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Carny - Director`s Cut

Carny - Director`s Cut
  • 3-Way
  • Anal Sex
  • Ass Play
  • CBT
  • Cum-eating
  • Group Sex
  • Kissing
  • Masturbation
  • Oral Sex
  • Rimming
  • Spanking
  • Spitting
  • Watersports
183 min

Brian Mills, Harold Creg

    all models over 18    
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Ben Damon

Danny Lopez

Danny Vox

Dred Scott

Gil Cortez

Hank Real

Jake Corwin


Miguel Leon

Rick Pantera

Rocco Vidal

Tag Adams

A pair of aggressively brutal scenes fills the first incredible hour of punishing action in Carny. After Miguel Leonn catches his boyfriend, Tag Adams, sucking off filthy carny trade, Sam Ford, in a port-a-john toilet, he batters the boy’s face with his enormous, uncut punisher, and spanks his lily white butt till it’s Day-Glo red. But Adams craves this sort of mistreatment, and he begs for more, taking Leonn’s battering ram deep into his tight, smooth hole with a shameless fury that makes Leonn gush not one, but two tidal loads across their sweaty, heaving bodies.
34  minutes
In the next scene, when hunky, hairy-chested Danny Vox applies for a job, he’s mauled by snarling carny boss, Hank Real, a stogie-smoking rough-houser with a taste for edge play. In the most startling moments of this scene, Real rolls a condom over the handle of a wicked-looking industrial pipe reamer and proceeds to thoroughly ratchet out Vox’s puckered, quivering asshole.
30  minutes
The brutality of these scenes abates, but not their intensity, as Dred Scott stars in a double header with slick, handsome Gil Cortez. The two play a pair of seasoned cons who run a scam on naïve seabee, Danny Lopez. The payoff: ramming their raging boners down the kid’s throat. But sex is what any sailor wants when he’s on shore leave, and Lopez eagerly submits, smearing his face in their sweat, spit and cum before they pry open his plump pooch for some tag-team power-pumping.
36  minutes
Then Scott wanders into the carnival maintenance yard to take a leak. His piss stream draws nasty boy, Jake Corwin, to it like a dog groveling for a bone. Scott lubes Jake’s hairy crack with a moist tonguing before throwing him a walloping fuck. Jake’s always-stiff cock swells up harder than ever as his ass milks Scott’s mean rod so intensely that Scott spews his giant load.
33  minutes
Hidden away under the boardwalk, the guys cut loose in a nasty five-man fuckfest. Rick, Ben, and then Kalaban are thrown into a sling improvised out of a discarded fish net for a round robin fucking by Jake and Rocco - whose bloated salami shoots so hard he nearly passes out - as Jake and Rick lap up their own gargantuan cum piles.
32  minutes
In the last scene, the freaky carnies run amok. Shocking body modifications, sudden top-to-bottom switches, and the most amazing dose of piss you’ve seen in years are what you get as Generation X stakes a leatherworld claim with kinky, savage action.
18  minutes
Remember how Fallen Angel IV: Sea Men took the TITAN leather series on a whole new tack? Carny boldly takes the edginess you crave to a new level - and with a new generation, as some Fallen Angel kinda guys tangle with some angels on the rise. But their floridly inked skin, piercings, shaved heads and Mohawks, and especially their dark hungers, insure these young men won’t be mistaken for twinks.

New TITAN star Jake Corwin tops the bill after debuting in ManPlay 7 and 8, with uncut and leather-harnessed Rick Pantera, joined by the outrageous Kalaban (the dude’s got tattoos on his face!) as well as the young studs: smooth Tag Adams and hairy-chested Danny Vox - who mix it up with muscle dads, blond Hank Real and swarthy Rocco Vidal, with Miguel Leonn adding tasty Latin heat. This group rises to the challenge of classic TITAN star, bruiser Dred Scott, who exhibits yet another side of his carnivorous personality. Ben Damon has been on leave since Focal Length and made a warm-up return in ManPlay 8, and is joined by suddenly popular Gil Cortez, graduating from group wrangler in Manplay 7 to full star in Exhibition.


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