboi!
30  minutes
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These boys don`t ask for a mouth to fuck or a hole to slam, when they`ve got a hot load of cum to shoot they`ll take what they want and use their twinky friends, filling them with raw young cock and fucking them hard.

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