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Breathless - Director`s Cut

Breathless - Director`s Cut
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Handjobs
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Outdoor Sex
  • Rimming
  • Spitting
  • Watersports
174 min
Czech Rep.

Bruce Cam

    all models over 18    
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Alex Baresi

Benjamin Stark

Carlos (b)

Damien Crosse

Don Camillo

Francois Sagat

Glenn Santoro

Julian Vincenzo

Miguel Sabroso

Pierre Sias

Ted Colunga

TitanMen exclusive François Sagat is on the run, with Ted Colunga and Julian Vincenzo giving chase. When they catch him they force him to his knees, waving their dicks in front of his face – he dives down on those thick slabs of meat, alternating between chewing on their foreskins and deepthroating them ‘til he’s practically gagging. The guys throw François across a trestle, Ted spreads François’s asscheeks apart to lick and tongue-fuck the meaty mounds while François continues to suck down Julian’s dick Julian and Ted switch places to give Julian a chance to dive in and eat.... More
44  minutes
Content & Stars...
Masculine hunk Miguel Sabroso and sexy stud Glenn Santoro, hunters sitting on a platform in a tree, watch François hightail it through the woods. Glenn and Miguel take a piss off the side of the platform and then they make their way down to the ground and continue to kiss and suck each other until the shoot their hot creamy loads. They find Carlos, who’s lying on a log, naked and stroking his thick, meaty cock. Glenn kisses Carlos’s full lips while Miguel chows down on his unbelievably thick, beercan-sized slab of meat and licks his tight balls. Carlos kicks his legs back, exposing his lightly-furred asshole for first Miguel, then Glenn, to tease open with their probing tongues and fingers. Glenn squats over Carlos, who obligingly sucks down the offered cock and rims his perfectly-formed ass. Glenn swings around to roll a condom on and Carlos finally gets the fat-dicked fucking he’s been practically begging for! First on his back, then on his knees, Carlos takes on Glenn’s thick cock with practiced ease, then sits on and slides up and down Miguel’s monster meat. With Miguel hitting all the right spots deep inside, Carlos gushes his cum in a huge spray that shoots out all over the forest floor Glenn spurts his seed out too, then Miguel follows suit with a fountain of jizz that splatters his furry abs.

Spent and happy, Glenn and Miguel wander back off into the woods, leaving Carlos, who’s compelled to jack off again, he’s so turned on with the memory of what just happened. For a guy who’s just creamed out such a big load, he manages to spurt out another surprisingly thick geyser of cum, massaging it into his washboard abs.

42  minutes
Content & Stars...
François is still fleeing his captors, takes a quick break behind several large trees and sees Damien Crosse, is on his knees orally servicing Pierre Sias and Benjamin Stark. The three studs take turns blowing each other, before Damien gets his hot ass eaten by Benjamin and Pierre. Damien then pumps out a pint of cream all over the side of Pierre’s face, which he sensually licks off. ... More
34  minutes
Content & Stars...
Alex Baresi and Don Camillo tend to the fire that’s going to keep them warm, but they might not need the fire, because things start to rapidly heat up with their wandering hands, and lips locked in a romantic kiss. Alex works on Don’s throbbing cock and eager ass. ... More
29  minutes
Content & Stars...
The morning starts off with Don getting on his knees to give François a warm and wet blowjob as Alex watches. François maneuvers Alex on his hands and knees and pushes his thick cock deep into Alex’s ass as Don gets swallowed by Alex. François and Don trade places so Don’s plugging Alex’s ass while Alex sucks down François. The studs flip Alex onto his back, and François fucks him again Don helpfully holds Alex’s ankles up to give François deep access, Alex is absolutely loving it, his infectious grin giving away just how good it feels. Don sinks his cock into Alex again, plundering that perfectly formed mound of ass-muscle for all the treasure he can find, pumping away at Alex until he pulls out and erupts over the bottom stud, cum coursing out to coat his hairy body. Alex also spills his spunk, and François pounds away at his own penis until the cum arches out of his pumping cock to mix in with the other loads that’ve landed on Alex. They all share lingering kisses before François melts away into the forest again Alex and Don kiss as François looks back one last time with a bittersweet glance. ... More
25  minutes
Content & Stars...
2007 GRABBY NOMINEE - Best Videography (Brian Mills & Jimmy Garrido)

2007 GRABBY NOMINEE - Best DVD Extras

This lush cinematic outdoor feature encompasses all of the elements that made TitanMen famous: handsome masculine men, incredible no-holds barred sex all beautifully shot in one of this world’s most dramatic outdoor settings. The green forests primeval of the Czech Republic provide the backdrop for TitanMen’s 11 sexiest men to date!


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