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Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters
Raging Stallion
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139 min

Steve Cruz

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Eddy Ceetee

Jay Austin

Jay Landford

Johnny Ryder

Kurtis Wolfe

Lorenzo Flexx

Riley Mitchel

Alex Mecum

Opposites attract. Especially in jail. That`s what tattooed drug runner Riley Mitchell and wide-eyed innocent Jay Austin learn after they`re thrown in a cell together. Jay`s only crime is a night of hard partying. As for Riley? Well, he might have snuck some molly over the border. Whatever the case, Riley`s got no patience for his Chatty Cathy cellmate, but his plan to shut Jay up reveals the scruffy, wide-eyed innocent has way more experience than he`s letting on – with cock! After Riley zeroes in on Jay`s ass, his expert rim job turns Jay`s chit-chat into hungry moans, and within seconds, eager young Jay is bucking his ass back onto Riley`s expert, non-stop tongue fuck. When it`s Jay`s turn to return the favor, the kid eagerly hits all fours like a hungry puppy, happily choking himself on Riley`s thick, throbbing cock. It`s a blowjob so good, Riley must hold onto the cell`s bars to stay upright. Since they`ve let their guard down, tough guy Riley decides to offer up his hard muscle ass to his eager young cellmate. Jay`s more than happy to accept. He takes the tatted-up criminal`s hungry hole long and deep in a raw, spit-lubed fuck punctuated by Jay`s eager cries of, "Good boy!" In return, Riley flips Jay`s ass skyward, pile-driving the him bareback as both men grip the bars for support. Jay`s eyes roll back into his head as he begs for more and more of Riley`s raw dick. It`s the kind of sweaty, hungry fuck that only two men locked alone in a cell together can give each other. It ends with Jay drenching his own beard with his thick cum and Riley slathering Jay`s twitching hole with his load before driving it inside on the head of his bare, lube-slick cock. Just then, Riley`s buddy Johnny Ryder shows up with a keyring he swiped off the sleeping deputy. In his rush to escape, Riley leaves poor, freshly plowed Jay behind, proving that while jail might be a great place to fuck, it`s not the best place to make friends.
29  minutes
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Chasing dangerous fugitives is tense, stressful work, and sometimes the only thing ‘Bounty Hunters’ can count on is their partners. Especially when you`re on the trail of a hardened drug runner. When Lorenzo Flexx and Jay Landford discover their plan to take down their mark leaves them with a few hours of alone time in a ratty motel room, barely repressed passions boil to the surface. These gorgeous men surrender fully to their forbidden desires; going from stressed out hunters of men to sweaty sex gods the minute they shed their gun holsters. They`re desperate to give each other that special kind of raw, relentless pleasure a man who chases danger can only get from the guy who always has his back. Lorenzo hits his knees, so lost in servicing god-like Jay`s cock he ignores the transmissions coming through their police scanner. Eager to take control, Jay marvels over Lorenzo`s muscle ass, nibbling Loreno`s meaty cheeks, teasing Lorenzo`s tight hole with his fingers and leisurely swipes of his tongue. Jay takes ownership of his partner`s hole with passionate kisses and long, driving thrusts of his raw, glistening cock. Before long, Jay`s pinned his fellow musclebound bounty hunter face first into the mattress. Then he claims Lorenzo missionary-style, with slow kisses and lingering eye contact and a hot, frenzied sense of connection. When you spend all day chasing dangerous men, sometimes you can`t help chasing your gorgeous partner`s hot load.
27  minutes
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When you`re on the run from the law, sometimes the line between captor and captive gets a little blurry. Fugitives Johnny Ryder and Riley Mitchell are racing through the open desert on foot. They`re in need of a getaway car, and fast. Along comes a white van driven by studly movie star look-alike Kurtis Wolfe. Guns drawn, flex cuffs out, the two fugitives tear Kurtis from the driver`s seat. Riley slides behind the wheel while Johnny drags their terrified captive into the van`s cargo bay. But the tape over Kurtis`s mouth isn`t enough to keep him quiet so Riley suggests another tactic – Johnny should fill Kurtis`s mouth with his enormous cock. Eager to shut Kurtis up, Johnny complies. But Kurtis likes his new gag way more than the tape. He quickly turns into a slobbering bobblehead on Johnny`s gargantuan rod. Who knew their random kidnapping victim would turn out to be such a hungry cocksucker? Johnny can`t get enough of the fact that Kurtis can`t seem to get enough of his dick. What choice does he have to but to drive Kurtis`s handsome face into his sweaty ass crack? When Johnny finally releases Kurtis`s cock, he finds his rough treatment has left his captive throbbing and rock hard. While Riley`s stuck driving at breakneck speeds through the open desert, Johnny sucks their captive`s cock with such passion, it`s not clear who`s violating who. One thing is clear. When Kurtis finally explodes, Johnny can`t resist slurping up his pretty boy captive`s thick, creamy load. Kurtis is more than happy to return the favor when Johnny straddles his chest. Who knew a last-minute kidnapping could involve this much hot cum?
17  minutes
