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198 min

Brian Mills

    all models over 18    
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Francois Sagat

Joey Dino

Josh O`Hara

Logan Scott

Matthieu Costa

Patrick Knight

PJ Dixon

Spencer Reed

Steve Cruz

Todd Maxwell

Bo Knight
Rocky Torrez
Tober Brandt

Coffee break is almost over. Carpenter PJ Dixon is resting, leaving him prey to his trickster buddies Todd Maxwell (the husky, gym-toned American in the blue t-shirt) and Matthieu Costa (the handsome, and, as you`ll soon see, huge-nipped and uncut Frenchman in the green t-shirt). Trapping Dixon inside a packing crate, they use their hole saw to core a couple of glory holes through its side, and Dixon eagerly power sucks two loads out of the overheated guys. Then they throw the hairy-chested stud bottom across the crate, lube up his furry butt crack with probing tongues, and fuck his brains out. Costa`s plowing pushes Dixon over the brink, and as he`s kissing the contented bottom, Maxwell rams his cock up the Frenchman`s ass. With Dixon sucking his uncut meat and Maxwell screwing his tight ass, Costa can`t keep from blasting out his balls, and the men collapse in a three-way kiss.
35  minutes
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Soaking wet, tan, hairy, and muscular, TitanMen exclusive Francois Sagat is the center of an explosive three way with incredibly sexy new TitanMen Rocky Torrez and Steve Cruz. Hairy muscle studs Steve and Rocky lick the sweat off Francois` hard body before Francois savagely fucks both of them.
34  minutes
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A third photograph depicts lovers Patrick Knight and Josh O`Hara, first playing outdoors, and then, not able to contain themselves any longer, running into the kitchen for some spit heavy blowjobs and ass eating. Their playful romp turns plenty serious as Knight slides an ice cube up O`Hara`s tight and pristine young asshole. Then he makes the boyish strawberry blond yowl with the deep and slow thrusts of his magnificent cock.
30  minutes
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It`s brawny versus the beast when gigantically built and jock-clad drill sergeants Bo Knight and Joey Dino take their gripe to the wrestling mat. Fierce and burly as Bo is, he`s overpowered by Dino, who makes the contest his conquest. It`s fucking humiliating, and Bo retaliates by clamping his steely muscle-butt onto Dino`s face. Dino tongues that tight hole, slickin` it up and then sliding his monster cock into the crazed bodybuilder`s blistering hot hole for a fucking. His pile-driver plunges push the cum outta Bo`s cock, and Dino soon sprays his own load onto his belly`s thick and sweat-matted fur.
37  minutes
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Thickly muscled, black-clad TitanMen stud Francois Sagat arrives at Tober`s dungeon to deliver a stolen prize. Tober`s pleased, and decides to reward his successful agent by offering the greatest prize of all – his giant cock; Francois drops to his knees and uses his teeth to undo Tober`s leather pants, licking and drooling over the boss`s leather codpiece. Francois sucks and slobbers on Tober`s pierced dick, getting it slick with plenty of spit as Tober facefucks him, moaning and growling like a mad dog. Tober makes a meal out of Francois` thick, hairy pecs, furry pits and amazingly perfect six pack abs, ultimately peeling open Francois` trousers and swallowing the thick upturned cock. As Francois pumps away, Tober gags and lubes the thrusting fuck pole with his spit, swallowing Francois to the hilt while his own bone stands at attention. Francois jerks Tober’s cockpole until Tober busts his nut all over Francois’ chiseled, beefy pecs. François then kneels ass-out in a chair while Tober dives his face into his rockhard ass before mounting it, driving his condom-covered dick deep between the muscled globes. The two rock the chair back and forth as Francois rides Tober`s stiff pole while his own hard dick bangs against Tober’s ripped abs. Sweat pouring off his tanned torso, Francois turns around and sits backward on Tober’s dickshaft and sends thick ropes of jizz flying everywhere. As Francois kneels and strokes his thick veiny pole, Tober hoses him down with an interminable cannon spray of piss that bathes Francois’s golden, ripped, muscular body.
33  minutes
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Muscle man Spencer Reed is hard at work in the woods when he`s approached by smooth and beefy Logan Scott. He welcomes the distraction as the two kiss, the bulges in their jeans grinding against each other. Logan feasts on Spencer`s meat, prompting a stream of manly moans from the husky-voiced stud. Spencer grabs Logan`s dark hair, shoving the sucker`s head further down his shaft. Logan gags while deep-throating him, gasping for air as spit drips down ("Fuckin` little pig!"). Spencer pulls Logan up and takes out his cock, their two throbbers clashing as they kiss. Spencer gets some licks in on Logan`s "big fucking muscle ass" before sucking him as his own dick pulses below. He feeds Logan again, his sac getting tongued before the two shoot -- including a rocket from Spencer that hits Logan`s shoulder and drips down his back. Soon bent over a barrel, Logan gets plowed as flesh-smacking sounds fill the air. Spencer grabs hold of the bottom`s shoulders and hair, never letting up as revealing low shots capture his penetrating cock. The top turns Logan over and strokes him as he continues to fuck away, his massive chest glistening with sweat in the sun as two more wads are soon unleashed.
29  minutes
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