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Christian Owen

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Aiden Connors

Alex Andrews

Connor Kline

Connor Maguire

Hayden Richards

James Ryder

Johnny Torque

Hayden Richards usually hits the gym late because he knows it`s the best time to find other horny young guys looking for action. When he sees Alex Andrews punching the boxing bag he steps up to spar him then takes off his t-shirt to show off his abs. He tells Alex to punch him in his rock-hard gut then yanks off the kid`s boxing gloves and puts his hands down his gym shorts. As soon as Alex gets a hold of what`s in Hayden`s pants he gets on his knees to suck his dick. Hayden pumps Alex`s face then stands him up so he can go down on Alex`s thick uncut monster. Hayden orders Alex to strip, shoves his cock in the stud`s ass and fucks him hard up against the boxing bag. They move to the floor where Hayden fucks a load out of Alex then pulls out and jacks his load all over Alex`s sweaty chest and abs.
18  minutes
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Connor Kline comes out of the shower to find his gym crush Connor Maguire stripping in the locker room. Kline`s pretty sure that once the hunk sees his giant cock he won`t be able to resist - and he`s right. Maguire pushes Kline up against the lockers and worships every inch of his muscular body with his hot mouth. Maguire works his way down Kline`s chest and washboard abs to the grand prize: Kline`s rock hard dick. He sucks Kline`s 8-incher then kicks back to show off his own hefty master-piece. Like a true dick-pig, Kline gets down and swallows Maguire`s cock like a champ but it`s just a warm up; he`s always fantasized about getting that red-hot ginger cock up his ass and he`s going to get it. Kline bends over with his huge bubble-butt in the air. Maguire steps up and shoves his cock deep in Kline`s hole and fucks him hard all over the locker room until both studs shoot thick creamy loads.
17  minutes
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Alex Andrews has no shame when it comes to cruising the locker room. When Aiden Connors` tight little ass catches his eye he orders the young stud to get on all fours and probes his hole with his tongue. The public ass-eating makes Aiden`s hard cock pop out of his jockstrap and demand Alex`s attention. After sucking his buddy`s dick Alex stands up and whips out his huge uncut monster and forces it down Aiden`s hungry throat. The cock-hungry kid swallows Alex`s giant meat then rolls over to take it up his ass. Alex fucks his teammate hard until both blow winning loads.
18  minutes
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Johnny Torque spars James Ryder on the boxing bag but after a few punches are thrown Johnny gets on his knees to work on James` big cock. He sucks his buddy`s dick then stands up so James can return the favor. Johnny face-fucks the hunky young stud which only makes James all the more horny to get his ass fucked. James bends over, grabs the boxing bag, and opens his hole to Johnny`s battering ram. Johnny switches things up by lying on the gym floor so James can hop on his hard cock and jack off until he pops. Johnny continues to pump James` hole then pulls out and shoots his own load all over James` balls.
18  minutes
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It`s tough to be an all-star these days; athletes also have to suck dick, eat ass, and fuck holes like Champs! From the gym to the locker room these muscle studs work hard on their technique to make sure they can get their teammates off in record time. Team captains Connor Maguire and Connor Kline lead a cast of eager young studs with ripped abs, big bubble-butts, and the biggest cocks in the league. Grab your gear and get off with the Champs!

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