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Question: What should do two fugitives do when their captive won`t stop begging for his life? Answer: Spit roast the guy raw! Riley Mitchell and Johnny Ryder are on the run from the law. But right now, their biggest problem is scruffy, pretty-boy Kurtis Wolfe. They only needed Kurtis for a getaway car, but now he won`t stop begging for his release. Riley`s ready to pull the trigger - literally! - just so he can have a moment`s peace. That’s when a terrified Kurtis says they can’t kill him yet, Johnny wants to fuck him in the ass and he still hasn’t had the chance! One look at his partner and Riley realizes, yep! Johnny wants to fuck Kurtis in the ass. Hard. Riley explodes - how can Johnny be thinking about sex at a time like this? Johnny answers by spreading the cheeks of their captive`s mouthwatering, hair-dusted ass. Riley can see his point. Both men hit their knees for a taste of Kurtis`s delicious crack as they trade long passionate kisses. The tension of being on the run explodes into a three way of unstoppable fuck heat that sees each man taking raw dick long and hard, including reluctant tough guy Riley, who ends up flat on his back, begging for his captive`s cock and load. Second question: What should two fugitives never do if they want to evade some highly trained bounty hunters? Answer: Stop to fuck their captive. As soon as the men finish tasting each other`s hot loads, they discover they have some very unwanted visitors. Visitors with guns.
27  minutes
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Desperate, sweaty and on the run, tattooed fugitive Riley Mitchell makes it home just in time to hide from the determined men on his tail. Hollywood handsome bounty hunters Eddy Ceetee and Alex Mecum burst into Riley`s bedroom, guns drawn, just as Riley slides out of sight. A distraught Eddy is convinced they`ve lost Riley for now. But he`s sure their target will return home at some point and they should lie in wait. That means he and Alex have some time to kill. And when your partner`s as hot as an social media thirst trap, what better way to kill time than deep throating his cock? At least that`s what Eddy thinks. The dark-haired stud hits his knees, gazing up at Alex with passion-filled, bedroom eyes as he swallows every inch of the man`s gorgeous cock, leaving Alex breathless. Alex shows his appreciation for Eddy`s perfect pecs by sliding his epic cock and low hanging balls between them. Then he feasts on his on his partner`s muscle ass, snapping the bands of Eddy`s jockstrap as he nibbles, sucks, licks and tastes. Meanwhile, Riley, trapped in his closet, is getting too horned up by the action he’s seeing to plot his escape. He strips down, lubes his palm with spit and gives his full attention to the unbridled lust of the bounty hunters who have him trapped. Outside the closet, Eddy slides his raw length inside Alex, turning his fellow bounty hunter into a wild-eyed, teeth-gritting bottom beast. "I want you to fuck me," Eddy growls after plowing Alex to the brink. Alex is happy to oblige, and soon Eddy`s thrusting his flawless ass back onto Alex`s raw inches. When Eddy flips Alex onto his back and gets on for a ride, Riley loses all control. At the loud crash from the closet, both buck-naked bounty hunters grab their guns and leap to their feet, cocks swinging. As soon as they throw their naked and humiliated target to his knees, he hits them with a shocking request. "You guys gotta fuck me raw before you take me in," Riley pleads. Caught up in their debauched and reckless passion, the bounty hunters oblige. Alex rails the hardened criminal long, deep and raw before launching a gushing load across his flushed, sweaty ass cheeks. Eddy visits the same sticky fate on Riley`s scruffy face. Marking your territory as you get your man it`s all just another day`s work for Raging Stallion`s ‘Bounty Hunters’.
39  minutes
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In ‘Bounty Hunters’, the new, full-on, bareback release from Raging Stallion, musclebound studs hunt dangerous fugitives and discover the only way to release the stress of the chase is through hot, raw sessions with their partners and the tatted-up criminals they`re trying to bring down! When dangerous drug runner Riley Mitchell ends up in a jail cell with wide-eyed innocent Jay Austin, the result is a raw flip-fuck that leaves eager young Jay`s beard and hole covered in cum. Hot on Riley`s tail after his escape from jail, bounty hunters Jay Landford and Lorenzo Flexx decide that downtime means going down on your partner. Lorenzo gobbles Jay`s god-like cock and Jay lays claim to Lorenzo`s hole with champion ass-eating and a long, hard, condom-free fuck. On the run through open desert, Riley Alexander and his pal Johnny Ryder steal a getaway van from studly Kurtis Wolfe. A gag made of duct tape doesn`t put an end to Kurtis`s desperate pleas, so Johnny replaces it with his gargantuan cock and discovers his pretty boy captive`s a hungry and eager cocksucker. After arriving at their secret hideout, Riley`s furious that Kurtis is still whining. He`s getting ready to give their captive a not-so-happy ending when Kurtis reminds them Johnny still hasn`t had a chance to fuck his ass. During their hot three way, each man takes a hard cock deep and raw. Riley narrowly escapes a shootout with bounty hunters Lorenzo and Jay, arriving home just in time to hide from two more bounty hunters, Eddy Cetee and Alex Mecum. Convinced they`ve missed Riley by seconds, the Hollywood-handsome Eddy and Alex decide to wait for their target by barebacking each other with such unbridled passion Riley can`t help but stroke himself as he watches from his hiding place. When the bounty hunters discover Riley, they`re so horned up they decide to honor Riley`s request to plow him bareback before turning him over to the authorities. As these ‘Bounty Hunters’ prove, there might be more than one way to get your man, but the best way is always hard and raw.

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