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Bred To Serve

Bred To Serve
Bulldog Raw
  • Anal Sex
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  • Bareback
  • Bondage
  • Cum-eating
  • Dildo
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Spanking
90 min

Sean Hardy

    all models over 18    
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AJ Alexander

Alex Silvers

Gabriel Phoenix

Johannes Lars

Killian James

Alexis Belfort
Matthew Anders
Nathan Raider

Leather-clad daddy Matthew Anders loves his new toy, and his new toy loves him. Caged and chained, pet-boy Johannes Lars is at the service of his master, and is on his knees ready to do as he’s told like any good boy should. Pushing his thick uncut dick through the bars, Johannes laps at the shaft like a hungry kid sucking on a lollipop. Devouring as much as he can through the strong metal struts. After playing with his smooth pink hole, lubing it up with spit and tasting his boys long thick dick, bearded Matt wants more from his boy and leads him out of the cage and still bent inside, slides his raw dick deep inside the milky-white boy, pulling on his chain collar as he gets him to back up onto him, proving what a cock-hungry pet he really is to his master. Brining him out of the cage as a treat for taking dick so well, Matthew gets him to bounce on top of that bare dick, feeling the warmth of his shaft penetrate him deeper than before, going balls-deep again and again, the chain of his leash clinking with each bounce, reminding him that he’s under ownership and needs to please his man. Showing his appreciation, daddy Matthew Anders shoots a thick load over Johannes, his open pink hole gratefully taking up every available drop as it’s fucked into him, the sign of a happy master. Allowing his boy to shoot too, Johannes kneels in front of Matts leather boots, and covers them with a huge load of thick spunk. Lapping at the fresh load, cleaning his boots of what he just shot over them, Johannes takes up every last drop, leaving the boots shining and his young body full of cum.
23  minutes
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Top fucker Killian James takes full pleasure with dark haired Alexis Belfort as his bottom boy for the day. Joining Killian in the blackened room, Alexis laps at Killian’s hairy armpits, tasting the sweat, getting the full flavour on his tongue as he then enjoys Killian’s delicious cut cock too. The singlet Killian wears frames his hairy torso, muscled and covered in a trim layer of hair, the young fucker enjoying Alexis’s exploratory tongue tasting every available inch of his exposed skin. Fitting a ball-gag to his boy, the attention will surely be fully on that smooth bubble butt, and we aren’t let down. Propping him up, Killian plunges tongue, finger and dildo deep into Alexis, getting his boy to push back and take as much inside his young ass as possible, and then some more – pushing his boundaries and stretching his limit that bit further each time. Graded red toys making way for super-thick textured blue crackstuffers designed for maximum pleasure and maximum control for Killian to skewer Alexis to the spot. Sliding his raw dick deep into Alexis after, the sloppy lubed hole the perfect home for Killian’s thick meat to slide into, Alexis going hard and fast on top of Killian, eager not to let Killian down and wanting as much cum in his ass as possible, which Killian gladly obliges, his bare dick exploding with wads of the good stuff all over the place before getting it fucked swiftly inside, wasting as little as possible and turning on Alexis so much his own load follows immediately as Killian fingers his cummy hole.
23  minutes
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Hard bodied and hairy, young Nathan Raider is the perfect sleazy top, the lean muscled man knows what he wants and with dirty blond Gabriel on his knees in front of him, is sure to get it. Getting his throat fucked as Nathan plays with his jock-strapped hole, It starts as a dark and dirty blowjob, but escalates quickly as Gabriel is strapped to the wall, arms up and unable to resist what Nathan gives to him. Focusing first on his tasty ass, Nathan buries his stubbled face deep between the cheeks, scratching his man’s ass as he tastes deep inside, pulling his cock down to wop between the two, dick then ass, ass then dick, until he deems them both wet enough to take his own thick slab of meat which is quickly shoved deep inside, up to the hilt right away and Gabriel’s would surely have yelped if he were able to get free. Feeling each inch probe deeper and deeper, Gabriel is all but hanging from the wall, his straps keeping him upright and hole open for fucking as Nathan pulls his face round to tongue fuck his mouth as he speedily fucks that ass hard. Thinking he’s purely the bottom, Gabriel is quickly corrected as he’s turned around, strapped up and Nathan back his own ass onto Gabriel’s stiff dick, without a moment to complain, Gabriel finds himself fucking his master whilst restrained, his own raw dick disappearing inside as, the warm hole wrapping itself around his thick dick over and over as Nathan backs up and self-fucks. Undoing his cuffs, Nathan throws Gabriel over, fucks doggy, ready to truly coat that well used hole in spunk, soaking wet and fucking it inside his boy, Nathan allows Gabriel to dump his own load, boots pressing him down to the floor, pinning him in place as he jerks off, coating his hairy body in jets of jizz, both men sweaty, spunky and fully sated.
23  minutes
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Slapping the milky white butt cheeks of a horny young twink is the ideal way to get yourself turned on, and hung tattooed top AJ is no different. Holding on to his collar as he spanks the young Alex Silvers over his knee, the dicks are soon quivering and solid, and AJ loves the taste of boy dick almost as much as slapping their butts! Getting his face fucked first, his attention is turned to fingering and lapping at that pink hole as Alex is bent over and pushing out, getting his hole opening and eaten, fingered and pulled open to get as deep as possible. Satisfied Alex’s hole is open enough for his giant dick, AJ slides inside effortlessly, slapping his cheeks to open him up even more, AJ takes great time and pleasure working his thick shaft deep into Alex, from tip to hilt, and pulling on his shoulders to get that extra inch deeper past the balls, the handsome dick disappears inside the boy, spit and lube seeping out from around the edges as Alex is fully gaping and taking dick like a pro, ready for the load of cum to join in and mix with the juices flowing in and around his ass.
22  minutes
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The rooms are ready, the boys are bound and the scent of sex, sweat and spunk fill the air as you enter them one by one, ready to take in whatever is waiting for you inside. Chained pet-boys, leather clad muscle men, butt slapping and disappearing dildos, this is only a taste of what’s to come. Including giant dicks, sweaty pits and cum filled holes, the men are here for a purpose and the boys are Bred to Serve. Willing and more than capable of taking whatever they are given, they lap up at spunk covered boots, take giant dildos inside their butts, ass cheeks red raw and of course big dicks sliding bare up to the balls, stretching them opening before plunging load after load of fresh spunk deep inside them, full to the brim and ready for more.

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