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Carsons Southern Style Fucking

Carsons Southern Style Fucking
Southern Strokes
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92 min



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Trevor Laster

Cameron Ford
Carson Carver
Cole Markum

Genesis Luna
Joey Vox
Logan Taylor

I think a better name for this video is "Catch the Cum if You Can!" So our new Ranch Hand Carson is conveniently located so that he stops by to check on us every now and then. I think the real reason he cums by is because he is horny and the ladies just don`t like to get nasty enuff for this southern gentleman. We happen to have another visitor that day to do a solo but once our visitor Cameron laid eyes on Carson, his solo quickly became a fuck scene. Cameron didn`t mince words when Carson walked in. Cameron asked him if he wanted to fuck him and Carson of course was FUCK YEAH! Carson might prefer the company of a woman but he certainly does enjoy a man between the sheets. Cameron is 21 years old but man does this boy know how to enjoy sex. Both of these hotties have ripped abs and long lean torsos. They took turns deep throating each other`s cocks working each other up until Carson dives for a condom and they are off to the submarine races. Carson has a beautiful 7 inch cock and watching his gluts flex as he pumps his hard cock deep into Cameron`s hole was almost more than I could take. Carson fucked Cameron in my favorite position with Cameron on his stomach, legs together so that Carson could drill him plenty deep. Carson finally pulled out after an hour of fucking and assumed his track position and jerked out a load giving Cameron a facial. Take a close look and you will see Cameron`s tongue reach out and grab a gulp of cum before it hit the bed. These two boys are fucking hot! You can believe that you will see plenty more of both of them.
15  minutes
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Clark and Genesis paid us a visit at the Ranch so I seized the opportunity to let Clark fuck his first man hole. Cum to find out, Clark had recently tried to hook up with a guy he met online but the guy couldn`t take his cock so it was a bust. Clark was looking forward to taking Genesis` hot ass so we stopped talking and let the boys go at it. Genesis grabbed Clark by the back of the head and pulled him in tight so they could lock lips. Genesis moved his lips down to Clark`s neck as he dropped to his knees and work his way down Clark`s beefy torso. Clark wanted a taste of Genesis` cock so he pushed Genesis on his back and grabbed the shaft of his cock before his mouth swallowed Genesis rod. Genesis couldn`t wait any longer for Clark`s cock to puncture his moist hole so Genesis got up on all fours so Clark could mount him. Clark pounded Genesis in every position they could think of before Genesis had to explode. With his Legs spread open wide and Clark drilling for oil, Genesis exploded with a huge stream of fuck juice. Clark followed by jerking out a nice load of his own all over Genesis` cum drenched abs.
11  minutes
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When Joey first showed up with Haigan at the Wheel, I figured it was going to be a "one and done" shoot which I was perfectly ok with because Joey is hot. Joey opted to hang out for the weekend along with Carson, Haigan and a couple other models so...Carson, the energizer bunny of Southern Strokes this summer, was begging to be the first to get their hands on our young Texas stud. Joey was sleeping in, giving Carson the perfect opportunity to chrism Joey and give him a little taste of what was to cum. Carson pulled off Joey`s sheets giving us a full look at naked Joey and long muscular build and his perfect smooth olive skin. Carson decided to go after Joey`s cock with his mouth so that Joey could see just how much better dudes really are at giving head. Carson`s lack of any gag reflex makes for a pretty amazing feeling. Joey couldn`t help but put his hands on Carson`s big hard cock as Joey was face fucking him with a big tool of his own. Carson wanted Joey`s cum down his throat and sucking like his life depended on it. Carson shot his load with Joey`s cock deep down his throat spilling his juice exactly where Carson wanted it.
17  minutes
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I`m not sure why we decided to film this so early in the morning maybe it was because Logan had just shown up after a night of partying. I`m not complaining. Logan and Cole both had that horny buzz after a night of fun and you`re pretty much willing to do anything to get unload. Logan wanted to be dominated by big man Cole, he couldn`t wait to let go and let Cole do whatever he wanted to Logan`s prime ass. Cole teased Logan`s hole with his tongue and a few fingers before he let Logan feel Cole`s big fat cock deep inside him. Logan arched his back and Cole grabbed his hair and pulled his head back as he violated Logan`s ass. Logan couldn`t get enough of Cole`s manhood. Logan had his ass up in the air just begging for Colt to breed and use him as his little bitch. Logan surprised us all when he decided to give Cole a little banging of his own. Cole showed us how limber he was as Logan gave him a good pounding before Cole unloaded his nuts in Logan`s mouth and then they both shared the taste of Cole`s cum.
23  minutes
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Logan enjoys himself on our couch
11  minutes
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Carson was back at the Ranch as he frequently is and it just so happened that Trevor was also hanging out for the day. I hadn`t originally thought about pairing these two until Carson pulled me aside and asked if Trevor could fuck him. Well as it turns out, Carson heard that Trevor had a big cock so he wanted to be first in line. Carson has openly admitted that he uses sex at the Ranch to push his limits and zero in on what feels good. He really doesn`t have sex much outside of the Ranch at all. Well we all know that we created a monster after the first time Carson got a hard cock in his ass. From that point on, it been all about what can get him off. Carson was so into Trevor from the minute Trevor took off his shirt revealing a shredded set of abs and beautiful nipples. Carson started at his nipples and worked his way down Trevor`s hard torso. Carson found his way to his pants and pulled out Trevor`s semi-hard cock. Carson swallowed Trevor`s meat like it was his last meal. Trevor put Carson on all fours and slowly fucked him deeper and deeper. If there was any question at all if Carson like Trevor`s fucking, make sure you stick around for some Behind The Scenes footage after the end. You will get to see what really happened about 10 minutes into the shoot.
15  minutes
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Things are certainly different in the American South. The days are longer, summers are hotter, and the fucking is…well, let’s just say it has a flavor all it’s own. It’s a flavor that’s sometimes hot and other times sweet and savory. Join Carson Carver and his buddies, Trevor Laster, Logan Taylor, Clark, Genesis, Joey Vox, Cole Markum, and Cameron Ford as they taste, suck, and show you exactly how they fuck down South. It’s Southern Style Fucking and the secret’s not just in the sauce. It’s finger lickin’ good!

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