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Carlo and Friends

Carlo and Friends
William Higgins
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113 min
Czech Rep.

William Higgins

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Carlo (c)

Jan Dvorak

Pavel Korsakov

Zdenek Vesper

Bjorn Bohem
Boris Mateo
Cage Kauj
Jordi Cosimo
Vladimir Gott

Scouts Carlo Festa and Zdenek Vesper are out hiking in a Bohemian forest when they come upon an old trunk. They pick it up and take it along with them until they reach a clearing where they feel safe to open it up. All that's inside are a couple of old togas. Zdenek Vesper thinks it would be funny to try them on. The studs undress and put the togas on. Then, Zdenek takes out a bunch of grapes. They feed each other the juicy fruit while giggling away. Zdenek can't resist Carlo's sweet smile. He leans over and softly kisses his beautiful lips. Then Zdenek's hand wanders over to Carlo's toga, which he lifts up to reveal a thick hardened cock. This emboldens Carlo to do the same, exploring his pal's stiff member with his hands for the first time. Zdenek then gets down on his knees in front of Carlo and takes his thick penis in his mouth and proceeds to suck Carlo's aching member. Then he bends muscular Carlo over until the lad is redfaced to examine his hairy hole and jack his fat cock. Then he gets between Carlo's legs and fellates him some more. Removing their togas, they play with each other's cocks, "docking" with each other's foreskin. Zdenek goes down and sucks on Carlo's perfect nipples, before the two of them fall to the ground for some hot 69 action. Next, Carlo splays his friend out on a rock and fucks him slowly and passionately in the missionary position. Next, it's Carlo's turn to get fucked -- for the very first time in his life! Zdenek certainly doesn't take mercy on his buddy. He plows his ass with quick, purposeful thrusts, the sounds of Carlo's pained moaning mixing with the sounds of Zdenek's balls slapping up against his ass.
23  minutes
Young Carlo is riding his bike down the street when two officers in uniform, played by Vladimir Gott and Cage Kajc, stop him and demand to see his papers. When he is unable to present any, the two evil soldiers take him into the forest in order to "haze" him. He is led through the forest naked and forced to act as their servant as they go through their daily motions. Carlo Festa is forced to wear a very revealing servant's uniform. As he feeds sexy Vladimir Gott a banana, Gott can't help but comment out loud, "You have a nice banana, too." He is forced to lick the soldiers' boots as the two evil soldiers jack their enormous cocks in front of the young man’s face. Next, he has to lick their raw feet clean.Carlo sucks their enormous pricks. The two officers kiss as Carlo continues to slobber all over both members at once. Over a rocky impasse, Carlo is fucked ruthlessly, first by Vladimir Gott, then by Cage Kajc. They instruct Carlo to sit on each of their pricks. Each of them jack themselves to a gushing climax. But that's not enough for Vladimir Gott -- he insists on fucking poor Carlo's tight ass once more from behind. And he really gives it to him rough.
26  minutes
When Carlo Festa spots hunky Pavel Korsakov selling homemade honey on the side of the road, he decides to sample a bit of the hot stud's sweet stuff. Pavel leads the young scout deep into the forest, where he shows him a fort he constructed. He then begins his exploration of Carlo's delicious muscular body, pouring honey on to Carlo's nipples and licking it off, before dipping his beercan thick cock into the honey jar and cleaning the end of his pipe with a lavish prolonged blowjob. Next, Pavel Korsakov feeds Carlo his gigantic cock -- by this point, Carlo has definitely learned how to suck a mean cock, and it clearly shows. He sends Pavel into wild throes of ecstasy. The two of them double jack each other's cocks while making out and exploring one another's hot manly bodies. The two men 69 for a while with Carlo on top. He maintains a magnificent erection throughout the scene, even when he's being fucked by Korsakov's thick man tool over a barrel. Then they switch to allow Carlo to sit on Pavel's erection for a while, bouncing up and down with a full thick stiffy of his own. Eventually, Carlo can't hold out anymore -- he spurts a magnficent load, and is quickly followed by Pavel.
17  minutes
Hiking through the forest, Carlo Festa spots a strange sight through the trees. Upon closer examination, Jan Dvorak is revealed, butt naked and jerking his magnificent prick on top of a rock cliff! Carlo gets so turned on, he can't help but take out his own engorged pisser and stroke it right there. Jan eventually spots Carlo and decides to take action. Carlo responds well -- he takes the enormous tool into his mouth. Carlo sucks on Jan while jacking his own cock. Then, on a wooden bridge, Jan reciprocates, bending over to give us a nice view of his asshole as he sucks on young Carlo's thick rod. Then Dvorak sucks on Carlo's nipples, exploring his ripped torso with his tongue before returning between his legs and taking his prick in his mouth once more. Jan bends the poor lad over and fucks his tight ass nice and hard from behind. As he puts him down on his hands and knees, you can hear Dvorak's balls slapping up against Carlo's ass as he viciously pumps it, giving him every inch before showering Festa's back in a fantastic splash of cum. Carlo then delivers an award-winning shot of his own on to Jan's back.
17  minutes
It's cold inside the castle, so hairy stud Jordi Cosimo is stoking the fire as Carlo Festa arrives for the weekend party. The theme of the party, it is quickly announced to him, is Scots! Bjorn Bohem, Boris Mateo, Festa and Cosimo each put a kilt on. But then it comes time to remove their tighty whities. When Carlo is forced to take his off, he tries to conceal his hard-on from his friends, but is unable to. They immediately heckle him, but are also impressed by his thick slab of man meat. This leads the guys to start jacking each other off. Boris and Carlo pair off, enjoying the taste of each other's lips as they fondle one another's pricks. Jordi and Bjorn do the same thing on the other side of the room. Next, Bjorn rubs Carlo's nipples as Boris and Jordi take turns fellating his nice slab of dick. Carlo takes his friend Bjorn as Boris sucks Jordi's hairy cock. Then the lads fall into a circle and all suck one another. Things heat up when Carlo sticks his dick up Jordi's ass as Bjorn sucks on the hairy sex pig's man tool, while Boris feeds Jordi his veiny rugged tool. Then Bjorn and Carlo switch places, so that Bjorn can feel that hairy wetness wrapped around his rod for a while. Jordi tops Bjorn and Carlo takes care of Boris's virgin ass from behind. Boris is the first to spurt out his cum, followed by a huge wad of Carlos. Bjorn squeezes out a hot sticky load, and hairy Jordy then squirts his juice all over Bjorn.
20  minutes
Hung and beautiful European hotties enchant the forests of Prague. Carlo discovers all the horny delights of uncut man sex with several ass-pleasing affairs.

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